December 25th 2010 8:00 am PT

Countdown to 2011: Deal Day 7


Here is the Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2011 deal for Saturday, December 25:

Dance Central
Save 67% on the I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas game add-on for Dance Central
Normally 240 points, today Xbox LIVE members can get their groove on for 80 points.






Giant Foam Finger



There is no better way to proclaim your awesomeness than with a giant foam finger. Save 50% when you equip your avatar with this for 80 points.




Plus, the movie Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist is available for 400 points (save 50%)


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Tomorrow’s deal: You’ll save on this Rare classic


Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • I DLord I

    I was hoping for something else, but merry Christmas to all! Even the scrooges.

  • weakwill

    nice. doubled summer of arcade games and now kinect add on.pls look on steam major.evry day up to 10 games – 75%.evry day.come on major more games.

  • Kotsuumo

    Was expecting something that id just have to buy. But gotta say I’ll pass. Probably hoping that a lot of people will get the kinect and few games under the tree, and snatch the cheap add-on.

  • Shonk

    I didnt know Scrooge setup the deal for Christmas Day

    I was expecting about 10 offers today and good ones at that

  • chiruno99

    Oh god, if I know tomorrows is…OH GAWD Instant-buy.

  • Djshep

    Can’t stand black eyed peas or dance games haha. Hopefully tomorrows deal will be a bit more universal.

  • Velete

    epic fail christmas present for an epic fail game, gotta love the whole ‘ here you can buy something we stripped out of the game at the last minute ‘

  • Exu

    Well my bro’s just gotten Kinect and Dance Central, so this is great for him until he gets bored of it by, say, tomorrow. lol jk

  • UNSCleric

    ….This is horrendous.

  • DarkTear81

    Kinect Crap from Microsoft against 12 Games + Many companies with bargains on Steam… Hard choice…

  • Mcmax3000

    Dear Internet: Not every sale is going to be something you want. There are still 10 other XBLA games on sale, deal of the week items and six more days of the promotion to go.

    Some people that are Dance Central fans (such as myself) may appreciate this and want to download it. I personally just queued it up on and look forward to playing it later.

  • lightsup55

    I’m assuming that the “Rare classic” has to be an already released game and more likely an Xbox LIVE Arcade title at that. My best guess is either Banjo-Kazooie (Tooie already on sale for the whole week) or more likely Perfect Dark.

  • MayorDooley

    I’m just lucky and thankful I also have a PC and Steam for my gaming deal fixes. I spend far more money on Steam than I do xbla. If only MS would wise up a little and stop throwing us table scraps I’m sure my money would end up in their pockets rather than Valves!

  • Cyrax PT

    @ lightsup55 I bet it’s both! ;)

    @Mcmax3000 And yet, for Christmas day, they just could have give a promotion that ALL can beneficiate from it (arcade game for example), instead of a simple song dlc for a game that requires Kinect…
    They (“the internet”) have the right to complain, Steam is free and yet they have better promotions than XBL, Microsoft still have a long way to know how to please their customers, but hey, they still have a big profit without doing it, so…

    Oh well, it’s Christmas and i’m not in the mood for flame wars. Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  • Mcmax3000

    @Cyrax PT I don’t really think they do have the right to complain. Think about what people are complaining about… They’re complaining that Microsoft isn’t discounting enough. They don’t have to discount anything. Sales aren’t a requirement for a company. Microsoft could turn around tomorrow and decide they’re never going to put anything else on sale ever again on XBL and they would be well within their right to do so.

    As for this idea that they should pick something that everyone can benefit from, last I checked, there are nine Arcade games on sale right now, plus we had two days where additional XBLA games were on sale and it seems that another one will be on sale tomorrow so people who want XBLA games are more then covered.

    My point is that people need to start realizing that not every sale is going to be for them. For example, the first day of the sale was the Red Dead Redemption DLC. I personally had no interest in any of that as I don’t have the game, nor do I really care if I ever play it. That doesn’t mean that Microsoft was wrong to have that sale, it just isn’t for me. This sale however, is for me and I bought it.


    @Mcmax3000 Why dont you stop s(_)cking M$’s a$$es already?

  • tylerh1701

    TOmorrow is Perfect Dark, dont think banjo-kazooie will be in there. Ya this is a cruddy deal, but o well they’ve still had a pretty good sale overall, really nice getting these Summer of Arcade games half off.

  • trickybuz93

    Dear people: Not every deal is gonna be something you want. Get freaking over it!

  • A Place for Us

    Come on. More exciting deals please! Maybe more discounted arcade titles, maybe even a free movie like last year?

  • I DLord I

    We have the right to complain as much as M$ has the right to put out crappy deals on Christmas day.

  • Mcmax3000

    @CAPP3SIXTY This really has nothing to do with Microsoft… This is about people whining because a sale, something a company (any company) doesn’t have to do, isn’t on an item they want.

    A lot of people are calling for discounted XBLA games… Maybe not everybody wants that. Microsoft is going to try to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. That means that sometimes, the sales aren’t going to be what you particularly want. Just deal with it and wait for the next sale.

    Do you go into Best Buy and whine and complain when they have a sale and the thing you want isn’t included?

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @Mcmax3000: while your logic is refreshing, and sadly lost on many of the internet people that come here to take a cheap swing at the Major… your analogy to Best Buy is a bit lacking, because as consumers we have a choice to shop around different competing retail stores to find the best price on the exact same product. XBL is the only place I can buy XBL games, and I must pay the prices they set ( does not offer their download store and its discounts to Canada).
    This competition is not the same across platforms, because they are not selling identical products. A Steam copy of Fallout New Vegas will run poorly on my computer and will give me Steam achievements instead of Gamerscore. That makes it less valuable to me for the 100+ hours I would spend playing it, so I don’t really care if it’s discounted on PC since my time is worth more than the savings.
    Four years ago, the idea of having discounts on XBL DLC was crazy talk around here. I think the Xbox team and the various publishers is doing a fine job putting things on sale MUCH more often. But it’s because we as consumers have demanded it, and there are now over 25 million wallets for Microsoft to appease, compared to just 2 million back then.
    (And Merry Christmas folks. ;)

  • Ai Kago

    All I can say is STEAM!

  • DarkTear81

    McMax3000…. You made my day! Lemme quote you real quick…

    “Microsoft is going to try to appeal to as broad an audience as possible.”

    Seems they’re not trying hard, cause for today the “broad audience are ppl who
    a) Have a Gold Membership
    b) Own Kinect
    c) Own Dance Central

    Doesn’t sound that broad imho.

    Sure, they don’t have to give us ANY discount EVER. That will have a good reputation in for them as well. Some of the items on “sale” by M$ aren’t even from MS (like Super Meat Boy or The Undergarden).

    Until now, there were many deals that were just “Addons”, not even the game themselves. There’s a Borderlands-Addon on sale… but where’s my Game on Demand-Borderlands? It’s 50% (!!!) on Steam. There was an Alan Wake Addon… but where’s the discounted game?

    And we should also not forget, as mentioned above, that we already PAY FOR THE GOLDMEMBERSHIP to get those discounted “deals”… for 11 whole days. Dang I get deals and FREE games when going for Playstation-Plus if I want to.

    So please stop acting as M$ is doing something good. They’re not even trying. 11 days of deals for the money, we already pay them for Gold agains Steam with 12 DEALS PER DAY for 14 days + discounted Megapacks where you might save (for example) 126€.

    THAT’s a deal. This here is just… bullshit.

  • Mcmax3000

    @DarkTear81 First of all, your gold membership comments are meaningless here because the Countdown to 2011 sale isn’t exclusive to Gold members. It’s available for everyone. This is separate from Deal of the Week. Besides, 99% of people pay for Gold to play online. Deal of the Week is an added bonus.

    You took my “broadest audience possible” line a little out of context. I was referring to the entire promotion, not today’s sale. I was saying that to people that were saying that there should’ve been an XBLA game on sale today & saying that to appeal to the broadest audience possible, some days will include DLC like this instead of XBLA games. If you’re talking about today’s sale specifically, yes, it is a very narrow audience.

    I already addressed my theory about the lack of Games on Demand sales yesterday in the Alan Wake post: – If I’m correct, you’re never going to see console manufacturers discounting online purchases like Steam does. It’s in Valve’s best interest to get people out of buying games in stores and into buying on Steam. It’s not in Microsoft’s or Sony’s or Nintendo’s best interest because if they get people out of stores, stores stop selling their merchandise and therefore stop selling the consoles that they need people to be able to buy to connect to the internet to get online content.

    Again, this has nothing to do with me praising Microsoft. This is me being against the whole “we deserve everything for nothing” mentality & the whole “every single sale should appeal to me specifically” attitude in these comments. Everybody loves getting things cheap. I understand that. I do too, hence why I purchased this song today while it’s on sale but contrary to popular belief, it’s not a god given right to get everything for nothing no matter what Valve decides to do with their service.

  • I DLord I

    Doesn’t change the fact that a lot of the “deals” are garbage. They just are. I don’t want everything for free and for it all to appeal to me specifically, I just want them… to not suck.

  • chiruno99

    Mcmax3000 is a truth talker to be fair.

  • stststststq

    “My point is that people need to start realizing that not every sale is going to be for them.” – You’re absolutely right, but the people on here are largely spoiled brats with entitlement issues who come here to whine even on Christmas day! LOL. Can’t get much sadder than that. Never mind “goodwill to all men”, it’s “I must log on and whine about a deal on a video game that saves me a couple of dollars”. Hahaha.

  • Cyrax PT

    And yet, the “spoiled brats” are those who their parents give them everything so that they don’t need to whine for promotions or discounts… But they enjoy making fun of the “poor people that begs for better deals”… uhm…
    And maybe it’s just me guessing, but Microsoft doesn’t need knights in shining armours to defend them…

  • DarkTear81

    I guess noone on here wants something for nothing, but have a different opinion what a deal really is.

    In my opinion the deals so far (except the arcade games, I can actually play instantly) are deals I have to buy something extra. Want the deal for Alan Wake? Buy the game first. Want to use that Dance Central Song? Buy Kinect and Dance Central First.

    Castlevania HD was ok @ 600 even though the normal 1200 MPS-Pricetag is WAY to high for the game. All the avatar props are overpriced in my eyes. You can’t even interact with them in any way. So the “deal” feels like the price it actually should be.

    Plus you have to see, that there’s not only M$. Compared to all the other deals out there right now, taking Steam or all the Publishers that discounted their full games the M$-Deals are the worst.