December 8th 2010 2:00 pm PT

Arcade: Bomberman Battlefest


Bomberman BattlefestContent: Bomberman Battlefest
Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Availability: Check availability in your region
The ultimate party game is back! Blast your way through a dozen arenas with more gimmicks, more power-ups, more game modes, and more costumes than ever before! Up to eight players can pick teams and blast their way to victory playing Capture the Flag, Bankroll, Capture the Crown, Paintbomb, and VIP! Visit exotic locales like Adventure Island, a Pirate Ship on the stormy seas, and the futuristic Laser Arena! May the best Bomber win!



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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • EveofLight

    Nice, will have to check it out later.

  • Ozzzy189

    don’t forget the pinballfx2 marvel pack out today too.

  • Exu

    Far too many reused assets for my liking. I know there’s only so far you can go with Bomberman (Act Zero, anyone?) but christ, it didn’t have to feel like someone just copypasted Bomberman Live and moved a few things about. Glorified expansion pack.

  • chiruno99

    It’s like Bomberman Live except…no wait it IS Bomberman Live.

  • fastpotato

    Well guys this is 2010. A generation of 12 year olds, riding the wave of game to game, sequel to sequel. It could be Bomberman Live 2, with the same game inside, and people wouldnt care as its a ‘new’ game.

    I didnt fall for it with Worms 2, and I certainly wont fall for Bomberman Battlefest live or whatever you want to call it.

  • Anonymous

    The two free Doritos arcade games are out today also

  • metallicorphan

    i got the two free XBLA games which are quite decent actually and also got the marvel pinball pack

    Major- i just heard that Xmen arcade is out next Wednesday but the price is yet to be confirmed,any ideas?,are we looking at 800 points?

  • dirty whirlwind

    Fastpotato: Did you even play Worms 2? The first XBLA Worms were butchered due to the size limit that existed at the time of release, that was not an issue the sequel had to deal with so it included a lot more content. It didn’t change the gameplay much, but people play it because it’s Worms and they know what to expect. Sure, it wasn’t all that different from the PC Armageddon but saying it was the same game as the previous XBLA game is just wrong. The core gameplay stays the same because it’s Worms and it has always been that way.

    This version of Bomberman is shit though, but the Live version wasn’t all that great to begin with. They should just have ported over Saturn version and get it over with.

  • Mushroom Jones

    Was gonna check out the two Doritos games today. Awesome with X-Men Arcade coming next week. All I need is the Magic the Gathering upgrate pack 3 (already out on PC & PS3) and I’ll be set for the holidays!

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    I played this last summer at an XBOX Live event and one thing that is never mentioned in any preview or description is that you can play as your Avatar. This game, while it looks much the same, has much improved game speed, and some great game modes. Bobmerman is an awesome party game, and is always fun, so it was a must buy for me.

  • Alfred Saxon

    Loving the new Bomberman game. Better than the first one.

  • fastpotato

    Dirty Whilwind: Precisly my point, you misunderstand. What part of riding the wave of sequel to sequel do you now understand. This generation is full of gamers will always flock to the next one in the franchise, even if the previous installment still has a healthy active userbase.

    Up until Worms 2 released, I was still having healthy games on Worms 1, and to this day, I see nobody on the original.

    So in conclusion, people like me are forced to pay and pick up these ‘sequels’ if we are to continue, playing them online.

    and FYI, Worms 2 is the same, except more weapons and landscapes. Whoop dee doo. DLC perhaps? No. Make an entirely new Worms, charge another £8 pound and Save DLC for the games that DONT need it, and aggrevate the completionists of this generation.

  • Brian333

    Can I just say how nice it is to finally see some 800 point Arcade games again. The whole 1200 point nonsense was getting on my nerves.

  • NikOPE Jims

    A little mad that Draws count as Losses now, but either way, it’s about time. Been waiting for this since it was supposed to be released in Q1.

  • Exu

    Oh yeah also Bombing Run, the best non-classic gametype from the first one, is gone.