December 15th 2010 2:14 pm PT

Demo: Gray Matter


Gray MatterContent: Gray Matter
Price: Free
Availability: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom,
Dash Text: When you play with fate, just how will fate play with you? Oxford. Strange things are happening in the old English university city. Following the death of his wife, the mysterious Dr. Styles retreats more and more into his laboratory at Dread Hill House. The scientist is desperately trying to make contact with his departed wife. Then, apparently by chance, Samantha, a young street performer and magician comes in to his life. As puzzling events start to occur around the city, the pair sets out to find their own explanation for the paranormal phenomena. Challenging puzzles and a mysterious story await you in this new adventure from Jane Jensen, author of the legendary ‘Gabriel Knight’ series.


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Demo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • PiMD

    Will this become available for US? I have been waiting for this game for a while now, because of Jane Jensen!

  • CraniumRat

    wait, no italy?

  • PiMD

    Not sure the release date but was looking to give this as a Christmas Gift, but it probably will never see light of day in the US for what reason? They must think US doesn’t like to play adventure/mystery games? Who knows. Would love some kind of official response or posting anywhere online.

  • metallicorphan

    never heard of the game before but that wont stop me giving it a download,thx for the info,Major

  • tabicat

    An English-language game that’s not available in the U.S.? It was even shown at E3! How stupid are these people?

  • Wiizpig

    No Italy? and the reason is…?

  • ABRipperXX

    Why not Canada? This game looks great!

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @PiMD: Check out the game’s official forums, or for some discussion. Basically it is already released and reviewed in Europe, and supposedly coming to NA in February.

    @tabicat: German publisher wanted to avoid the game getting lost in the November flurry of BLOPS. Releasing the demo now (PC demo recently too) is the right thing while people can notice it.

  • DePetri

    Jane Jensen ftw! Too bad that availability is what it is.

  • Ark Hunter

    Wha? No US?

  • MedwayPVB

    The link to the main game page gives a 404. :-]

  • chiruno99

    This sounded good, but anything can sound good.

  • Mike Kelehan

    I love Jane Jensen’s work, and would love to play this, but does it even have a US publisher yet?

  • xZ3XYxGR4NDP4x

    Hey Major, when I click on the link an error pops up that says “Ooops! What happened to this page”? Is this because I live in the US?


    Yes Gramps, we Yanks don’t have access to it yet for some ridiculous reason, and hopefully that will change VERY soon. I’m a big fan of Jane’s Gabriel Knight games (played all 3) so I’d love to see her latest masterpiece!

  • ElektroDragon

    No US, because stations like G4 and Spike have stereotyped us to foreign publishers as a bunch of frat boy idiot CoDaholics too stupid to appreciate a game like this. I feel sad for this country sometimes.

    At least on the PS3, I can import UK only games and play them on my US console. Not so with the 360. Thanks a bunch, Microsoft.

  • DL CyberSkull

    The only interesting retail demo to come out in a long time and I CAN’T PLAY IT!

  • QuiCkz AleX

    When on ITALY and USA?

  • Jacky Prower

    ElektroDragon Wrote: “No US, because stations like G4 and Spike have stereotyped us to foreign publishers as a bunch of frat boy idiot CoDaholics too stupid to appreciate a game like this.”

    You’re right, I’m from Italy and the stereotype about USA is exactly this: US gamers can’t appreciate a game without explosions, screams and cut heads rolling everywhere. It’s sad because all publishers actually believe this, and we get almost only these type of games because of that.

    Anyway, I want this demo. Dear Major Nelson, bring this demo to Italy. Thank you.

  • Stephan1237

    Cool, an Europe(except Italy) exclusive one .

    @ US people : You have alot more then us european people. Don’t complain, you have ESPN, we don’t. You have Indie games , we don’t .

  • Shinji257

    @Stephan1237 I can’t get ESPN where I’m at because my ISP refuses to participate. Anyways I would of liked to try out this game.

  • jwilliamsoh

    I echo the same silly reasoning here.

    A game written with English language for a U.S. based product (XBox360) not being available in the U.S.?

    AND We are talking digital content here so would you not want the entire planet to have access to what you are trying to sell?

  • Casserole

    At last, a demo available for us evil socialist Europeans and not the Americans.

  • Kivlov

    Haha, it’s set where I live. I wonder if it looks just as crap.

  • Wayens

    I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced years back. I thought Jane Jensen’s American, why wouldn’t her game be available here too? o.O

  • chiruno99

    This game is god awful. Tell the US they’re being done a favour.