December 11th 2010 6:06 pm PT

Gears of War and the VGA’s


Gears of War 3

I have just learned of a decision to postpone our planned Gears of War news from Epic Games for the Spike Video Game Awards this weekend.  I wanted to share this with you and let you know that while these are never easy decisions, we can tell you that what we have to share for the franchise in 2011 will definitely be worth the wait and we look forward to working with our partner at Spike on sharing this world premier news when it is ready.





Gears of War By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Olamire

    no 360 exclusive news at the vgas. men you guys suck

  • Skatin Ajun

    Oh man!! I was totally looking forward to it!! I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait :)

  • II Fr0zen lI

    It seems like everything with Gears 3 gets delayed first lol. Im sure there is a good reason and im still looking forward to it !

  • BlindFire2112

    let me guess this was due to Business reasons? the same way that GOW3 got pushed back?

  • bluffmaster007

    Im sorry.. but this is stupid… Sony Is having a Resistance Trailer, Uncharted, most likly another 2 Sony Trailers… I will seriously be disappointed if I see a Kinect reveal that ISNT a Hardcore Title…

    You guys really suck.

    This reminds me of when you postponed the Halo ODST reveal after having a countdown for E3… WOW!

  • II Fr0zen lI

    Sorry for the double post and for being offtopic, but is that chat on this site gone?

  • Major Nelson

    I thought it would be best to let you guys know now, before you sat through the entire show and said ‘WTF where is my GOW3.’ I hate being the bearer of bad news, but sometimes it happens.

  • YaoIsGod

    I think the real question here is – who cares about the VGAs?

  • BlindFire2112

    brain wave, the announcement got pushed back because their announcing Elder Scrolls 5!

  • Doctor Gadget

    Major Nelson: I kind of respect you a lot… except for the fact that I missed Code Friday yesterday. And I do understand that it is your job and that you find no pleasure on telling us this bad news. So here it goes: Thank you for doing such a hard job and taking the flame.

  • bluffmaster007

    Im just REALLY hoping that 360 has some exclusives and some BIG NEWS for us gamers soon…

  • Van Faulk

    Maybe you can clear something major. geoff said there would be 360 announcements at VGA. As in plural. Is there any reason for 360 owners to watch now?

  • blackdevil4589

    The question here is … WHY ??? What happened?

  • XDG Desolation

    This is a good reason not to announce, tease, and hype an announcement, and just announce it when you/they/the involved parties are actually ready to do it. Hype be damned. I like surprises anyway.



    Im sorry but thats a stupid thing to do.

    Thanks anyways major.

  • Dopey2400

    I don’t really care either way. Sure I’ll play gears 3 when it comes out, but does it matter if they make an announcement now or later on? I bet most you will end up playing it some way or another. You know what really sucked? was the story in Black Ops, but that usually what you get when you start buying into the hype.

  • Izer

    @Van Faulk – Maybe Mass Effect 3? Oh wait no… This game is multiplatform now lol! I just hope the 360 stuff is not just some crappy retarded Kinect games.

  • Rezlogic

    lol a lot of you guys are acting as if you are owed something. These things happen, and you’ll forget all about it in the weeks to come.

  • labwarrior

    This is grave news, everyone in forums is hyping the vast PS3 library (even though i dont care much for it) and saying 360 has nothing in 2011 and zero exclusives

    Also dismissing Kinect and XBLA games

    Just stating the general climate in forums, which may or may not mean anything much, but gives me a dissapointment every time i visit them

    I think it is very bad to not have announcements at all, when PS3 has so many exclusives announced and many more planned for VGA

    I am making a XBLA game myself in XNA, and i really hate to see 360 bashed like that in forums, just takes away much of my exitement making my game and is rather bad phycology

    Anyway, 360 is my best system by far and i plan to buy far more games in 2011 than any other system, if only it had more news on some exclusives, so morale returns :)

  • rogXue

    wow a whole lot of whining for a show that doesn’t really make a damn bit of difference. Odds are if you are posting here you have the internet. When there is an announcement you’ll be able to see it. GearsViking said on his twitter that it was Microsoft’s decision and not Epics to delay the announcement so odds are they are waiting for a bigger venue or for a more polished build to show. Besides, Sony can have all the announcements they want. Won’t make their games suck any less… So in other words quit whining just because you can’t see a 30 second spot for a game that is, more than likely, a year away…

  • labwarrior

    Frankly it is not about Gears, i just want to see anything, like some news for Codename Kingdoms, or videos of the Kinect titles from Japan, anything will do for me, just something, than nothing, that is all i would ever ask, a glimpse of the future, does not have to be Gears, anything will do :)

  • Angry silverbul

    Not surprising, MS has stopped caring about their core audience for a while now.

  • Sriefer

    Hmm, there are a lot of tweets about getting ready for CES and an announcement that the GoW3 news delayed. I wonder if the two are correlated? If so, could this be a push to have more games “stuff” at CES?


  • Lekes

    I don’t care about VGA’s, i’m concerned about next year. Just one exclusive… :/

  • Spitz pass auf

    I really wonder whats wrong with you guys? First the delay and now this. Cliffy once again stands their as a liar. I think Epic Games will go the Bungie and Bizarre Creations way and Jump Out.

  • Black Fist

    Thanks for the heads up Major, as for the only reason we were going to watch the VGA´s was because of the Gears of War 3 announcement….:rolleyes:
    Who cares about the other 12 announcements….
    At least, if we are lucky, we might see the “how far can you spit contest game”, exclusive for Kinect

    @Angry silverbul “Not surprising, MS has stopped caring about their core audience for a while now.”

    That´s not true, MS has stopped caring about GAMES a while back.
    But please, continue buying the 360….

  • metallicorphan

    although disappointing news for Gears,i hope Microsoft have at least something to show at tonight’s show

  • metallicorphan

    @Spitz –
    Epic Games is not owned by Microsoft as Bungie and Bizarre were,they just publish Gears Of War

  • labwarrior

    100% agree there with Black Fist, but will there be other announcements and stuff shown ? We dont know of anything hinted yet

    Hope so :)

  • Spitz pass auf


    Bizarre wasn’t owned by MS but they where clearly upset about the PGR4 release. And Epic has one big advantage they own the Gears IP. So if they jump out they keep the IP.

  • Dopey2400

    The way I see it is that VGA stands for “Video Game Awards (show)”, and not the “Video Game Announcement (show)”. I’d prefer that they don’t show anything. There are other venues for that kind of thing.

  • Black Fist

    LoL everything related to M$ embarrasses me

  • Spitz pass auf

    There you have it that Epic Games once again have nothing to do with this decision.

    GearsViking Rod Fergusson
    To be clear, the VGA announcement delay comes from Microsoft, not us.

    I remember how Bungie was upset about the delay of the Halo announcement at E3 2008. And this here is a new last minute delay that upsets a MGS Partner. Some people learn from their mistakes some people not.

  • Black Fist

    The announcement just come out:
    – Gears of War trilogy on the PS3

  • labwarrior

    Here is some maybe good news

    From Paul Gale Network: “If you’re not looking forward to Uncharted 3′s new trailer (and shame on you for not), then have no fear because the show tonight is still worth watching for non PlayStation 3 owners as well.”

    A Wii or 360 exclusive then ?

  • chr0ma

    haha what a shame. you can’t help but feel a bit let down as a core gamer on Xbox lately. no exclusives and the ones that have come out score 8 or below the quality is dying quickly and being replaced with 4-6 scoring Kinect games and multiplats that you don’t even need an xbox to play(and is most expensive on XB due to online fees).

    the sales seem to be favoring MS right now and the casuals are giving you some attention but remember the people who got you this far and their unquenchable thirst for quality exclusives experiences.

    Gears 3 isn’t even enough to satisfy your gaming base and to play coy with the 1 you have is so lame.

  • ElektroDragon

    If the show has any class, it will make fun of you for the pullout.

  • Black Fist

    Well, nintendo doesn´t go to the VGAs so let forget that.
    It can either be multiplatform or 360 exclusive.
    If it´s for the 360, it might be Kingdoms, and if it is….well… will make MS look a bit less stupid.

  • chiruno99

    But the VGAs suck.

  • Raptor2401

    This are very bad news. I think that GoW 3 will be canceled or Epic will port it to PS3.


    WTF that cant be good for EPIC?
    not something you pull out of with a straight face…
    This will hurt xbox and gears 3,they talk so much about this,then do this

  • LapsonHK

    What’s happening between MS and Epic? Why are all the major announcements being messed up?

    MS has already pushed away many developers of their exclusive games: bungie, bizarre creations, bioware, valve………

    And this is the 2nd time MS makes Cliff.B & Epic look stupid. Will Epic be the next developer to go?

  • Migz7

    Some of the things you guys post are ludicrous (Gears port to PS3? ROFLOL!) Anyway, while I’m sure I would have loved to see some Gears 3 stuff on the VGA in the end it really doesn’t matter. It’s just another awards show that hardly anyone watches. Bottom line is that when Gears 3 comes out next year it will sell millions because it’s an established franchise with a loyal following.

  • MangledRex

    Hmm hardly surprising but it happens :s

  • Black Fist

    @Migz7 – i agree, it´s ludicrous…..Gears port to the PS3….are people insane. How can people think that a third party Ip goes to another console? What´s next? Mass Effect on the Sony console? Preposterous……oh….wait…

  • Vance009

    Watching VGA I they did the right movie to kick it off if you were not going to go big don’t go at all, Elder Scrolls 5, Forza 4, and Mass effect 3, will be big for Xbox down the road.

  • Black Fist

    Wow…Forza 4…now i understand why Microsoft cancelled the Gears 3 announcement.
    And if we get lucky, 2011 will also be the year of Fable 4 and Halo 4.
    Then, in 2012, Microsoft might release Forza 5, Halo 5 and Fable 5

    Innovation, that´s the name of the game, and Microsoft has it

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    So to make sense of your logic, “innovation”, or the lack of, is what makes MS inferior to Sony? PS3 hasn’t done any better with ORIGINAL exclusives…Uncharted 3, GT 5 (5 years later…maybe that is innovation), LBP 2 (also delayed). There are plenty of big games in 2011, and most developers are moving away from exclusives, as there is much more money in it when a game is multi-platform. The future is in exclusive DLC and Add-ons, and MS is still leading in that department. I don’t understand how people, like Black Fist, can expect a billion dollar CORPORATION, to only focus on one specific type of gamer. They are in it to make money, and from here is looks like they are doing just fine…and still giving us plenty of great games in the process.

  • metallicorphan

    The Elder Scrolls V,Batman:AC,Mass Effect 3 and Forza 4…oh yes please

    shame still no Star Wars Battlefront 3,but then again LucasArts have gone right downhill in the last few years,so i guess it’s no surprise

  • Karayum

    Epic guys seem to be more focused on Bulletstorm. Lol