December 8th 2010 6:55 pm PT

Download 2 free games (earn achievements) and cast your vote for the best


As part of the Doritos Unlock Xbox contest, two FREE games are now available for download from Xbox LIVE. Download and play them (and unlock the achievements) then look for the poll on the Xbox dashboard to vote for your favorite.


Harms WayContent: Harms Way
Price: FREE

Availability: Check availability in your region
Dash Text:

Harms Way is a fast paced, action packed race where both drivers and snipers need to team up to win the race. As the sniper, you need to blow-up the competition. As a driver you need to finish 3 laps first.



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Doritos Crash CourseContent: Doritos Crash Course
Price: FREE

Availability: Check availability in your region
Dash Text: Doritos Crash Course is a fast-paced, funny, obstacle course game show for your Avatar to compete against your friends and family over XboxLive. Play through 15 exciting platformer levels across 3 different countries. Compete against your friends and family up to four players over XboxLive and local split-screen.



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Free, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • RavenousLou

    I think that Crash Course was made better by my avatar wearing an Assassin’s Creed outfit.

  • Maizrim

    Thanks Major! I suggest being a “Shooter” first in Harm’s Way… knocked out 100 points of achievements in one game.

  • Gam3r Evolved

    Nice, free games is always appreciated :) Thanks, Major..

  • loopingstar

    Crash Course is the better game of the two , but there is still some fun to be had with Harm’s Way . Great games for free – I’ve paid for worse to be honest !

  • Ark Hunter

    @loopingstar Like Yaris?

  • x ShaggyDoG x

    These are mighty fine games. Also a big thank you for some great freebies, for a change. (major, we need some icons for example thumbs-up)

  • chiruno99

    Notice the bolded ‘Free’ like it’s in response to something sarcastically.

  • CDN Crockett

    Sweet, some early Christmas presents!!!

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @Ark Hunter: No, Yaris was free too! ;)

  • VVho Cares

    Free is always good. But there are times when free almost seems like you paid too much. Let’s hope these games are free worthy :)

  • Wiizpig

    Well Yaris was free, too.

    But these are actual GOOD games, both of them, unlike Yaris.

  • Sausage Villan

    Well worth the download both are pretty fun but i think crash course has the “it” factor

  • Anonymous

    My vote goes for Crash Course, its just the better game IMHO

  • Alfred Saxon

    I like them both. Thank you Microsoft and Doritos.

  • KRiSX85

    harms way isn’t avail in australia but the other one is? :( it looks way better… guess i’ll never know…

  • EveofLight

    Downloaded them both and already got the achievements for Harm’s Way, working my way in Crash Course.

  • metallicorphan

    i gotta say it,this makes up for the Joyride U-Turn(<
    enjoying both games…can’t they both win and split the 50k? :)

    I would love to see more of this,who wouldn’t

  • Huch

    Wow! These games are surprisingly good! I will be buying a bag of Doritos tonight.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only played Crash Course as of now but it was a blast! I can’t say it would of been a purchase but free is definitely a good thing!

  • A Place for Us

    My thumbs are hurting from playing Crash Course for many hours. :(

  • SamwiseM

    I can’t find Harms Way in the Marketplace? The link above also doesnt work. Downloaded Doritos Crash Course without any problems. Any ideas?

  • SamwiseM

    My bad… the link above does work. For some reasons I can’t load sites that require a Windows LIVE ID login.. not in IE anyway, Firefox works fine.

    Using Firefox it turns out that Harms Way isn’t available in my region (AUS)… ahh well.



    Okay Australia, HARMS WAY has been classified by the OFLC, so it is therefore Microsoft Australias error not the developers for not releasing it to us. (this has happened more times I can count. The staff at Microsoft Australia, really need to pull there head out, they have been slack before, but lately they have been becoming more slacker! therefore when it comes to voting, obviously we can only vote for the Crash Course game. Making this voting thing a complete scam.

  • Casserole

    Oh forgot to say… both are quality games :)

  • Shonk

    Nice freebies

    Cheers Doritos


    Oh I just read to the voting rules, US only, why am I not surpirsed, Australia NEVER gets anything yet we pay more than anyone in the world for a non-exitant service. tsk tsk for shame!

  • a1984darkboy

    Wow! It’s all these awesome things are happening during my birthday! Thanks MS and Doritos! Both of these games are really fun so far! Much more memorable than Dash of Destruction. The game was fun but completely forgettable. Crash Course alone is gonna stay on my hard drive for long, long time.

  • CDN Crockett

    I’m having a HARD time finding a online game in Harm’s Way, no games are found! I’ve been trying for hours!
    Anyone else?

  • Wiizpig

    After 200/200 in H’s Way and 160/200 in Doritos CC (That 40 points achievement for all the gold medals isn’t easy) I must say these are two nice little free games.

    Kudos to MS and the developers.

  • trickybuz93

    Free games are good!

    And that Crash Course game reminded me of Wipeout so I love it even more!!! :P

  • One Crazy Idiot

    Thanks Major!

  • CDN Crockett

    I got that last cheevo in Harm’s Way!
    My wife and I are having a BLAST playing Crash Course! Laughing our heads off. Now time to change our avatar’s clothes to match the gameplay!!!!

  • Exu

    Gasp! Doritos, you surprise me. Could it be… EFFORT!? :D
    Playing Crash Course as a guy in a Dudley outfit wearing a helmet with fire on it who outstretches his arms and pretends he’s a plane is hilarious.

  • Stephan1237

    Thanks for the games but no Voting here in Holland so I say it here: Crash course !!!!!

  • nzkiwiwhiteboy

    New zealand only gets Crash Course :(. anyway overall great game!!

  • ThreadShadow

    Thanks Microsoft and Doritos for the free games! It’s like a season of giving or something! : )

    And congratulations to Wanako Games and Bongfish; these games are well made and very fun. Thanks to the contest winners for having good ideas too!

  • Printmatic

    Crash Course is absolute trash. Harms Way is very innovative. There are already 10 games just like Crash Course on the indie games marketplace. Don’t vote for Crash Course. Remember that the winner gets a job that pays 50K. Why would you want anyone other than the innovative guy to get that job?

  • Gonin

    FEEL THE LOVE FOR FREE GAMES! Sorry to our Australian cousins for their shitty regional team and their lazy ass efforts!

  • Grumbledock

    Really nice with some free games, thanks a lot :)
    Cheers from Sweden, Scandinavia, EU

  • Cyrax PT

    It’s a shame really, both deserve the cash prize, Harm’s Way is better in many aspects but i had a blast playing Crash Course with a friend online, normally i get angry nowadays when playing online (ex: “You f* camper”), but i really had a great time playing this one online!
    Like i said, it’s a shame that it can be only one winner…

    @CDN Crockett

    Yeah, i have the same problem, yesterday i was trying to play that one online and only 15~20 minutes it show up one person, and seconds latter, 2 more, one already choose the team and car, the other two were in the “lobby”, eventually all of them give up and leave!
    Dunno if it’s a server/game/online problem, people only play with friends or just want to play CoDBO…
    Too bad, since the game is meant to be played online.

  • Bacon McShig

    Harm’s Way’s online matchmaking is completely broken, haven’t been able to find or host a match yet.

    Really hurts its chances of winning, considering it’s explicitly meant to be played online.

  • sleepydumbdude

    Harms Way matchmaking is screwy I think it would be decent if you could get a game online. I sat hosting for over an hour yesterday morning and no one join. Had to directly invite some friends and got a 4 player game going. Hopefully one day I can get in on a full game and it would be a blast I bet.

  • anigmha

    Harm’s Way is a really innovative and exciting take on a team-based racer/shooter. Yes, racer… slash… shooter… as a team. It’s like a buddy cop movie; one guy is reckless while the other guy has his back. Crash Course, although very polish and decently fun, does nothing new. It’s a platformer featuring your avatar. You could find many of those types of games in the indie games section on Xbox Live.

  • a1984darkboy

    Just wanted to say that Crash Course is really a great piece of work. It’s the type of game with loads of replayibility, lots of challenge for those who want it, and quick fun for those who want to blast through a level. I would love DLC for this game or an entire sequel even.

  • juan cabrera

    Crash Course is awesome! Kind of short but well worth the price! Sort of reminds me of Splosion Man/Trials HD except with your avatar…

  • BurningFlag666

    Doritos Crash Course is actually a fun little game. Very cool that its for free even though it is an advertisement for Doritos but in this case the game is actually worth playing. Thanks for the free game Doritos and Microsoft.