December 24th 2010 7:56 am PT

Countdown to 2011: Deal Day 8


Here is the Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2011 deal for Friday, December 24


Alan Wake
Save 64% on The Writer or The Signal game add-on for Alan Wake.

Normally 560 points each, today Xbox LIVE members can grab each one for 200 points.







Rain Coat and Pants



Complete your Alan Wake experience with the Rain Coat and Pants now on-sale for 120 points (save 63%)





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Tomorrow’s deal: I Gotta Feeling you’ll like this one


Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Wiizpig

    Buy this, folks. Great game. Great DLC.

  • Haggard Demon

    Awesome. I had been waiting for ‘The Signal’ to get a price reduction after playing through ‘The Writer’ using the free code. I liked Alan Wake a lot, even though it was pretty repetitive. It’s got a great story though, and that’s what kept me going back.

    Recommended to people that like a good story with great graphics and a tense atmosphere.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    That raincoat outfit only makes me wish there was a Paddington Bear game. That would make for a terrific avatar. ;)

  • Wyat Earp

    I’m sure these are good deals for those with the game Major but perhaps it would’ve been good business sense to also reduce the price of Alan Wake on Games On Demand (to make it an impulse purchase). That tactic worked well for Trials HD recently & snared me into buying.

  • ElektroDragon

    Sadly the raincoat and pants are not compatible with glasses. It can’t be that hard to program that, can it?!

  • CheekyLeeth

    @Wyat Earp : You are implying there that MS has any kind of business sense at all. Their model is purely based on charging as much as they can get away with, without any thought to the potential inherent in volume via digital distribution. Recent charts on this very blog have shown that sale items always shift more units than non-sale items, which is as big a clue as you can get that more people will buy if the rpice goes down, yet MS simply refuse to pay any attention to the logic that is literally slapping them across the face.

    Alan Wake looks, to me, like a rental. Which means that my money will go to Boomerang, or Blockbuster, rather than into the pockets of MS. Now, if I were able to buy it at close to what I consider its value, then that is a different story. If I see it pre-owned, or on sale in Games on Demand, at a cheap enough price then I’ll most likely take the plunge. And I am certain I am not alone in this. Why do you think Steam has so many sales on all the time? Could it be because .. they WORK?

    No doubt the 20 or so people who still have ALan Wake and didn’t buy the DLC will adore this Deal of the Day, but it would surely be a better plan to get more people to buy the game in the first place, thus increasing the potential audience for sales of the DLC at full-price later on? Let me put it this way; I bought Lara Croft at 600, and now I am suddenly able to buy the challenge packs and character skins for the game at 400 each. When the barrier to entry was higher, I stumbled, and would never have considered buying the challenge packs. Now? I have more pay this week than I expected, so those challenge packs suddenly look mighty tempting… Whereas I am still a closed market to these packages.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @CheekyLeeth: Glad to see the UK won’t be without a grinch this year. Keep up the fine work.

  • Wiizpig

    “Lolz you should put the actual game on deal and scam everyone with the DLC”

    What fine reasoning.
    It’s what was wrong with yesterday’s deal, Castlevania: 600 points for the game is awesome, but the DLC was still 400 points + 240 points + 240 points + 240 points… they should simply put on deal everything related to the game, when possible.

    And this deal (Alan Wake’s) is awesome, 200+200 for some of the best DLC ever.

  • HobbinGuy

    I have a dumb question. I know I’m getting Alan Wake for Christmas (new). Which DLC do I get free and which one is NOT free? I’d like to take advantage of this deal, but I don’t want to buy DLC I know I will get for free.

  • sk00ks

    @HobbinGuy The Signal is the DLC that comes with the game.

  • HobbinGuy

    @sk00ks Thanks.

  • ideal rep

    Just picked up both of these.Thanks MN.Emjoy the Holidays Everyone,Happy Gaming

  • Mcmax3000

    I imagine that the reason we never see Games on Demand on sale is because they don’t want to anger the retailers but undercutting their prices. Same reason we don’t see Games on Demand until months after the game has been in stores. The majority of their sales still come from stores so they don’t want to piss off the stores.

  • r3dreck

    Alan Wake wasn’t that good for me to bother getting another DLC.

  • Cyrax PT

    This reminds me that i still have to play the DLC’s since i got both… Anyway, “Tomorrow’s deal: I Gotta Feeling you’ll like this one” -> Some crap dlc for a music game on Christmas day? :\

    I’ll wait for Limbo & Sonic 4 Episode 1 & Sonic Adventure…

  • metallicorphan

    just got the second DLC thx Major…..looking forward to next weeks Mass Effect 2 DLC offers

  • Blue Thunder28

    Damn, I bought The Writer back when The Signal was discounted since there’s no way I’m playing one and not the other. Ah well it was still well worth it.

  • Raptor2401

    I’m waiting for LIMBO

  • chiruno99

    Got The Writer this morning. I’ll play through it when I get the chance.

  • sleepydumbdude

    Going to purchase the writer. I ended up selling the game shortly after I beat it. I think I’ll end up picking it up again because I still got the signal for free and hadn’t played that yet either.

  • DeviousBroccoli

    With all the people likely to pick up Alan Wake for $20 on Boxing Day in Canada, it would have made more sense to hold off on this deal a few days. I’m assuming and hoping they didn’t pull an Activision and yank the free code for “The Signal” that comes with new copies of the game. But for “The Writer”, it’d still be nice to know that I actually like the game before paying the money for an expansion, no matter how little 200MSP may be.

  • trickybuz93

    People should buy this now!
    Great game and the DLC adds a great amount of story and interesting twists on gameplay.

    BTW, people in Canada, Futureshop/Bestbuy/Walmart/EB Games all have Alan Wake listed for $19.99 on Boxing Day so this would be a great so to get ahead and buy the DLC for a great game!

  • DeviousBroccoli

    Unless you’re hoping people see the Boxing Day flyers/deals, figure they’ll buy the game, and go ahead and buy both expansions without even having played the game, or knowing one of them (again, assuming) comes free with the game.

  • BEASTofPREY 21

    Just bought The Writer. Great deal. Thanks Major!

  • Adaptor

    This is a great deal! I don’t own the game and even I am thinking of buying this, just in case :p

    Merry Christmas to Major, the Xbox team and all my fellow gamers!

    @CheekyLeeth: No offense, but the average 360 owner probably just has more money to spend. When Trials HD was on sale a while back it was an insta-buy for me. I loved the game but 1200 MSP was a bit steep for me. MS could’ve sold the game for 400 MSP from the start to accomodate gamers like me but smart marketing people (with business sense!) probably calculated that 1200 MSP was the sweet spot. If lots of people think prices are too high they will come down automatically. In the meantime we’ll just have to cough it up if we like it enough :)

  • I DLord I

    Post Topic: Did not play Alan Wake, it is on the list.

    Discussion Topic: I somewhat agree with people saying the men(and women) behind these deals could be doing a better job, but practically my only concern with your digital distribution model is that old xbla games and dlc pretty much never see a permanent price reduction. I mean, my goodness, CoD2 map packs are still 400 points. As new stuff comes out, old stuff gets cheaper. When the Dyson 400 comes out, the Dyson 300 gets its price reduced. I don’t have to be a marketing genius or master businessman to know this. There is no valid reason for the static pricing, which naturally leads me to conclude the only reason is greed or apathy.

  • NaturlBrnKlr

    @CheekyLeeth – you can make the argument about any product tangible or not.

    For example if designer jeans normally for $100 were 50% off, I am sure they would sell more than usual. If the perception is a deal is being had more likely someone is to impulse buy.

    ANY large for profit company is in fact in business for the fact to make as much money as possible, that is capitalism get used to it.

    Also why bother comparing Steam and XBOX Live, while similar services they are not the same. I may be incorrect but I do not believe Steam offers cross game chat, matchmaking services, video chat etc. Thusly the Live service has alot more overhead to try to make up for, not to mention nobody has any idea what the cut is for Steam vs XBL.

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas to Everyone, Except Bill gates. im sorry. Windows just doesn’t work for me

  • nzkiwiwhiteboy

    Just finished the writer.Loved it!