November 17th 2010 2:27 pm PT

Arcade: PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX & Alien Breed 3: Descent


PAC-MAN Championship Editon DXContent: PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your region
Dash Text: Pac-Man Championship Edition has been powered up!! Three years ago, Pac-Man Championship Edition was released and took the world by storm, 27 years after the original Pac-Man’s debut. Now, for the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, this classic game has been powered-up! Everything has been upgraded! New visuals and sound! Increased number of mazes! The game you know and love has been pumped up to a whole new level! Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop! Why don’t you give it a try?


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Alien Breed 3: DescentContent: Alien Breed 3: Descent
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your region
Dash Text: Alien Breed™ 3: Descent is an explosive science fiction arcade-shooter with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons, highly detailed environments, developed using Epic Games’ Unreal® Engine 3. In addition to the thrilling conclusion to the single-player campaign and the relentless survivor mode, the game offers action-packed, online or local two-player co-operative battle modes, for Xbox™ Live Arcade.


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rogXue

    wow 800 pts each? May have to pick up my 3rd version of Pacman…. Namco you evil evil genius.

  • DarkRedRain

    This new Pac-Man should not be ignored, take the classic game and add the craziness of geometry wars. Good stuff.

  • Pedro Menezes

    Sweet Deal… Also nice to see the “Check availability in your region” link, Major; after some of the releases announced for some or all regions not actually being available on some of those regions.

  • Boe2

    The new Pacman certainly looks interesting. Not sure if I will like it, but that’s why we have demos :)

  • Exu

    Major, it might be good if you posted about the latest rebate offer. On that subject, has everyone been getting their 800 MSP from last month yet? Many rebates started coming through last night.

  • luissolid

    No PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX for Mexico?… really bad news for me :(
    I’m a real fan of Pac-Man (i have all 3 Xbox Live Arcade Games).

    When will be available in other regions?


  • Surly x Duff

    I love Pac-Man. Instant buy! More retro arcade revivals, please! It’ll make up for the disappointment that is Game Room.

  • wolfzero01

    really glad Pac-Man is only 800pts, I enjoyed first Pac-Man Championship Edition & thanks to getting the 800pts from last month’s offer I had just enough to get this

  • Thief000

    Yeah, my 800 points from the October promotion have been added, wicked! Will buy thees both ASAP.

  • Ark Hunter

    Ooh, Pac-man is tempting especially at 800pts.

  • AmazonianAngel

    I just had a quick play of the CE DX trial and i’m instantly smitten, it’s like an orgasmic trip of colour, music, and furious gameplay thrills.
    I loved the chase by the ghost centipedes in Championship II game mode, i seriously couldn’t stop cackling when i kept getting the power pellets and went after the ghosts, Oh wow…definate buy for me, i love arcade/retro games £6.80 well spent IMO
    Oh and i felt like there was inspiration from a few other retro titles for some reason (Snake and centipede spring to mind)

  • chiruno99

    Pac-man is tempting, but Alien Breed isn’t.


    So is this just the same as the first Pac-Man CE with just extra added? No need to get the first one if you get this one?
    And yeah Exu, I noticed I had my 800 rebate points added to my account last night too. Just in time to use for the new rebate offer! :)

  • ElektroDragon

    Does this have the isometric 3D Pac-Man Arrangement in it? That was the most fun, best looking Pac-Man!

  • ElektroDragon

    You guys have your 800 point rebates? Where the heck is mine? I spent thousands of points last month! :(

  • Anonymous

    I got my rebate sometime last night

  • metallicorphan

    ElektroDragon-i also spent Thousands of Points…2 Thousands and 4 Hundreds to be exact ;)…however my points are in my account,thx MS

  • Nex Antonius

    Spent my rebate on Pac-Man CE DX. Points well spent.

  • ElektroDragon

    The new PacMan is XBLA Game of the Year. I am utterly amazed at how awesome this is, and that’s just going by the demo.

  • ElektroDragon

    I spent over 3200 points around October 19th on the 4 Wallace and Gromit episodes alone, which were not DoTW. Where is my rebate??

  • Hauz20

    @elektro I feel your pain but why don’t you contact customer service instead of plastering these virtual walls?

  • Boe2

    Been playing Pack Man for a bit, and wow…it’s MUCH more addictive/fun than I thought it would be. For 800 points I really recommend you at least give it a try :)

  • NBA Kirkland

    @ElektroDragon That sucks, seems there is always something that goes wrong with these things. I got my 800 yesterday. No email or message, just 800 more points.

  • SumHydroponic

    Still waiting for my rebate as well. Spent about $60 in points last month. Bought the new Pac-Man first thing this morning, so glad I won 2000 MS points from a tweetstakes last week.

  • Dead General X

    I loved Alien Breed 2, not sure what the hate over the series is…the co-op was awesome, I’m definitely getting Alien Breed 3 and Pac-Man as well. Awesome XBLA day.

  • Wet Vein

    I haven’t received my rebate yet…. but I’m not worried. But what I am mad about is… I haven’t been able to send a message to my friends from since they updated the Website. It’s really frustrating because I use it to send 90% of my messages. Anyone else have this problem?

    – Pacman is great. I bought it without even trying it. (loved the last one) But I’d wish they’d give the same love to Dig-Dug!


    I hear ya, Wet Vein. The update to the has been a bit of a pain. I’ve noticed that I regularly have to delete the cookies for the site, because sometimes I’ll get a message like “The site is unable to complete your request” and the only thing that will fix it is deleting the cookies.


    Pac-Man DX is a great game and 800 ms is the sweet spot.

  • Anonymous

    Major, i wont stop nagging if i dont get an answear. WHAT HAPPENED to the games on demand that you said were coming 1 month ago, like cabela’s big game hunter!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?1?! NAG, NAG, NAG, NAG, NAG, NAG, NAG, NAG.

  • Anonymous

    I played the demo for Pac-Man DX and I enjoyed every minute of the short demo. I really enjoyed how the game speeds up at certain points in the game. It’s a steal at 800 points but I still haven’t purchased it as I have a bunch of games at the moment (Call of Duty: Black Ops and Need for Speed). But we’ll see as I do have 2400 points in my account and I should be getting 800 points back from that promotion soon enough.

  • SkyyPlum

    Pac-Man CE DX is awesome, definitely worth 800msp. I love the speed of it and how you can change the visuals and background music and even the look of Pac-Man and the ghosts. If you like Pac-Man this should be an instant buy.

  • Gonin

    I’ve played through both Alien Breed episodes and have really enjoyed them, will be picking up the 3rd tomorrow on my birthday. Lovely old job.

  • Casserole

    I thought it would be another PacMan rehash… but it’s so much more. Loved the demo, made my psychotic (in a good way)