December 17th 2010 9:32 pm PT

Purchase a Windows Phone 7 and get a Free Xbox 360 Game


The headline says it all. Head over to for the details.



Windows Phone, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • EvilTrovis

    Hmm, in theory it’s a good deal. But the game selection is terrible (I already have Halo Reach, and I don’t want Fable or a Kinect game) and Android > WP7 any day of the week.

  • X Smalesh X

    Why it’s not available in Canada ? :(
    And EvilTrovis maybe YOU think Android is better than WP7. Because I tried Android, Iphone and Blackberry and I prefer my WP7 !

  • kodoo

    It’s pretty lame your only doing this in the US, but the WP7 is pretty useless in Denmark anyway, with no marked, no xboxlive and no Zune.

  • FreeFlyFerret

    Total bull! This is a great reward for those of us who went out and purchased one early on! Where is our free game?

  • A Place for Us

    US only. Sad. What about the UK? What about people who recently purchased one? Like myself?

  • Exu

    I’m waiting for the price to drop before adopting. I want one because it does stuff I would actually USE, but I’m in no rush.

  • chiruno99

    HA HA, no.

  • Van Faulk

    Man, the yanks got hosed. In canada, we get a 360 CONSOLE.

  • ElektroDragon

    I would take advantage of this, but the monthly rates for these phones are WAY too high. I only use my prepaid phone for emergencies. I can understand the $15 or $20 data monthly charges, but the minimum $40 voice plans when I only talk maybe 10 minutes per MONTH make it a deal killer to buy a smartphone! I’d buy a Windows Phone 7 immediately if I could get pre-paid voice or just use pay as go minutes! I’ll do a contract for $15 monthly data, but $40 voice, heck no!

  • Anonymous

    No thank you. Android > Windows 7 Phone. (Verizon > AT&T, T-Mobile, and all of the other carriers in the USA)

  • CrazyCake

    How long will this last @Major Nelson because i have to wait til 2011 for windows phone 7 to come to Verizon?

  • peejam

    hei major, you can give the guys that designed the NGE dashboard a big tap on the back and congratulate them. so far i’ve wasted 2000 POINTS on unwanted games, only because the i hit by mistake “purchase game”. At least PSN is more transparent than Microsoft. Big bonus to the designers! awful interface, and laggy.

  • mccalejk

    X Smalesh X, sadly for MS, you’re in the VAST minority. Even if they were good, people wouldn’t buy them:
    1. They hate/dont trust Microsoft
    2. Androids and iphones are much better and more established.
    3. Their track record for phones is not good.

  • trickybuz93

    As much as I would love this, here in Canada (with Telus) if you buy/renew a contract with a WP7 phone, you get a free 360!!!!

    Take that you americans!!!

  • Wilda

    I’m extremely happy with my Droid and since Verizon has the best coverage in my area I see no reason to get a WP7. WP7 looks nice but I would be extremely leery about buying any Microsoft phone after the Kin. It was on the market for just over two weeks, pulled due to horrid sales, went back on sale a short while ago and now they announce they are shutting the servers down in January which will leave you with a severely crippled phone. Now if Microsoft would release a Zune HD 2 with all the capabilities of a WP7 without the phone I would buy that in an instant assuming they don’t screw up the market place. I hear nothing but bad things from developers about the approval process and turn around for WP7 apps being a nightmare.

  • Clatu6

    When will this be on Verizon?

    Vermont does not have T-Mobile and AT&T has no signal at my house.

    Would love to get one. My Verizon contract is up… I need a new phone and so does my wife. The droid phones we got haven’t really tripped our trigger, but i can’t wait much longer. My phone is dying. I was hoping for WP7 but if the iPhone comes out on Verzion first, you’ve lost a sale.

  • TakedownKG1

    US only!!

  • I DLord I

    I have a phone that makes phone calls. It works great.

  • LeiChat

    Already have my WP7 but would love a copy of Fable III for free please.
    Shame I’m in the UK though, another great deal for the US.
    Amazed at some of the great prices you keep tweeting about.

  • hoopchi

    Love my WP7 but as always, I adopt early and get screwed. How about some love for those that went out and bought on day one? I doubt it would hurt that much to go back and include everyone that has purchased since launch.

  • DarkTear81

    Thx, I prefer my Android phone over those :)

  • Aliasalpha

    Ahh bugger, just got my WP7 in the post too.

    Oh well, the only game I’d get is kinectimals and missing out means the niece & nephew won’t fight over who gets first go

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    I have the EVO, and have a hard time justifying another smart phone purchase this year, and unfortunately as much as I would like to try out the new phone, I have to agree with everyone that my carrier (Sprint) is much better where I am than AT&T!

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    …and I second the Zune HD idea…adding a new version of the Zune with windows 7 and XBL supoort would be an day 1 purchase.

  • Electro Piku

    bought my HD7 day one in the UK, now reward for me. Booo Microsoft! I should be entitled to a free wp7 game at least. and not one of those lame ones either, a premium game like harvest


    Wow, way to f(_)ck your loyal customers. Its no wonder little Billy Gates wonders why everyone refers to his x-company as Micro$haft. Way to go!


    @Exu – Of course you’re waiting for a price drop. You don’t have a choice.

    @ElektroDragon – Your statement might be the saddest thing I’ve ever read. You need to make a friend or give up altogether.

  • xAngelSerranox

    Got the HD7 day one and love it. Big screen + Netflix = pleasant metro north commute. Just wished I waited since T-Mobile has a B1G1 now and the wife is in love with the phone, Plus I h

  • DarkTear81

    I bet, everyone with there suddenly broken comments like xAngelSeranox are using their Win7-Phone *lmao*

    But yeah, it’s sad and true that MS is (again) not responding to their loyal customers. You guys would (and have) bought you Win7 in any case, so MS owns you nothing and is happy to already got your money. NOW they’re trying to get those guys who’re unsure or just Xbox-Fanatics and lure them with a free game.

    IMHO, Android is the better choice over Win7. More customizable, more third party stuff, more Memory, more Homescreens and less ZUNE!

  • Whetzel

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    I actually like being able to do things, like, oh, I don’t know, customize things, multitask and copy and paste.

    I’m sorry Microsoft, WP7 is really fluid and fast, but it’s WAY too locked down for me. I’ll stick with my Android phone. This is coming from a guy who has had several Windows 6.x phones in the past.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t even trade my Android phone for the “all mighty” iPhone. Even if it does make its way to Verizon (which is most likely will). Android is just awesome and it’s only getting better.

    I’m not trying to bash WP7. It’s great at what it does, but that’s just not enough for me.

  • ElektroDragon

    @Venom – You’re a jerk. People like you are the main reason I don’t have a lot of real friends. I should not be disqualified from an affordable smartphone option just because I don’t want to yap with people all day long. These companies need to offer smaller monthly plans, like a $10 voice plan for 100 minutes, for example. However, they are just too greedy to offer us the choice we deserve, and MS is not helping.

  • aseddon130

    It was a day one purchase for me and i didn’t get anything for free? BOO!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, i love my new HTC Mozart but i want free stuff … or better yet, how about games that don’t cost an arm and a leg on WinPho7?

    Keep em all at £2.50 like Crackdown 2 Project Sunburst was, that’s a great price for games. Still more than iPhone games but it’s about as much as i would go up to for these games.

  • Exu

    Carnage Sucks or whatever he’s calling himself now makes me long for the dsys when this blog had trolls who could actually troll.

  • wiirule111

    I was choosing between HTC Desire HD with Android 2.2 and a HTC with WP7. The choice became easy, because Windows LIVE, Market etc.. is NOT available in my country.

    Complete Android Market was available here, so i bought “Desire HD” instead. Besides this, there is several Steam, LIVE and PSN apps for Android anyway. :) The only thing i dont get on Android, is “LIVE Achievements.”
    Sony is making a official PSN app for Android now. My bank refused to make a Windows App, but they made one for Android and I”shit”phone. They said Windows had to low market share.

    MS is too late to open the marketplace, and they dont even have a date for it. :(

    Maybe i buy a HTC WP7 phone in 1-2 years if the marketplace is available then.

    I do use 360 LIVE and Games for Windows Live (PC) thou. I like GFWL Live on PC.

  • DarkTear81

    How bout forking out a Win7-Phone when buying 5 Xbox-Games?
    This way you might push the sales as well :P

  • LittleBlueAlien

    thanks – but I’m happy with my newly purchased HTC Desire HD Android Froyo.

  • BryceS

    I think that we all knew sales were bad, but not so bad that they have to start bribing customers to buy the phone so soon after release.

    I was tempted by a WinPho7 when my contract comes up in a few months, but this sort of desperation marketing from MS makes me want to steer clear. I’m now looking only at Android offerings for my next upgrade.

  • K04 Passat

    Would like to have one, if and when it works on Verizon service. They are the only decent service in my area.


    USA! USA! USA! ;D


    I might have been tempted by this offer if there was more than just 4 games to choose from (especially when I already have half of them and the other half are for an accessory I have no desire to get yet), or if there was actually a WP7 phone on Verizon now. But there’s no way I’m switching to an inferior network or waiting that long for one for Verizon just to get a free game when I already have a great phone like the Droid 2 on Verizon. Sorry Microsoft, but YOU LOSE by not having a phone for the best network in the States from the start!

  • Grumbledock

    Giid idea MS, but as usual you “forget” the rest of the World.
    The EU market is big, really, and Apple has a low foothold you easily could overtake, if you just wanted to. Give us multitasking, cut + paste, live and other functions in all countries and a deal like this, and you’ll have a lot more customers.
    Who ever is head of marketing doesn’t seem to be that good at their job, since you always “forgets” 95% of the world and pissed a lot of people of! :(

    Let’s do it MS style, shall we? ;)
    Merry Christmas everyone who doesn’t live in the US :/

  • dolket i ryggen

    My purchase date, from amazon, is the day before the promotion started. I haven’t even received my phone yet I’m not eligible. It’s strange timing that this promotion came out right after amazon was able to ship all the backorders.

  • SG dannysal

    Would love a Windows Phone 7 but I am locked into my iPhone contract until April 2011. My only option is to buy a phone at the “no commitment price” of $499.99 and that ain’t gonna happen. I wish MS had negotiated a deal with AT&T to bring folks like me on board.

  • ElektroDragon

    I wish MS had negotiated a low cost, low minute count voice plan to bring folks like me on board. You’re not going to get market share from people who already have smartphones, you’re going to get it from those who still don’t have smartphones (about 75% of the potential market, according to estimates), and you’re going to expand that market by offering more affordable voice plans for people who just don’t talk very much but still want the convenience of go anywhere web access and apps.

  • QuiCkz AleX

    Why it’s not available in ITALY?