November 29th 2010 2:19 pm PT

Deal of the Week: Various Arcade titles


This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can get the following Xbox LIVE Arcade titles for 50% off their normal price:


Worms 2: Armageddon is now 400 Points

Band of Bugs is now 400 Points

Earthworm Jim HD is now 400 Points

Centipede & Millipede is now 200 Points


These prices will be available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday December 6th.


Arcade, Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rogXue

    may finally pick up earthworm jim. wanted that when it was $10 but refused to pay it.

  • Exu

    Not bad, not bad. I’ll be picking up EW Jim… any chance of a cut on the Band of Bugs DLC, while we’re at it?

  • Alphos

    And when will you fix Halo CE problems? Sso many people bought the game and no one can download and play it. It always says “cant download Halo CE” or get corrupted if you download it when you try to start playing it.

  • Sogeman

    Why not make Earthworm Jim free for Gold members worldwide instead of just Japan.You know, reward the people that actually buy xbox related stuff.

  • Exu

    Oh yeah the Japanese get EW Jim for free.

    But thing is, the Japanese are not buying the console. They’re not gonna give free stuff to those of us who’ll pay for it, Soge. :p

  • SinedX360

    Good Deals with Earthworm Jim HD :) I hope to see R-type Dimensions soon ;-)


  • Exu

    R-Type Dimensions has been 800 once already. Still too much if you ask me.


    We could use a discount on Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

    1600msp really?


    We could use a discount on Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

    1600msp really?

  • onemorechanc

    Ditto on the “Puzzle Quest: Galactrix”, but what about the DLC for the original “Puzzle Quest”? 700 points? Really?

  • SumHydroponic

    May have to pick up Earthworm Jim at 400 points. Band of Bugs is a steal at 400 points as well.

  • chiruno99

    I’ve already got Worms and Earthworm Jim, so nothing else for me.

  • sleepydumbdude

    Sweet got Earthworm Jim. Might get worms but I own about 7 versions of that game across multiple systems so might wait and see for it. All ready own Band of Bugs. I liked it.

  • Gonzo345

    I haven’t got enough time to play all the XBLA titles that I want to play T_T

  • Exu

    Yeah Band of Bugs is great, you should all give it a go. Think along the lines of Disgaea and Vandal Hearts and you’re not far wrong.
    I agree on the PQ1 DLC. 700? Still? That was overpriced when it launched! I bought the freaking -GAME- for 400…


    Ahhhh, Why do i allways have the games.

    as a side note anyone considering getting earthworm jim bear in mind it comes with an free avatar award of jim’s suit which it probably the best avatar award yet and also very easy to get

  • I DLord I

    @ Lyster

    That’s definitely what I base my purchases off of, avatar awards. Not terrible controls and nostalgia that vanishes after 5 minutes.


    @I DLord I

    maybe some people will see this as more of a bargain with this info

  • Oh baby 1994

    @ LYSTER OF SMEG, exactly!! Some people just need to berate people.

  • Malrinth

    I wish these deals would be open to Free users who mostly only play single player. They’re not going to pay for a live subscription so they can get deals every week. Microsoft is missing out on sales.


    All kinds of meh in the air.


    All kinds of meh in the air.

  • penguin1992

    Worms and Earthworm Jim, Nice. Band of Bugs and C&M, not so much.

  • a1984darkboy

    Band of Bugs and Earthworm Jim will be mine when I get my check. I’ve been wanting to buy Band of Bugs after I trialed it and I’ve definitely gotta pick up Earthworm Jim, that’s just a classic.

  • ABRipperXX

    Hey Major, where is our outlook on what’s coming soon the Xbox Live? Haven’t done it in a while.

  • Shonk

    Its nice to see the flood of games lately on dothw
    shame i have all of this weeks but you cant win them all

  • Captain Bluey


    in the dashboard, Assault Heroes is being advertised as a special for 200 MS points. When I go to purchase it, it is still 400 MS points.

    Is this going to be fixed? Thanks.

  • SpiderJedi

    Already got EW Jim. LOVE IT! Still need to play it all the way through. When will we see Perfect Dark at <400 MSP?

  • Crown TSA

    What Captain Bluey said.

  • darkjester74

    I cant believe you guys didnt do some kind of squirmy bug theme marketing thing for this set of DOTW.

  • sleepydumbdude

    I just got a new email that even has Assault Heroes on the list.