December 30th 2010 7:59 am PT

Countdown to 2011: Deal Day 2


Here is the Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2011 deal for Thursday, December 30


All Sonic Arcade titles are on sale today:


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Normally: 1200 Discounted Price: 800 Savings: 33%

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Normally: 400 Discounted Price: 200 Savings: 50%

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Normally: 400 Discounted Price: 200 Savings: 50%

Sonic the Hedgehog Normally: 400 Discounted Price: 200 Savings: 50%

Sonic Adventure Normally: 800 Discounted Price: 400 Savings: 50%

Sonic & Knuckles Normally: 240 Discounted Price: 120 Savings: 50%



Sonic Car Prop



The Sonic car prop is 120 points today (save 50%)






The Notebook is on-sale for 380 points


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Tomorrow’s deal: It’s dark. Very dark.


Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Korahn 27

    It’s dark. Very dark. Perfect Dark?

  • xxxHolic Waltz

    I’m sure “It’s dark. Very dark” and on the clue on the dashboard being “Find her. Will you wake up on the edge?” refers to Limbo.

    Anyway, sweet Sonic deals. Although I wouldn’t put it past Sega to re-release them in another Genesis collection and Adventure in the upcoming Dreamcast collection, so I’ll save my points for now.

  • Destromas

    Uhh, @guy above me. Sonic 4 is going to be released episodically. I don’t know enough to say how many episodes, but I’m guessing more than 2 and less than 6. It took them forever to put this past one out, and I know nothing of a second one’s timeframe. I heard of a Dreamcast collection though…

  • Korahn 27

    @xxxHolic Waltz – didn’t see the dashboard clue. You’re probably right.

  • chiruno99

    And that’s me for all the genesis Sonic’s to the library (The best ones). Especially Sonic and Knuckles at that ludicrous price, and to lock it onto Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 is indeed awesome. As for Sonic Adventure I got that on release day since it’s a dreamcast classic ofc. I’ll get the collection anyway since I’ll save on the pounds insted of converting my money to msp. Too bad nothing in the world could entice me to buy Sonic 4, hell the avatar awards put me waaaaay off it along with it being god awful.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    He’s the fastest thing alive. No jive.

  • Lavindathar

    Worth getting Sonic 4 or Sonic Adventures? Already have the rest.

  • Exu

    For 80 points less than Sonic 4, you can download four Sonic games that are better than Sonic 4! :D

  • Exu

    Oh, Sonic Adventure’s not bad. It’s not the best port, but not the worst. You do need to download the DX add-on to get all the features though, which they haven’t discounted. PSN has…
    Sonic 4 is also like £1.50 cheaper on PSN right now. The deals here on Sonic 4 and Sonic Adventure aren’t too good tbh, it’s the Megadrive deals that are killer.


    Picked them all up except for Adventures.

  • KRiSX85

    so tempted to get adventure… but i’d rather grab the dreamcast collection… assuming its coming… and assuming it has the DX content

  • Bellsten

    @ Korahn 27
    Perfct Dark was the deal for day 6

  • bullka LT

    Why Lara, MNC, Thunder were sold at 600MSP and Sonic 4 ep 1 at 800MSP. That is something very strange here… Is really Sonic better than others?

  • chintu

    i got sonic 4 last week at 1200

  • bullka LT

    Never buy XBLA games at full price. That’s a golden rule every self respected XB community member should follow :)

  • rogXue

    what about the DX add on for Sonic Adventure? I own the rest…

  • Wiizpig

    Not bad, but 50% off Sonic 4 (600 points) would’ve been better, and it’s probably (not sure) the same price it currently has on the Ps3.

    800 is more expensive but still, it’s good.
    1200, THAT was too much, please don’t do it again for Episode 2.

  • Exu

    @bullka Probably because Comic Jumper and SMB are at 800… or because they know people will pay it.

  • Romaen

    Tomorrow’s basically has to be Limbo. The clue fits and it’s the only Summer of Arcade title that hasn’t been on sale yet.

  • The Real Napsta

    Has the Noble Map Pack for Halo Reach gone on sale yet?

  • AngelusInsomnus

    After Burner Climax seems to be half off today, too, but there’s no mention of it here.

  • Exu

    After Burner Climax is on the week-long offers.

  • Wiizpig

    @The Real Napsta: No.

  • I DLord I


  • D3NNIS60

    “It’s dark. Very dark.” = Alan Wake?

  • MeS FEAR

    “It’s dark. Very dark.” = could be LIMBO but i am not sure :) Alan Wake`s DLC got a discount already.

    Sonic is great…but Sonic 4 for 800 MSP??? C’mon Microsoft this isn’t a big deal

  • Monoxide Child

    Hoping it’s the Alan Wake, Games on Demand, I’ve been holding off on buying it to see if it would go on sale.

  • tylerh1701 has Limbo right now for 800 points. If that’s the actual sale price, it’s not quite as good as deal as we’ve seen on castlevania, mnc, and hydro.

  • IIII Bobby IIII

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX is not avaliable in Mexico, PSN have it for all countries when are we going to get PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX in Mexico when, we need it please