December 22nd 2010 8:02 am PT

Countdown to 2011: Deal Day 10


Here is the Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2011 deal for Wednesday, December 22:


Lara Croft: GoL

Save 50% on Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light.
Normally 1200 points, today Xbox LIVE members can grab it for 600 points.









Also, the Pet Monkey for your Avatar is 120 points (normally 240.)








Plus, the movie 13 Going on 30 is 50% off and available for 400 points


Head to to find out more about the Countdown to 2011 promotion and follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on all the deals (and more.)


Tomorrow’s deal: You may need a Grimoire to finish this game


Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • weakwill

    nice game nice price.but i buy the game in summer special.tell me what comes tommorow ;-)

  • sashametcalfe

    Cool, been toying with getting this, at 600 points how could I refuse?

  • tylerh1701

    @weakwill – If I remember correctly, it’s the Castlevania game that also came out over the summer

  • CraniumRat

    queued! thanks!

  • ck2875

    Posted this yesterday, but I don’t know how many people saw the comment. They accidentally leaked the info on the deals through the Download to Win contest info on the Dashboard yesterday. Here’s the (probably) Complete List of “Countdown to 2011″ Daily Discounts.
    (Note I found this by going to the Dashboard > Countdown to 2011 > Other Holiday Deals > Enter to Win > Go over 3 Panels to “Eligible Content” … This has since been removed).

    **Arcade Games:
    -Lara Croft: GoL
    -Castlevania Harmony of Dispair
    -Perfect Dark
    -Monday Night Combat
    -Sonic the Hedgehog
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 4
    -Sonic Adventure
    -Sonic and Knuckles
    -Halo Noble Map Pack
    -Fable III Understone Quest Pack
    -RDR: Liars & Cheats, Legends & Killers, Undead Nightmare
    -Alan Wake: The Signal and The Writer
    -Dance Central: I Gotta Feeling
    -Mass Effect: Lair of the Shadow Broker
    -Mass Effect 2: Overlord; Kasumi
    -2011 Glasses
    -Pet Monkey
    -Rock Band Keyboard Prop
    -Alan Wake Raincoat
    -Kinect Sports Giant Foam Finger (Red)
    -Modern Warfare 2 UAV Prop
    -Fantasy Pets Minotaur
    -Cool Jobs Policeman Outfit
    -Plants vs. Zombies Mask
    -Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Car
    -Yoda Green Lightsaber
    -Free Premium Theme
    -Layer Cake
    -13 Going on 30
    -The Spy Next Door
    -Wall Street
    -Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
    -I am Legend
    -The Notebook

  • ck2875

    As a side note, you can also see the same list by going to Larry’s “Head to” link above… the scrolling down and clicking on “Official Rules” to the contest.

  • sepulturas666

    Bought it! Great deal. :)

  • SkyyPlum

    This deal still not showing up here in NY nor are the new arcade games. Its just about 4 am.

  • Captain Bluey


    the pet monkey props comes up as 160 points on the dashboard (not 120 points as per your annoucement).

  • Stephan1237

    Why can’t I find the daily deals on the Xbox 360 dashboard? I only found the weekly deals

  • Gonin

    Great deal for a great game. Me and the missus played through it and were ready to tear each other’s heads off due to the competitive co-op aspect. A bit like building a bed!



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  • Viral Cyrix

    I thought World Of Keflings Came Out Today

  • r3dreck

    400 yes, 600 pass.

  • Mcmax3000

    If that is the list, I don’t think I’ll be picking up much in this sale. I pretty much have anything in that list that I want. Might pick up the Fable III DLC & possibly the Dance Central song but that’s about it.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Don’t insult my money!

  • rogXue


  • chiruno99

    Alice Margatroid has a grimoire, does this mean Perfect Cherry Blossom will be 400msp instead of not being on the console in the first place.

  • I DLord I


  • CrazyCake

    dang, lol i wish this was through the 31st haha.

  • sleepydumbdude

    That Kain and raziel for tomb raider pack is showing up as free and it was 400 points yesterday.

  • ElektroDragon

    And here I was hoping the Grimoire clue meant they were surprising us with Grim Grimoire for XBLA!

  • Wiizpig

    @sleepydumbdude: The Kane & Lynch pack is free.
    The Kain & Raziel one still shows up for 400 MSP for me.

  • sleepydumbdude

    sorry my mistake you are correct

  • Aynodok

    Major, note that in the Spanish dashboard the daily deals aren’t showing. I suppose you know who has to fix it.

  • Exu

    Yeah it’s a good game, one of the biggest cases of dropping the ball EVER regarding the patching and DLC, but a good game nonetheless.

    Hmm… maybe the Azure Grimoire? Dunno what BlazBlue deal could be done though, the content’s already on sale.

  • Black Fist

    I´ll get Tomb Raider, as i missed it yesterday on Steam (it was cheaper, but not that much more).
    I´ll be waiting for Limbo and the Mass Effect 2 DLCs

  • tylerh1701

    Below is a link to Joystiq’s site where they pretty much solve the daily deals hints on the xbox dashboard. It pretty much matches up with the list posted by ck, except it has hydro thunder hurricane and no mention of sonic.

  • KRiSX85

    @r3dreck… biggest tightarse of the year award goes to….. YOU! congrats!

    its 600 points… you’d be an idiot not to get it… plus the dif between 400 and 600 is sweet FA… do it!

  • ScarySaint

    im getting castlevania harmony of despair

  • ScarySaint

    im getting castlevania harmony of despair

  • ufcmike1

    I’m very happy about this deal. I finally got around into picking this up, and so far, I’m really enjoying the hell out of it. 50% off is a no brainier, especially for this game.

  • SumHydroponic

    Picked it up last night and played for about an hour. Great pickup for 600msp. What is everyone’s opinion on Castlevania? Thinking of picking it up tomorrow.

  • xTheRulerx

    I went to download and try Lara Croft when I saw the 2 GB download. Yeah, I’m still one of those guys with an original 20 gb hdd.

  • I DLord I


    Only worth it if you have at the very least one friend who has it and is willing to play. Symphony of the Night is far better to go solo with.

    Hoping Limbo will also be 1/2 off, and not 1/3 off. 600 for that game would make me feel like a thief. The luckiest thief ever.