December 21st 2010 3:47 pm PT

Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money


Fallout: New VegasContent: Fallout: New Vegas – Dead Money

Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your region

Dash Text: Welcome to the Sierra Madre Casino! The casino’s mythical contents are lusted after by desperate wasteland scavengers, who tell stories of intact treasure of the old world buried deep within its vault. Lured here by a mysterious radio signal advertising the long-awaited grand opening of the casino, you are thrown into a high stakes game where you’ll have to work with three other lost souls if you want to survive.


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Game Add-on By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    This is why I wait for the GOTY Edition of probably all Bethesda developed/published RPGs.


  • chiruno99

    I follow suit of you, it’s the best idea.

  • dead vp

    I’m gonna get it because it is out. Then play it. Talk to you in a year.

  • Sausage Villan

    psssh yeah screw waiting for the GOTY edition i wanna play it TODAY !!! ha ha ha enjoy your wait just to save a few bucks suckers

  • Dahermitt

    This comes up for FREE, not 800mp!!!! Nice!

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    Hope you enjoy your 194.8 MB “expansion” haha…after all this not even developed by Bethesda. I bet than in less than 24 hours ealry adopters of the DLC will find a million bugs, which will require a patch that will take at least 2 weeks to come out…

    If all that is worth $10 for you….then go ahead!

  • RavenousLou

    Yup, this is coming up as free in the US, and apparently 800 pts in other locations. Get it!

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    Well if it’s FREE then is worth it.

    In dashboard it’s still priced at 800MSP.

  • Sausage Villan

    the size is off from the actual expansion … though not by much on the xbox it says the expansion is 248.65 mb …. and darth’s got a point the expansions were buggy as hell for the last one and that was developed by people who made the game nearly bug free … i am kinda hesitant to download the expansion from the developers who made the core game buggy as can be … and don’t try to get it for free doesn’t work already tried it

  • Sausage Villan

    correction they already updated the site to reflect the actual moon points it takes to get this but the size is still off on the site

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    All in all, I hope people who buy this enjoy it…

  • Sausage Villan

    any one actually play it yet? i am curious to see if it’s buggy i am going to bit the bullet today just debating if i am going to use my credit card or go through the hassle of getting dressed getting in the car and going to game stop to use my gift card to get a 1600 moon points card … 10 bucks seems enough for me not to want the hassle … decisions decisions

  • Anonymous

    @Sausage Villan
    It actually was free for a little while this morning. You must have just missed it.

  • Sausage Villan

    yeah i did, it was free when i looked but showed an error when i tried to put it on the queue then after a few attempts it changed and came up as the actual price … i’m getting it just wating for the wife to come back from x-mas shopping with my moon points card

  • I DLord I

    No thanks, I will wait for a GOTY edition. Too many games to play in the meantime anyway…

  • tylerh1701

    moon points. haha

  • trickybuz93

    This was available for free a couple hours ago lol

  • TigerKneeCrush

    Not available for PC?

  • sepulturas666

    Got it early when was free. At that price i cannot complain, even if it’s a crappy dlc. lol :D

  • Viral Cyrix

    Hello Major Im Hoping You Can Help.When I downloaded this DLC today I was not charged for it. I still have the points on my account and would happily allow them to be removed at a later date just I do not wish for my account to be compromised because of a mistake at the marketplace end.
    I have contacted support and they show no record or the transaction. But from my purchase history it is definatly there and shows up on my harddrive. I hope this can be resolved shortly as i dont want to play it yet and be accused of marketplace theft

  • WaxArtist

    I bought this today and played for a few hours before work. I didnt come across any game breaking bugs as such but a few graphic wise.
    I bought New Vegas on release day and all in all i have had my moneys worth. Sure it was glitchy and alot of people have had terrible problems with it, both pre and post patch. Luckily not me.

    So all I’ll add is so far this is an enjoyable DLC and i would recommend you pick it up.

  • ufcmike1

    I enjoyed this DLC, and look forward to the next DLCs to come. I don’t understand what was wrong with this DLC, as it was fun and wasn’t short at all.


    Once again a piece of DLC only to be played once for 2-3 hours top and charged 800msp along with 140G in rewards, odd number for that price, why not 250? Perhaps because they plan to milk it to the top 1750G with multiple DLC’s, nonetheless my last purchased DLC for this game as it offers no replay value nor does it add anything to the actual game.