December 1st 2010 2:33 pm PT

Introducing the Xbox LIVE Rewards program


It’s a brand new way for Xbox LIVE members* to earn Microsoft points for doing things they already do on Xbox LIVE. Sign up and start earning Microsoft Points by watching movies and sports, playing games and more.  Plus, when you sign-up for Xbox LIVE Gold, or renew your membership you’ll earn even more. Sound good? We’re officially kicking off the program later today, but if you want to get in early hit the link below.

Get more details and join for free at


*This program is currently available in the US and UK only


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Pedro Menezes

    Fantastic!!… another US (and UK) only offer. Shafted as usual.
    This is THE reason why I canceled my annual gold subscription through MS and now order 12M live gold pre-paid from the US…

    More content, lower price, favorable exchange rate….. Well, if I can’t get more content I’ll take the lower price and favorable exchange rate then…..
    I’m not paying 60€ for half-XBL-experience when I can pay 37€ (50USD)..:(

  • xXDarkShotXx 93


    Some americans here are retarded morons…

    YES it’s free… for you guys

    There is just no reason why this is not available for us.

    MS is robbing us! We pay 60€ (79$) for Gold and get less…

    Ok some times its because of our stupid laws, but in this case its microsofts blame…

  • TragicShaun

    Microsoft has gotten good at getting your money and hanging you out to dry. Remember when the Xbox 360 first rolled out? Free arcade games all the time, much of DLC was free and we used to get free downloadable music videos from featured artists but those days are gone. We Americans get shafted too, but it REALLY sucks to hear people from other countries are paying so much for so little.

  • sleepydumbdude

    So anyone know how long it takes for the account to be set up once you sign up. I was going to buy Unbound Saga and some other stuff yesterday. Now I’m not because if it is some of the select live marketplace content that I can get points back on then I’d get ticked. Its great that it rolled out but why does it take so long to set up after you sign up and how long is it going to take?

  • virtualjustice

    Thanks for NOT making the rewards program available in Canada. Much appreciated!

  • HazyCloud

    @ Black Fist

    aStrangeDisease said it best. “Every country has different laws and regulations for distributing products and services internationally.”

    Do you really think MS wants to piss on all of the people outside of the US and UK? Give me a break. Stop with all the hate. Also you said you were done with MS and quote “love live Sony and Nintendo”, but yet you then said this,

    “As for, why don´t i sell my 360 and buy a PS3…..i don´t sell consoles unless there is nothing there for me anymore, and that is not true because i care for one thing and one thing only, games not the hardware manufacture; at the end of the day, there are still games i want to play (less and less, sadly, as MS cares less and less about it).”

    Well, which one is it? Are you done or are you keeping it just to spew crap like, “long live Sony and Nintendo”?

    And you are taking this way to seriously like others have said. In one post you say you’re done, but come back to post 3 more times. ROFL, dude. ROFL.

    I also need to quote this, “as MS cares less and less about it”. What the hell does that even mean? Are you seriously trying to say that MS doesn’t care about their console that they’ve put billions towards? Grow up.

  • stststststq

    “Free arcade games all the time” – I think you’re rewriting history there. There have been 6 free XBLA games in total: -

    1. Hexic HD (2005 – available only via purchasing a hard drive)
    2. Totem Ball (2006 – but needs the Live Vision Camera to play it)
    3. Aegis Wing (2007)
    4. Dash of Destruction (2008)
    5. Hasbro Family Game Night (2009 – although you have to buy the individual games)
    6. Pinball FX 2 (2010 – although you have to buy the individual tables)

    So there’s been 1 free game per year since XBLA launched, not “free games all the time” when the service launched. There is also 1 being released next week, called “Harm’s Way”, which I think is another one sponsored by Dorito’s. It’s out on the 9th.

  • RedRooster29

    Well, entered the program, my Xbox Live account was linked, downloaded and activated Netflix and watched it. No points yet! I know it takes a day or so but shouldn’t I at least get a notification on the rewards site or something?

  • Mewtwo

    Oh… I don’t now if this is a good thing. Yesterday I eagerly signed up before reading it was only available in the US or UK. I figured oh well they will just decline me. Today I sign in and it seems I’m approved cause my avatar is there next to the points on the website. How am I able to sign up if it’s not available in Canada? Or is this an oversight?

  • PhAnToM x M1L3Y

    Nothing for the Irish again Major!!?
    I might not be a member 7 years but im close to 5 years, i have bought countless xbox’s and accessories over the years. i have spent thousands of microsoft points and i have promoted the whole xbox live experience to many of my friends who have now joined xbox live. Where is the love for long term customers like me? Where is the reward for all of us that made xbox live?
    i cant blame ye for reaching out to new customers, but please dont forget your long term dedicated customers.
    Cmon Major put Ireland on the list for the next promotion, please.

  • Mewtwo

    @stststststq : How could you forget Yaris? That was free too. Or was it so horrible you erased that part of your mind and memories with electroshock therapy? :-p

  • Sneltje

    Yeah lets do stuff only for the US,…….. :(

  • El Boxo

    My account renews automatically every year on November 30th… I don’t want to have to wait a whole year to get points for something I just did! Not to mention, I have had XBL from the very beginning. Show some rewards for loyalty!!

    Oh, and also, when do I get my 1600 ms points for doing the 24-month $84 XBL renewal deal? It was part of the deal, now my account is renewed, but I still don’t have those points. I want the noble map pack already!

  • DailySloppy2nds

    You missed Worms that you got for free when you bought the memory card. think just the 512meg card, but might have been the 256 as well. But I know you got a free copy with the 512.

  • HelioCentrick

    Major: What about retroactiveness? Will we get any credit for having just signed up for the Family account and Netflix. Also, How does the family account work with rewards as the primary user is the only one to “dish” out points. Will each individual family member be able to sign up and be awarded points or will they all go to the primary account?

  • HelioCentrick

    Major: What’s the deal with the Family Pack members showing up as silver here??

  • sleepydumbdude

    @stststststq they also gave us Undertow for free around the holidays because Live was screwed up so bad that year

  • Grumbledock

    I really hope MS does remember their other customers (rest of EU), here in Sweden we could really us it. :P
    But as usual MS “forgets” about their costumers, I’m bound to you this generation, but the next I’m think twice before I buy (MS), Sony gives away free games/themes/music/DLC, online gaming (every month) and I pay for the same stuff on Live? even gaming?

  • RedRooster29

    Activated Netflix and used it and took the monthly survey. No pending points for me.

  • technofranki

    Microsoft know how to get their gamers angry, make the Reward program to only TWO countries. What about the rest of us. We ARE the Xbox community.

  • Dragon Athena

    Why is Canada left out? Our dollar is pretty much on par with the US, we have Netflix, we’re virtually the same. We even pay the exact same Live fees.

  • Oatmeal25

    Can’t sign up due to my nationality. Dang, I wanted a coffee mug with “Bing” on it.

  • Anonymous

    Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.


  • Mewtwo

    Why was I able to join? This is a bit concerning…

  • MrHaru


    …when do I get this “e-mail” that the site is telling me I’ll get? Been waiting for awhile now. :|

  • CDN Crockett

    ****HELLO LARRY HRYB!!!****

    There is now a video of you on the Canadian dashboard talking about this, does that mean we have it??

  • CDN Crockett

    And what about getting rewards for being a Gold Veteran? I’m 8+ years now, we must be getting gifts for that. $60.00 x 8 years = $480 plus tax…

  • Marboba

    May I ask why not canada??? We always get the short end of the stick.. We pay an additional 10$ a month now.. and cannot access:

    Even in Zune Marketplace we do not get even a quarter of the media thats available in the u.s.??

  • SpiffiestJester

    Why is Redmond ALWAYS kicking their northern neighbors? What possible reason does xbox have for launching this video on the Canadian dashboard, then telling us we can’t join? Some kind of answer would be nice. Sorry you get to be the fall guy again Larry but really? Not in Canada? Ps3 is starting to look pretty attractive and I only have a month left on my live account.. Guess we’ll see what Christmas brings.

  • EazyEd420

    WOW Avalible in the UK but not Canada your own f-ing neighbors
    Not That its a big deal but the Rewards program does sound exiting

  • BillyJo

    when it will be available in Canada…. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • NorthernEmperor

    Finally, I’ve bought so many TV shows from the video store(now Zune) and game add-ons that I was wishing for something like this, thx major.

  • penguin1992

    I have had XBL Gold for over 3 years. I should get 600 microsoft points when I first sign up. Yes, I should. No Excuses.

  • r3dreck

    Did the survey and no points, guess it’s broken right now?

  • BurningFlag666

    Major, can you please tell us why the rewards program is only available for U.S. and U.K. XBL members? Is it due to legal reasons? or is it something else? I think if we knew the reason every other customer will not recieve these rewards maybe we might undertand (eg. legal reasons which are still being worked out and that we will all get it soon) and our anger will subside but the fact that we are simply told U.S. and U.K. residents will be getting a reward for being good customers while every other XBL customer won’t comes across as a little disrespectful.

    SO without an explanation i can only assume that Microsoft are working out the legal issues and that we all will get it soon. So untill then hold onto your Microsoft Points and hold out from buying any new Microsoft Points untill the Reward program is rolled out into your particular country.

  • tahoedude101

    Why do you have to be 18 to sign up?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Wow, didn’t see that coming. While I think it is ridiculous to expect being rewarded for having purchased content/ Gold in the past, I was a bit disappointed to see that upgrading to the family plan scored 400 pts, as I did it the first day. Logged on my Reward page to enter the daily contest today, and “pending” is 400 MSPs for upgrading to Family Gold. THANK YOU!
    Oh, and they have said in the past that the “tenure” was going to be rewarded in some way, so hopefully that will roll out at some point…be patient, as it’s an evolving process!!!

  • Grumbledock

    I hope they’ll expand it to the rest of us, Canada as well as EU and Oceania as well.
    We here in EU are quite a market for you MS, and we like to be remembered too since we pay full price and get nothing! extra, no games/rewards/series/subtitled movies, nothing :'(

  • TheRev81

    A ‘reward’ program from MS and people are complaining because it’s lacking… you actually expected MS to reward you? It’s Microsoft, people. They care little of rewarding you and only care about taking your money. It’s all just another scam to get more people to spend money. They aren’t going to reward you for anything else, only for giving them money. And as some people have seen, the rewards really suck. Microsoft is lucky that someone else purchased my 1 yr renewal as I refuse to give this company any more of my money. Sony is MUCH more rewarding, they have FREE online gaming, where MS want’s to charge you 10 bucks for a bunch of extra junk that you’ll never use. Why don’t more people read the fine print on this junk and realize you are just getting ripped off. I could write something in HUGE letters saying “Free Rewards!” and all that junk all day. Why would you sign up for it without knowing the details of the program? You could be signing over ownership of your home or something retarded. You people are too quick to jump to something that someone want’s you to believe is good.


    I joined up then purchased family account still no points and i keeps telling me to go gold whats going on with it ?


    even on this site it looks like i on silver but i am on gold till 2012 very strange ?

  • Anonymous

    I took the survey nearly a week ago and it still shows my pending points as “0”. I would think that the 20 points would show as pending by now.

  • MetalGearFloppy

    The system is clearly still broken, my points are still reading zero with nothing pending yet there should be 120 on there…. :-(