November 12th 2010 5:14 pm PT

Kinect Adventures Wallpaper



If you have playing Kinect Adventures, you may recognize the above art style and image. I was looking at it and thought it would make a nice wallpaper. I asked the Adventures team and they gave me this 1280 x 800 version to share with you. It makes a nice desktop wallpaper, but feel free to use it any way you’d like*


Update: A few of you asked for some Kinect related Wallpapers. Here ya go!


*Personal use only please


Kinect, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • metallicorphan

    thx Major,looks quite cool,i didn’t notice it was as though it was stitched on

  • ZaZeeMan

    Just 1280×800? That’s only good enough for netbooks these days. :P


    LOVE the Kinect and this wallpaper! Keep them coming Major!

  • Glenn ZA

    Thank you Major… Looks like I have an authentic desktop now.
    Super stunning!

  • chiruno99

    My netbook isn’t even 1280×800. Not like I’d want an Xbox wallpaper anyway since I’d rather have something a little more, tasteful to stare at.

  • Exu

    Not bad, nice art style.

    But yes, more resolutions would be great. 1920×1080 for me please.

  • Muzzymate

    Any chance you could release the purple/green wave wallpaper? I’d like to apply that to my Xbox’s dashboard theme.

  • Maizrim

    Seriously, who votes down free stuff? Major goes out of his way to do something nice and people still aren’t happy. I for one would like to say that this rocks… thanks Major!

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting on word for the games on demand shown a month ago????

  • Jman284

    Cool! Thank you for sharing.

  • Opticon12000

    I’ve made it 2560×1600 if anyone wants it that big. For their 27″ iMac like me for instance ;)

  • Ghost of Kirin

    Thanks, Major! Quite thoughtful of yee. Always did like the stitched artistic flair in Adventures.

  • Twisted xL3G3ND


    you stare at your wallpaper?


    @Opticon12000 Funny iMac comment

    @Twisted xL3G3ND Funnier mental issue comment

  • Surly Yerby

    Thanks, I rather like the wallpaper, but aside from that it was a nice thought – “hey, this is cool, the community guys might like this”.

  • Mikro

    Kinect is on QVC electronics section this weekend

  • Anonymous

    +1 for the purple & green Kinect wallpaper!

  • CuddlyClamShot

    This more than makes up for my my first two RROD consoles.

  • MrHaru

    Misleading title is very misleading.

    I don’t see how this relates to Kinect Adven-

    >read the posting

    …well gee, that’s rather abstract, isn’t it? Could’ve just said “Xbox 360 Wallpaper” and I would’ve cared more. Nonetheless, I’m downloading it.

  • Logic Squirrel

    thanks but too bright for me.

  • cavsrock08

    Hey this was a nice thing to do. Thanks Major. Its my desktop background now.

  • Major Nelson

    Ok, I’ve had the design team create some Kinect and Xbox LIVE wallpapers. Grab ‘em here:

  • Muzzymate

    Thanks Major!

  • a1984darkboy

    I like that! Now I want to see A Kirby’s Epic Yarn knock-off. A game with that aesthetic would look very pretty on my 360.