November 29th 2010 10:00 pm PT

Kinect sells 2.5 Million in first 25 days


Earlier this month we announced that Kinect hit the million mark in 10-days. Today, we’ve got some new numbers to share: With the help of Black Friday last week, Kinect has now sold over 2.5 Million units around the world.


I’ll add a link to the official press release when once it is posted.


Edit: Here is the official press release


Kinect, Press Release By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Hedfix

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • Pedro Monscooch

    Not bad? Some might say it’s rather good. At that rate it’ll be 5 million in 50 days.

  • Darth Pman

    100,000 Kinects a day.

  • xZ3XYxGR4NDP4x

    Kinect is awesome! Can’t wait tell they release more games for it though.

  • Treythalomew

    I have a kinect and I’m enjoying it but what’s the schedule for more games that are unique? Looks pretty empty now.

  • Black Fist

    There are 2.5 million morons around the world

  • twisted poke

    and the majority of these will be collecting dust in six months or less…

  • Malrinth

    Now we just need some A++ games. Wouldn’t mind seeing a couple Hironobu Sakaguchi kinect RPGs. Would be interesting to see what he could come up with.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Meanwhile the sales of coffee tables take a beating. ;)


    @Black Fist

    “137” caulk


    still down $125 million till they break even from the marketing blitz

  • krisxx

    Having a lot of fun with my Kinect, glad I sold my Wii and decided to buy one.

  • lockload

    JumpZero according to patcher (analyst) the 500m is over 2 years in fact is said it was virtua;;y impossibe to spend that much in a month

    Still over 350million in 30 days isnt bad ;-)

  • Jaysonguy

    Kinect is great, I still chuckle at the people who have written it off. The ones who haven’t have a lot of fun playing it’s games.

    Quality hardware wasn’t exactly something I was doubting from Microsoft though, you don’t put this much effort into something you’re not sure you can pull off.

  • a1984darkboy

    Good job, I’ll more than likely pick one up during the summer or around the release of Child of Eden. I’m also hoping one of the Japanese games sees a release by the end of the year.

    Although I’ll definitely pick up a 3-4 of the launch titles. I definitely want Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, and Dance Central after reading reviews and seeing gameplay videos. Kinect Sports will be the first game I break out though, it was loads of fun when I tried it at Best Buy.


    Great job. I knew it would do well. I love Kinect Sports. Bowling online and making my avatar dance after strikes just makes the game great.

  • Anonymous

    still wont get it, must fight. but it has video chat, WAIT will my xbox live vision camera still be good for a video call?

  • Surly x Duff

    Good for you MS. I’m still not buying one until there’s some games that interest me.

  • Dont be nasty

    Still not interested. Make some games, I dare you.



    I have all 3 motion control systems (Wii, Move and Kinect) and I find Kinect to be the best choice so far. Wii just feels off for 95% of the games, Move is just a slightly better Wii with crap games so far, but the games for Kinect have been fun for the most part.


    Looks like it’s “pat yourself on the back” time again.

  • Van Faulk

    Admit it major, you guys at MS make starfleet estimates. You knew damn well you were gonna sell 6 million kinects so you predict 5 so you can look more impressive when you outsell your prediction. Mr Scott would be proud.

    BTW, any data on 360 sales on black friday?

  • Dj Ron360

    I love kinect, and when ya’ll make it compatible with the whole dashboard and netflix I’ll get on one knee and ask it to marry me…lol. But seriously, kinect is a WONDERFUL thing.

  • stststststq

    “WAIT will my xbox live vision camera still be good for a video call?” – Yep. Even though it’s now called “Kinect Chat” on the dashboard, it works with either Kinect of the Live Vision Camera.

  • JohnnyDethmatch

    @AutomaticOcelot – All of the Microsoft sold off their IKEA stock weeks before the Kinect launch ;)

  • Wiizpig

    @krisxx: Yeah, who needs Super Mario Galaxy 2 and/or Skyward Sword and/or Donkey Kong Country Returns and/or Kirby and/or Sonic Colors and/or Epic Mickey when you have… … KINECT SPORTS?!?


  • TANK 2old2play

    Good news, the higher the install base the more likely it’ll be that 3rd party devs/publishers will be interested in making games for it. I’m still not buying one until a price drop, better dashboard integration and proof of 3rd party dev support.


    Exactly TANK, I think that’s spot-on with how most hardcore 360 owners feel about it (including myself).

  • Grumbledock

    @ Wiizpig
    So you really think that playing the same game again and again with slightly improved graphics but horribly bad controllers are a good idea?
    Suddenly I can see how Nintendo can get away with selling the same game again and again, even with a crap-controller. :/

    Kinect is very precise and can give a great experience, like will but 100x better, if not more. Wii is a horrible joke to video games, and gamers.
    The pure lack of any decent controller is just to badfor any decent gamer to stand. Still, I can play Super Mario galaxy on my N64 super mario64), new) super mario bros on any NES-SNES, same goes for Donkey kong. How abou Dance central? Kinectimals? Kinet sports that actually give you exercise?
    Wii = fail…

  • Wiizpig

    And i could play Kinect Sports in 2006.
    It’s called Wii Sports.

    Are you, what, a 12 years old Microsoft fanboy? Mario Galaxy is a 3d platformer like Mario 64, but it’s a completely different game.
    Donkey Kong Country Returns is not a remake, so i doubt that you can play it on the SNES.
    And yeah, Kinect Sports is also a different game compared to Wii Sports, i was joking if that isn’t obvious.

    Guess what? if the Wii (this horrible joke) didn’t exist and didn’t have all that success, Kinect wouldn’t exist, since Microsoft wouldn’t have smelled money from casual gamers such as yourself. (you enjoy Kinectimals, right? lol.)

    You and all Kinect fanboys = fail.

  • King Fu

    How about making it work with the entire dashboard AND the Netflix app. Oh, and since I use my xbox for the media center ability, how about adding kinect support for that? How hard could it be?

  • ElektroDragon

    Not just coffee tables, I also have END tables… and a couch behind me… and an open alcove to my kitchen instead of a blank wall. It is amazing my Kinect works at all. I have to re-arrange furniture every time I play: 1) Push back the couch as far as it will go. 2) Move my coffee table out of the way completely. 3) Push my end tables off to the sides. And I still did not have enough space until I wall mounted the Kinect high up. Even then, I barely have enough room for two player games.

    How the Kinect is doing better than the Move, which requires less space and NO moving of my furniture is beyond me. Microsoft must have a much better marketing department.

  • puddyman

    Mine is already collecting dust. It was fun for a couple days. But now…hmmmm.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Kinect is seriously so damn fun it’s unbelievable.

    Table Tennis online is the best fun I’ve had with video games in ages.

  • chiruno99

    I feel sorry for the people that bought Kinect, then realised the novelty would wear off so quickly. Just dosen’t bet using a controller, to give control. Simple really.

  • Blue Thunder28


    funny.. a lot of my friends said the same thing word for word (seems to be either love it or HATE it with Kinect for some reason) …. until I let them play it, now they all own one. I’ve played Kinect for more hours than my one year old Wii >_>

    Just an FYI so you can quit feeling sorry for people that are actually enjoying themselves. :)
    For someone with a decent diversity in games played I’m surprised you aren’t into Kinect, usually it’s just people that only shoot things.. exclusively.

  • SkyyPlum

    Its good to see 2.5 million other people were able to find one. I’ve been looking in every store that would carry them in a 40 mile radius and zero, even the gamestops say they are lucky if they get 3 a week. Online sites are sold out or they force you to buy a bundle with console or unwanted games. So dissapointed.