Deal of the Week: select casual arcade games


This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save 50% on some of the great casual Arcade games:

Item Normally This week Savings
Bejeweled 2 800 400 50%
UNO Rush 800 400 50%
Zuma 400 200 50%
Tetris Splash 800 400 50%
Feeding Frenzy 2 800 400 50%


These prices will be available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday December 20th



  • onemorechanc

    Thanks. I will probably pick up a couple of these … even if the achievements are crazy hard on some of them!


  • Muzzymate

    No interest for me in the selection here (already have Bejeweled, Tetris, Zuma, & the first Uno) but very appreciative that Deal of the Weeks keep involving arcade games and not silly things like avatar outfits or gamerpics.

    Hope this trend continues!


  • sleepydumbdude

    Finally got Zuma might try Tetris splash but doubt I’ll get it. Own the others all ready.


  • BudMan

    Is this the start of the 12 Days of Christmas on Xbox LIVE? Wait…that would have been tomorrow.

    You know it would have been a really cool thing to do a 12 days of Christmas from like the 12th until the 24th. Each day adding a new item for sale.

    Laura could have starred in a video. In a holiday-related costume, speaking the words to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”…”On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack for 400 Microsoft Points!!!”. Alas, no. It won’t be.



    Hmmm maybe i’ll get Bejeweled 2 to keep the missues quiet but more importantly will harms way be seeing any kind of match making or is it purely friend invites only


  • GfWL PoC

    Tetris splash not for Germany ?! :(


  • r3dreck



  • Spargo CXVII

    Fine….I’ll buy Zuma.


  • FlimFlan

    Great to see Arcade titles on sale. However, I’d like to see some of these as permanent price drops.
    Should Zuma really be full price, 5 years after release?
    Think about how much a 5 year old PC game (or retail XBox 360, game for that matter) goes for now.


  • chiruno99

    Looks like I’ll be getting Tetris. It’s good for 400ms, overpriced for 800.


  • Jonah Falcon

    Well, Tetris Splash has multiplayer, chiruno.


  • Anonymous

    picked up FF2 finally.



    Already have all of those. Anything else?


  • metallicorphan

    hmm,i was gonna save my 800 points for Dead Rising Case West for 27th December…but i may have to get Tetris,but i will play trial first,i just want a Tetris game,not a Tetris game with silly bells on it,if this is called Splash for a reaason


  • PlayingMantis37

    Oh, ok…by “select games” you mean certain games that were selected, not “choice”/”good” games that people would actually want.


  • Lawrenc

    Xbox Live Gold Service need more free stuff!

    please :)


  • Exu

    Half off a bunch of games that cost twice as much as they should.


  • Antarael Dulac

    Tetris Splash not available in Europe…except UK and Ireland…

    It’s not even an uncut title! So why!? lol

    “Time to get Messy!”


  • DL CyberSkull

    I’m waiting for the overpriced Plants vs. Zombies to come down to a reasonable price (≥50% off).


  • ThreadShadow

    Would anyone else love to see a “Silver & Gold” Inventory Blowout Sale featuring:

    Darwinia +
    EXIT 2
    Encleverment Experiment
    Geometry Wars 2

    I know I would! ; )
    Plus 25% off Noble Map Pack would be cheerful! : )


  • Roujin Z

    When the heck is LIMBO going to go on sale?!?


  • Wookiestick

    To sum up my feelings on this sale I will now post a link of a video of my cat playing xbox.

    That is all.


  • I DLord I



  • Roxeraz

    I would have bought Tetris Splash, but it’s not available in my region.. :/


  • stststststq

    lol@all the whining dicks in this thread, yet again.


  • Ark Hunter

    Pretty good deals if you don’t own and want these.


  • ck2875

    For those who are interested in better deals, the newest OXM issue as an article on p. 91 talking about the Xbox Live Marketplace “Countdown to 2011” sale. It says its a Deal of the Day series from Dec. 21 – 31st.

    “Every day during this period on Marketplace, you’ll discover three pieces of content (one XBLA title or game add-on, one movie on Zune Marketplace, and one Avatar item) at drastically reduced prices. The catch? content won’t be revealed until the day it’s discounted and the sale lasts for one day only — so make sure to check you Live dashboard ever day during the 11 day event to reap huge rewards.”

    “As incentive the Marketplace team gave us a few hints on what to expect. Get your sleuthing cap to snag great content at amazing prices — it makes for a new years celebration you won’t want to forget! What could these be? Hmm…”

    Game Addons:
    – Are you afraid of the dark?
    – Fly to the rescue in outer space!
    – Keep you hat on and don’t stop shooting.
    – Turn the volume up to get down.

    – Act your age, whatever that is.
    – Become a hero, that’s not so super.
    – It’s lonely, being the last person on earth. (Probably I Am Legend w/ W. Smith)

    – Turn out the lights for this delight! (Is this Limbo?)
    – What a way to start a week!
    – Work with Elvis in this classic!”


  • tylerh1701


    Thanks for posting this, great info! Pretty sure the last one “Work with Elvis in this classic!” will be Perfect Dark.


  • ck2875

    Regarding my above post: “What a way to start a week” is probably “Monday Night Combat” or whatever it is called.


  • The Bill Payer

    When is Ancients of Ooga going to be on sale?!


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