December 1st 2010 2:33 pm PT

Introducing the Xbox LIVE Rewards program


It’s a brand new way for Xbox LIVE members* to earn Microsoft points for doing things they already do on Xbox LIVE. Sign up and start earning Microsoft Points by watching movies and sports, playing games and more.  Plus, when you sign-up for Xbox LIVE Gold, or renew your membership you’ll earn even more. Sound good? We’re officially kicking off the program later today, but if you want to get in early hit the link below.

Get more details and join for free at


*This program is currently available in the US and UK only


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • r3dreck

    @Tjoeb123 Wondering the same, I’m all paid up till 10/2011… figured I’d get in while it was cheaper, and got some sweet deals off amazon.

  • xXDarkShotXx 93

    Ah come on, US and UK only…. Thats just so unfair… we pay more for gold and get less :(

  • SilentHunter382

    US and UK only?

    This is unfair. Ireland get nothing. We don’t have an Indie game section, we don’t get every arcade game, we can’t enter in any competitions and now this.

  • CrazyRonIsHere

    What great timing. My gold renews TOMORROW!!! Wonder how the reward system works though in terms of how much do you get for renewing or buying certain items, etc… The site isn’t too specific.

  • Aynodok

    One more time… Only US and UK…
    I don’t know why other regions are paying the same amount for XBOX Live if there are maltreated.
    No netflix, no, no 1vs100, no family gold pack, no rewards…
    I will think it better before renewing my XBOX Live Gold membership again.

  • metallicorphan

    thx for the link Major,just signed up

  • X Ray Hamburger

    Pretty cool system. Just wish I didn’t renew my gold last week however lol. Can’t wait to earn massive rewards points tho.

  • CrazyCake

    really cool cant’ wait to start earning points

    @Major Nelson can we earn points by completing games at 1000G or buy getting real challenging achievements?

  • I DLord I

    Any word on people who have already done things like activated Netflix and have made recent XBLM purchases? Just wondering.

  • P00K

    I just hope it works better than “bing” rewards – where you wait weeks with no reward, and support just closes incidents without contacting you.

  • bodam

    I’m in the same boat as Aber. My family bought a family account the day it was offered and now we won’t get credit for it. Great timing. Plus you have to join and watch netflix of a month to get 100 points. I’ve had netflix since it was released and I’m betting I won’t see the 100 points for this either. And why only 6 months?

  • Twister65

    Despite it being for US and UK, I just now had the animated splash for Xbox Live Points appear on My Xbox page offering it to me. I clicked it and it thanked me for joining. When I earlier tried clicking on the join link at it gave me an error. Was Canada added?

  • AussieBigfoot

    Nice to see M$ thinks of us in the UK. Thou most of the rewards seem pointless, for me anyway.

    * I auto-renew my gold a/c in Sept each year, & this scheme starts now & finishes 30 June 2011; thus miss all the renew/subscribe options (10-200GS).
    * I’m the only one who uses my 360, so there’s no need for the “Purchase or Renew Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack” option (400GS).
    * Also I’ve bought items from the marketplace since 2007/12/31, thus I don’t qualify for the “Make Your 1st Purchase on Xbox LIVE Marketplace” option (100GS).
    * I’ve already activated my Sky a/c on the 360, prior to the rewards program; missing the “Activate and Use Sky on Xbox LIVE” option (100GS).

    All that’s left is the monthly survey (20GS ea.)& buying (most likely useless) select marketplace items (???GS).


    I’m signed up!!

  • chiruno99

    Do 1 survey a month for 40 months and you can get Sonic 2 for nothing!
    Comparing the “DO THIS, GET THAT” with PSN+ only makes PSN+ look better. Sure I could work my ass off and buy live to get free MS points to buy a game for free, or I can continue to exist on this planet for a month and get a free game for just because I paid £40 to save £200.
    PSN+ once again is greater than XBL.

  • RustedWalleye

    I just purchased the Family Pack last Wednesday, so I am assuming I lose out on the reward for that. The link on Live for the Family Pack also mentioned 800 Xbox Points, and I never saw those either. :( Been with this since the beginning and I seem to always lose out on the good stuff :(

  • mrluigi

    The reward points does nothing much for people who have been paying for the Xbox live for multiple years by the looks of things.

  • a peeking duck

    I’m amused by people who think being a “loyal xbox live subscriber” means anything to Microsoft. They’re a corporation that wants your money, deal with it.

  • SeeUInTheFuture

    I signed up but this should of been in place for years. Ive been on live 3 years, thats 2 renewals, and tons of Marketplace downloads. Would love to get something for that time, even if its just 1000 points or something. Still nice thing to have, and I am signed up! :)

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @shane86: LOL, you forgot Ireland was part of the UK did ya? :)

  • pdm0376

    Signed up. Awesome idea from MS…finally…See if it holds up

  • GfWL PoC

    ^^ Same as Bing Rewards – only for US and UK :(

  • SilentHunter382

    @GfWL PoC
    Well even though the bing points are for US, I’m able to collect them and when they do release it to Ireland I will have a nice amount of point collected.

  • Zuree

    This is absolutely MONEY!!! BING rewards, ExpertZone rewards, Windows Mobile rewards, REWARDS, REWARDS, REWARDS!!!! AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!

  • L0rN

    Reward the people who supported you since the beginning of Live.But maybe you don`t want to reward people who are stupid enough to p(l)ay on live since 7 years. I can understand that…not.

  • Black Fist


    I just can´t stop laughing…..
    This is the most pathetic thing i´ve ever heard since……errr…, this IS the most pathetic thing i ever heard.
    This is the just the proves that Microcrap doesn´t care about anyone, only their money.
    The US…sure, it´s their home turf; the UK, because it´s their #2 best selling country…and none of the that makes it any less stupid.
    There is no logic reason not to have the reward program all around the world as it is all about MS points, so, don´t give me the crap about not being able to open the program to the rest of the world.
    It is all about pure greed.
    Besides, let´s be honest, the rewards are awful.
    400 MS for family pack?
    What about people that don´t have families?

    But, hey, sell Kinect and the 360 for all the morons out there.
    I´m done, long live SONY and NINTENDO

  • AriesDog

    Drat! Bought Deal of the Week games on Monday.

  • Black Fist

    I´ve never seen a company so eager to lose everything…it´s mind-blowing.

    MicroCrap can´t get their foot in Japan
    They lost Europe for Sony and are doing the best they can to stay that way
    Why not crap in the US as well?
    This way you would get all 3 major gaming markets hating you, and you would finaly get that knife set you want (there most the a reason for this way of thinking, so, a knife set is as good as an excuse as any other)

  • Axcalibur

    I’m absolutely appalled that this Rewards program isn’t available to Canadians. There is absolutely no reason not to include Canadian consumers in this. Nintendo has no problem including Canadian customers in it’s Club Nintendo. Microsoft has once again shown a complete disregard for Canadian consumers. We pay more money for points, 1400 points for $20, as opposed to our American counterparts who pay $20 for 1600 points. You can argue “exchange rates” all day, but the reality is that both Nintendo and Sony offer points/purchases for the same dollar value in the US and Canada, that is a fact. Microsoft is being a bully to Canadian consumers. I’ve tried to contact Major Nelson before, but he simply ignored me. I hope this oversight with the Rewards is remedied soon, but like this situation with overcharging Canadians for points, I’m confident a remedy will come anytime soon. Microsoft, you disgust me.

  • cart00nstrip

    Why no love for us veterans? We the early adopters? We who signed up for Netflix on Xbox the day it was available? We who have Gold subscriptions that don’t need to be renewed until Dec. 2011? Huh? Y’know, the real Xbox loyalists who’ve been here for a while, where are our “rewards”? Seriously, I’m excluded from more than half of this list because I’ve been a Gold member since 2005, using Netflix since last year. This is simply a slap in the face for those of us who’ve been on Xbox Live any longer than a year. Good job at alienating your entire established user-base all at once…

  • HazyCloud

    Man, you guys are a bunch of babies. Why not get something for things you already do? And to the ones complaining (Black Fist), sell your console and get a PS3. Microsoft is offering things for free and yet people still complain. If it’s not in your area, coming here and bad mouthing MS only makes you look like a fool. Well..and gives all of us with sense a laugh.

  • Anonymous

    about time

  • SumHydroponic

    This sounds like a great idea Microsoft, good job. Now how about hooking up some of us members who have been around awhile and have spent $1500 or more just on XBLA and DLC. That would be a wonderfully sweet thing to do around this time of year.

  • Black Fist


    “Microsoft is offering things for free and yet people still complain.”
    Really!? REALLY?!
    You do realise i´m from Portugal, right?
    Is right up there, under the gamerscore.
    So, i don´t have things for free…just like all the others that complain, the ones from Germany and France and Spain and Canada and…basically everywhere.
    And even that is not the point.
    The point is not wanting things for free too, the point is that we are all gamers and gaming has no countries, religions or races, we are all on the same boat, we are all the same.
    If you can´t see that, if you can´t understand that, i´m not only sad for you but you actually deserve Microsoft.
    Every country under the sun that has LIVE should have the reward program and indie games, all the rest has third parties involved besides MS, so i´m not going there, but anything that only involves MS is not everywhere because THEY DON´T WANT TO.
    As for, why don´t i sell my 360 and buy a PS3…..i don´t sell consoles unless there is nothing there for me anymore, and that is not true because i care for one thing and one thing only, games not the hardware manufacture; at the end of the day, there are still games i want to play (less and less, sadly, as MS cares less and less about it).
    I bought the 360 in 2007 and i loved it, i saw in it the potential to be the best console ever, and the sad part is that it was at that time, then i came 2008….and all went downhill….fast.
    Microsoft is a pathetic company, one the worst i´ve ever seen, but they were great last century.
    Ballmer, Mattrick and Phil Spencer are horrible in what they do.
    Long live Peter Moore, that was the heart and soul of the Xbox and since he left, the Xbox brand lost EVERYTHING, now, it´s nothing more than an empty shell.
    Ask yourself, why did Moore left?
    Why is everyone leaving?
    Because no one believes anymore in the brand; Moore left because he knew what was coming…it´s sad really.

  • Alfred Saxon

    US and UK. Fantastic!
    Thank you :)

  • sk00ks

    I do find it strange that this hasn’t rolled out in more regions. I understand some things are bogged down in copyright issues like Netflix etc but this is strange. The same goes for deals of the week and other such things. It makes little sense to me that many regions get shafted in favour of the US and the UK.
    I hope they’re testing the waters and eventually more regions will get to use this rewards program but going on past evidence, I doubt it.

    As for the people complaining about amounts of points / having bought things already / being an XBL veteran etc, man, you people get an inch and want a mile.
    As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest M$ fan in the world and I think they take the piss more often than not but every time something relatively good is offered by M$, it’s just not good enough.
    I’ve never seen so many moany people.

  • xWolfmaNx GT

    very nice i just signed up. :)

  • xWolfmaNx GT

    any one knows if the program already started?

  • aStrangeDisease

    lol @ Black Fist. Are you really that mad over a video game console? Your life must be pretty easy if somebody getting something for free can ruin your day. It doesn’t even affect you. What do you think corporations exist for? Do you think they are here for you? They exist to make money and that is all. Not just Microsoft, but every company in the world.
    These “rewards” are just incentives for new customers. “Loyal” customers have already given them our money. They don’t need to entice us.
    Why don’t you direct some of that anger at the real issues affecting our world? Consumption of fossil fuels, pollution and corrupt governments for example.

  • trickybuz93

    What about Canada? :(

  • aStrangeDisease

    Sure, I’d like rewards too, but it’s nothing to get upset about. Every country has different laws and regulations for distributing products and services internationally.
    The Family Pack issue, however, is something to complain about. I’m not signing up if I’m going to be downgraded to a silver account.

  • Black Fist


    You are reading way too much on what i´m saying.
    There are far more important things in the world than a video game console.
    I´ll tell you right now, i´m not going to lose any sleep over this, but that doesn´t make it any less stupid.
    But, if you are not passionate about what you like…..why do you like it in the first place?

  • Anonymous

    you call 10 MSP worth it? call me crap now

  • Maytrix

    These comments are just another example that you just can’t please some people!

    It’s free. It’s new. Why isn’t it in other countries? I’m sure it has to do with legal reasons. Otherwise they’d just add it everywhere.

    I’ve been an Xbox live member since beta myself. Do I expect something more? No, I’ve had years of playing on Xbox live. I got exactly what I paid for. Now we get something new! Awesome!

    There really isn’t a single reason to complain about this at all. Be disappointed its not in your country perhaps, but that’s probably more a result of the laws in your country than anything to do with Microsoft.

    Thanks for the Update Major Nelson!

  • DailySloppy2nds

    I clicked the button to sign up, but I do not see my name or avatar on the page. Guess there is a grace period before your accounts are linked?

  • Mikro

    To Bad the server blew up 500 503 504 404 Ahhhh

  • Mikro

    Oh one more error

    Our servers are currently unavailable due to maintenance or high volume. Please try back later.

    That’s some reward there

  • ZaZeeMan

    No Canada inclusion is pretty disappointing but hopefully soon…
    That said, I still can’t understand why this promo is region-selective.


    Netherlands called, they want their indie games back

  • BurningFlag666

    Thanks once again Microsoft for rubbing in our faces the great stuff the Americans get that we in Australia will never be a part of. We pay more than U.S. citizens and yet we get barely a quarter of what they recieve. There is a serious inbalance here and i for one am getting sick of being short changed. But you don’t give a toss do you as long as you get paid.