November 26th 2010 1:55 pm PT

Xbox LIVE Black Friday One-Day Only Specials


Today is Black Friday and we’ve just rolled out some special one-day only sales with pretty big savings for all Xbox LIVE Members around the world. Not near your console but still want in on the deals? Don’t worry, purchase the items on using the below links and when you get back to your console your items will be in your download queue.


These prices are available today only. After that the normal pricing will return.

Here is the list of items* on sale for today only:


Games Normally Today’s Price Save

GTA: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas™



1200 Points

400 Points


Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo: Combat Evolved



1200 Points

400 Points


TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled
Turtles In Time RS

800 Points

160 Points


Splosion Man
Splosion Man

800 Points

160 Points


Trials HD
Trials HD

1200 Points

400 Points


Greed Corp
Greed Corp

800 Points

160 Points


For Rock Band      
  Normally Today’s Price Save
Creedence Clearwater
Revival Pack 01

Rock Band Music Store

1600 Points

400 Points


For your Avatar      
  Normally Today’s Price Save
The Force Unleashed –
Starkiller Lightsaber


400 Points

160 Points



These special prices are available today only.   

*All content may not be available in all Xbox LIVE regions

Deal, Game Add-on By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Exu

    Everyone buy ‘Splosion Man.

    Good deals there, less than I’d hoped but something for everyone. I picked up Greed Corp because at that price, I’m not going to say no.

    A warning, if you connect your 360 to a screen using a VGA cable then Halo WILL NOT WORK. At all. Dunno about San Andreas.

  • WhiT3Kr0w

    Tried downloading Halo but it gives me an error.

    “Uh oh… that shouldn’t have happened.
    It appears you’ve found a glitch in the system.”

  • Mcmax3000

    Seriously. ‘Splosion Man. It was a steal at $10. There’s no reason for anyone not to buy it at this price. It is an absolutely amazing game.

    Trials HD is also a great deal if anyone hasn’t picked that up yet.

    I’m grabbing San Andreas since I’ve never played that before. Would love to see more sales on Xbox Originals. There are a couple more I want to get that I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on at $15.

  • rogXue

    wow games released at least a year and a half ago and have been on sales before… These deals are CRAZY! yawn…


    Thinking of getting gta but can someone confirm how it looks on the 360. Is it upscalles in any way as SD on a HD tv can some times look terrible

  • leebrownhill

    Have purchased GTA this morning. A great price.

    I agree, it would be nice to see more Xbox Originals on the deal list.

  • Finnulf

    Creedence for 400! Wahoo!

  • RavenousLou

    I hope I can sign into soon because I’m about 1,000 miles from my Xbox. I’m holding out for that Creedence.

  • Kenjuan

    IMO, Splosion Man for $2 is a definite no-brainer. On a side note, times like this I wish XBL marketplace offered a gifting option. I already purchased Splosion Man last December when it dropped to 400msp, but would bought at least six more copies for friends.

    Well, I’ll be picking up that Creedence Clearwater Revival DLC. That’s an excellent deal. much better than anything I remember from the Liveapalooza promo.

    And, I hope we’ll see the return of the daily holiday deals this December.

  • Whet Wetty

    Coooool! CCR for 400MSP? Done. I really wish DLC took a more “retail” approach in that it dropped in price the older it got…

  • Lavindathar

    Gonna get Greed Corp and the Lightsaber. Own the other games. Splosion man and Trials HD are no brainers. Turtles is average but worth 160.

    Should I get GTA and Halo, that is the question!

  • Thomas Egebaek

    No San Andreas in Denmark, this is so unfair!

  • MayorDooley

    I’m certainly a little disappointed at the amount of titles on offer here. I was hoping for a Steam kind of sale, these days I judge gaming deals by these standards…maybe I have been spoiled by them.
    I guess I should have know by MS standards that the bone they throw us has little meat left on it!

    The best of the bunch is Trials and Splosion man, so if you don’t have these they are the best of bunch and they are a steal.

    Happy Black Friday.

  • amacvane

    Thanks for the heads-up, Exu! You saved me $5

  • m la taupe

    I’d love to get a few of those via since I’m at work right now. Unfortunately Windows LIVE ID is acting up. Again.
    Sorry Major but I got let it off my chest : that’s the worst online identification system out there. I’m pretty sure you guys are losing customers with this.

  • r3dreck

    Xbox Originals have chevos?

  • DL CyberSkull

    This is all? The only thing here I’m buying is ‘Splosion Man. It’s a good game and I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale. None of the titles I really want discounted are on sale though. :(

  • Adaptor

    Greed Corp for 160 pts is, almost literally, a steal. Very fun game.

    Good deals, Major!

  • HomerJ 2000

    I had san andreas on the ps2, is it worth it to buy this?

  • metallicorphan

    think i will take a light sabre,Turtles in Time,Trials and ‘Splosion Man for 880 points please

    r3dreck-nope,Xbox Originals don’t have achievements,unfortunately

  • Thief000

    Great deals!
    Sooo, when is Halo 2 going to be released on XBL?

    And why don’t original titles work with a VGA cable (which I use on my older 360 sans HDMI).
    Definitely stuff that you need to sort out for the Next XBOX and that NEEDS to be 100% backwards compatible with Original and 360.

  • simon zephyr

    Nah, I still prefer free stuff.

  • Exu

    I don’t think Halo 2 will ever be an XBO. They said XBO games were being discontinued then replaced them with Games on Demand.
    At the time it was hinted there would be “one more” XBO game, so everyone throught it’d be Halo 2. Never happened.

  • TANK 2old2play

    Wow halo’s come a long way, looking at some of the Halo CE screens comparing that to what i just played in Reach. Not sure i can go back.

  • Lohengriehn

    Wow. Thats a nice offer. 560pts spent. Halo and GreedCorp.

    GTA SA will work with the VGA cable for the ones interested in this game btw. Halo wont unfortunately.
    But at 400pts I can live with this circumstance :)

  • chiruno99

    I’m not interested and I already got ‘Splosion Man.

  • HypnoticPenguin

    Some good deals, splashed out on Splosion Man, Greed Corp and Creedence Clearwater song pack.

  • PitchBlak14

    Hmmm, already have Trials HD and ‘Splosion Man. Is GTA SA worth it if I already own it for the PS2? I’ve always enjoyed entering cheats and messing around and stuff. Are the graphics fairly better? And is the TMNT game worth the $2?

  • FinderKeeper

    Definitely getting the CCR track pack. I was considering it at 1600, but that was a bit pricey. 400 will do just fine ;-)

    ‘Splosion Man is a MUST BUY at 160 for those who don’t already have it! I don’t really care about Greed Corp. and TMNT, I’d only recommend those if you were considering getting them at normal price.

  • Mechalon Drache

    Got me CCR and ‘Sposion Man. Good stuff.

  • Ark Hunter

    Wow, those are actually some great deals! Wish the Deals of the weak were this deep!

  • xTye

    Some alright deals. I hate when I pay full price for a game and it goes on sale, though. Some very bad choices there too. Splosion man sucks. So does TMNT.

    Not to mention the horrible Rock Band song deal there…

  • Alphos

    Halo CE download doesnt work. Every time I try downloading it again, the system says “Halo: Combat Evolved can’t be download” and delete the game from my download queue”.

    I have pay for the game, so FIX it.

  • The Bill Payer

    Darn! I was hoping Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Ooga and the Halo Wars content was going to be discounted!

    I did pick up San Andreas and Splosion Man though!

  • EvilTodd

    Sweet! I’m in for Splosion Man and the CCR Pack.

  • Shinji257

    For anyone wondering…. Original XBox titles on GoD will look exactly the same as their disc counterparts. There is no upscaling or anything else done to it. So if the disc version looked crappy then the GoD version will too.

  • Lohengriehn

    Halo CE cant be downloaded!

    Same error as on user “Alphos”. Trying since 2 hours. Please fix. Some of us are with monthly traffic limits.

  • ErezYehuda

    Got ‘Splosion Man. It was basically free, since I just used the points Microsoft sent me for Thanksgiving. Still have 180 from Microsoft’s past generosity. Any suggestions on what to get (Indie games or arcade)?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, finaly got my lightsaber and still have points left over for reach map pack. WWWWWHHHHHOOOOO for double checking

  • Anonymous

    OH FFFFFFFFFFFF……. I could have got splosion man. bbbbbbooooo for not looking all the way

  • Monhegan

    @ErecYehuda: Go Indie! Some great ones to try: Decimation X, Platformance: Castle Pain, Hypership Out of Control, Retrofit: Overload, Shoot 1up, Miner Dig Deep, radiangames Crossfire, Breath of Death VII, Pew Pew Pod, Fishing Girl. Almost all are only 80 pts.

  • Culebra 64

    @r3dreck Nope, no achievements on XBOs.

    And to anyone else, I’m just adding the umpteenth recommendation for Splosion Man, that game was worth the original price, let alone this steal. If you’ve the slightest interest in this game and don’t snatch it up, you officially suck at life.


  • I DLord I

    Splosion Man and Greed Corp. for me. I think it is impossible to have buyers remorse for a $2 game. Especially when they are AWESOME


    Oh tempted for Halo 1. I never actually beat the game. I wish it had achievements lol.

  • Lohengriehn

    Im still trying to download Halo. It seems the file size varies. It says ~623MB on, but 4,2GB when youre redownloading it via the account system on your xbox. It stops at 13% on the 4,2GB file at me – each time! So I guess its not because of heavy traffic on your servers.

    Could anyone at MS please have a look? It cant be downloaded. I guess one cant be that stupid to download a file with just “A”-click….

  • Destromas

    Deals on Games on Demand would have been awesome. Of course no one thinks about THAT.

  • Vega DD

    anyone else having problems getting onto

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    Nice deals overall.

    I got, Portal: SA, Splosion Man and Trials HD!

    All these just for 960 MSP!


  • Lohengriehn

    Sorry to repeat: But the Halo CE download does not work. It stops at 633MB, each time. Since there are 3 other people I know of with the same problem, its not just console-related.

    Could someone at MS PLEASE have a look on this issue?

  • Roujin Z

    No thanks. I’ll wait for the inevitable Halo 1 and 2 HD re-release when they update the multiplayer for the current Xbox Live. I’d rather spend that 400 points towards the first Reach Map pack that comes out in a few days.

    I’m disappointed. I was hoping that Limbo would go on sale for 800 points…