December 31st 2010 8:01 am PT

Countdown to 2011: Deal Day 1


Here is the last Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2011 deal;





Xbox LIVE Members can save 33% on Limbo. It is 800 points today only.






Yoda Green Lightsaber



Own Yoda’s green light saber for 200 points today (save 50%)







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Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • KEV2O9

    I never did pick Limbo up. Maybe its time…

  • L0rN

    600 deal 800 no deal. Not because the game isn`t worth it, I just expected more for the final of the dealdays.

  • dirty whirlwind

    I’d say last years countdown were better. This feels more like a random deal of the week pick and not really bargain prices. I guess the thanksgiving sale with some crazy steals spoiled me.

  • UKresistance

    That’s it?

  • AutomaticOcelot

    @L0rN: There are so many important things to take a stand on, in the world, and you pick two dollars and fifty cents. I bet your grandchildren will be proud.

  • Ai Kago

    Over hyped game, worth about 400 points.

  • chiruno99

    Peh, they don’t know a good game if it hit them in the face.

  • I kauan I

    I was expecting at least a 50% discount for this title like the previous deals, for 33% I’ll pass.

  • Exu

    I thought Limbo sucked. At 600 I’d have said “yeah, go get it if you want” but no. 800 isn’t good enough for what is essentially an average two-hour platformer with very little replayability. Leave it.
    Nice to see the deals going out with a whimper, rather than a bang.

  • weakwill

    one game.
    microsoft you are the best.
    now i see ms dont have $$ in they eyes.
    no they boring us.thats the taktik.
    major bys shares from steam.
    great idea major.

    have nice year for all and a good slip in the new year 2011

  • guile3mrd

    this is the last day deal! …. i was hoping to get it for 400, it should be at least 50% discount.

  • kodoo

    Damn, its crazy how ppl whine about its 800 and not 600 MS point, if it was priced at 600 MS points, ppl would whine about its not 400 MS points.

    It’s well wroth the 800 MS points, really cool game, a steal at 800 MSP.

  • oAssassin Xo

    The 12 days of christmas was a great idea except for the fact all the deals sucked! “Heres a random avatar item that no one wants for only 80mp!!”….”Heres a game that 90% of people own for only 600mp.”
    Really? How about a deal on a new game that came out like Microbot. Better yet lets change the way Live works so you can earn up to 25% off every few months just by gaining gamer score or something. Surley there has to be a way to make some cool system out like that. Especially since that what most every other company does. Look at Popcap games. I’ve bought EVERY one of their games and my reward? 50% all games now and in the future! You get rewarded for being with them.
    Unlike MS where your reward is price cuts on games everyone owns or no one wants. Heck look at the “Games On Demand” Just Cause 2 is $40……on Ebay its $10….$15 new!

  • krisxx

    Hey Major, please tell MS to do NO MORE DEALS of the week or anything like that next year so ppl really have something to complain about! I can’t believe how ppl cry over this stuff!

  • I J Flo I

    I do think gamerscore should be implemented in some way other than bragging rights. Where the deals for achievement whor3s??

  • Adaptor

    I was expecting a bigger bang to end this promotion and the year. This is still not insta-buy material at that price for me. Still, picked up some cool stuff the last couple of days, so no complaints here.

    Happy new year everyone!

  • Destromas

    So is there something substantial at the end of this countdown other than another day and a different digit at the end of my calendar?

  • krisxx

    @I JFLO – I agree. Maybe MS points for hitting certain marks like 10K, 20K, etc? access to special betas? Any type of reward system would benefit us and MS, since ppl would play a lot more to boost their score and buy more games.

  • I J Flo I

    I also agree krisxx.
    oh and Limbo is pretty kool. but regular price 1200?.. thats more than Dead rising:Case west (amazing game which is 800) hmm… Money isnt my issue. its just principle. O_o Happy new years major!

  • CthulhuBRA1978

    Hey, wasn’t that supposed to be 600MSP? I distinctly remeber it being announced for 600MSP… Much as I want to play this game, 800MSP is too much. I’m going to wait until there is a really fair deal. Guess I’ll have to buy another game on Steam instead.

  • r3dreck

    hm, pass, 800…

  • Mcmax3000

    @CthulhuBRA1978 – I don’t think it was announced for anything… Heck the sale wasn’t even technically announced ahead of time (other then some pretty obvious clues). People just expected it to be 600MSP because that’s what the other Summer of Arcade games got reduced to.

    I’ll be passing on this one, not because of the price (which I think is fine. It’s still a $5 savings on a game that only sells for $15) but because I hated the trial when I played it back in the summer.

  • beautifuldreams

    800 should be standard pricing for such a short game

    600 or 560 would be a deal

  • Wonderclutch

    800 points. Wow. I hope you’re not breaking the piggy bank for that deal? I had downloaded the trial expecting this to be *at most* 600 point. I’ll think about it, but very probably not.

    Like this other guy said, we’re not bitching about the 2.50$. Personally, I have plenty of 2.50$ laying around. It’s about the principle. There is is no rhyme or reason to those deals. An almost-new game that is almost 2 gigs will get a 50% discount, but a year-old 150 megs (if that) game will get a 33% discount because it’s more popular and doesn’t “need” to be discounted more than that.

    I’m sorry, Did I say there were no rhyme or reason to this? What I meant to say is that your sale tactics are transparent and insulting. You’re not even trying.

    Also, to those whining about the whiners: Sheeples, all of you.

    That is all.

  • Peter Ark

    So many people whining and so many saying there is no reason…
    Well, I say that people should say their opinions.
    So I will whine:

    I got plenty of games and DLC’s on the countdown deals, at fair sales price. Now, I see Limbo at a regular sales price, maybe I will buy it, but not today. I have more than I can play for the next months. I feel a bit cheated, because I didn’t buy Red Dead Redemption DLC’s, because I wanted to save my point for Limbo… Now I will not get none of the two…

  • Ark Hunter

    33% is not a last days type of deal. I would really like to play this full thing, but it’s so short, I’m not paying even 800 for it.

  • Ark Hunter

    Sorry, I forgot it’s THE last day of deals. That’s not a deal at all for the big bang last deal!

  • Casserole

    Some of you are willing to pay 600, but 800 points, oh no it’s daylight robbery! Baffling…

  • Raptor2401

    I was hoping that Limbo cost 600 points or less.

  • rogXue

    hmm I was wanting to pick this up but I don’t think it’s worth 800. I’ll wait for 50%

  • xxBlitzBurghxx

    I wasn’t too impressed with the deals this year…didn’t really get anything at all. Probably should have got Monday Night Combat….but oh well no sleep lost.

  • Rdsknsfan3

    The deals this year weren’t very good. With all the money Microsoft is making off of us we should get more freebees at the end of the year.

  • trickybuz93

    I only have 700 points left….oh well, hopefully this goes on sale again sometime next year and I have more points laying around

  • Monhegan

    Fools. This game is well worth full price.

  • D4rth T Man7iz

    I would have buy Limbo for 600 MSP, I will get it in a future sale.

    Anyway I have to save for Halo’s Reach next Map Pack and for the 2 Castlevania’s Lords of Shadow DLC packs….and for whatever worth comes around, perhaps next Mass Effect 2 DLC which will keep connecting the plot with Mass Effect 3.

    Regarding this year deals, there were some deals a lot more “attractive” than others, I think the best were:

    -Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light
    -Castlevania Harmony of Despair
    -Alan Wake DLC
    -Perfect Dark
    -Hydro Thunder Hurricane
    -Mass Effect DLC (probably the best deal of all)

    All in all, MS could do a lot better, considering this is a way of retribution with their loyal customers. Last years deals were a little bit better, but not insanely different.

  • Surly x Duff

    Bummer. I was hoping for some really amazing deals this week. There were some decent ones for Mass Effect 2, and I snapped those up. But the rest weren’t all that impressive. Barely discounting over-priced XBLA games that should already be $10 doesn’t motivate me to spend, spend, spend. Money I set aside for these “deals” goes to Steam and iPhone games instead.

  • rogXue

    All in all though I have to give thanks to Major and the team. There were some really good sales this time around. I appreciate all you guys have done for us in 2010 (even though I do complain a lot!) Here’s to 2011!

  • FinderKeeper


    To you. Not to everyone. There are different tastes in games, and some people just aren’t willing to take a chance on Limbo for $10.

    I was impressed by the demo, but not blown away, so I decided not to get it when it was $15. I’m going to think it over today, but quite a few of my friends are playing World of Keflings, and I loved Kingdom for Keflings, so I’m more likely to get that at full price–the same $10–instead.

    I’m guessing that Xbox Live decided to set the best-selling Summer of Arcade game (Limbo) at 800msp for the Countdown, and the worst-selling Summer of Arcade game (Hydro Thunder Hurricane) at 400msp. The other three Summer of Arcade games ended up at 600msp.

    I don’t criticize them for setting those prices; that was their sales strategy. However, they might’ve gotten more sales on ALL the Summer of Arcade games during this countdown if they had offered Limbo *first* at 800msp; then offered the three “middle games” at 600msp each; and finally offered Hydro Thunder Hurricane *today* at 400msp.

    With the order they put them in, a lot of people were expecting Limbo to “follow suit” and be 600msp, and so quite a few people have less than 800msp left to spend. If they had offered Limbo first, people would have thought that 800msp was the default price for Summer of Arcade.

    That way, when the next three games came out as 600msp, there would have likely been more purchases of those, and if Hydro Thunder Hurricane finished it off today at 400msp people would have likely still had the points to spend on it (and likely it would have sold even more as a result). See the difference?

    I won’t tell Microsoft how to run their sales. But in return, I don’t feel compelled to buy Limbo at 800msp right now. I might have done so if it was offered first in the countdown, however. As it stands, it’s more important to me to get World of Keflings for the 800msp and play the multiplayer while it’s still fresh.

    I never thought Limbo was worth 1200msp. I can wait however long it takes to show up as Deal of the Week, likely for 800msp. Meaning, there’s no incentive to get it now, price-wise, as compared to waiting for a DotW.

  • Av0cad0

    THAT’S the big finale??? If I didn’t think it was worth getting the first time, why would $5 make a difference?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    People are funny….the game is short if you cheat and look up the solutions. It’s a bit longer if you’re finding the secrets and solving everything yourself, especially trying to do it without dying. Short on points, pick up some more or have your family primary transfer you some. The dash sells 400pt increments. And there used to be a rewards program for gamerscore, but too many people cheated and hacked, so its just for bragging rights (and idiots still cheat and hack it)…there is a new rewards program that rewards purchases and using certain features. I already received 420pts and didn’t go out of my way to earn it.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    …and can someone at Microsoft resolve to fix this issue of family Gold subscribers showing up as SILVER!!!

  • tylerh1701

    People who are whining saying that there were no good deals this sale are insane, there have been plenty. That being said, Limbo probably should have been released at 800, i bought it at 1200 and was slightly disappointed.

    FinderKeeper makes an excellent point that if Limbo was the 1st deal of this sale, it probably would have sold a lot more.

  • Auto2112

    “An almost-new game that is almost 2 gigs will get a 50% discount, but a year-old 150 megs (if that) game will get a 33% discount because it’s more popular and doesn’t “need” to be discounted more than that.”

    Limbo actually came out in the summer of this year, not last year. But yeah, totally agreeing with everyone about how disappointing it is to see the game at a 33% discount and not 50%. After the trend of the weeks discounts being 50%, this was a major anti-climax. I really wanted to get this game, but not when i’m not being taken seriously by the guys who are pricing this stuff. I held off on buying Sonic Adventure yesterday to get Limbo but now i’m buying neither.

    As everyone else said, Microsoft could seriously do with taking a leaf out of Steam’s book, those guys have done a fantastic job this year.

  • stststststq

    “Some of you are willing to pay 600, but 800 points, oh no it’s daylight robbery!” – When your only income comes from pocket money from mummy and daddy, that extra £1.70 makes all the difference. LOL.

  • DiatomicMaster

    I don’t believe Limbo is the second coming of Christ for arcade games, and 33% off isn’t some a deal to write home about, let alone celebrate the holidays with. Unbelievably disappointing holiday sales – everything. Old games and lousily low discounts. C’mon Microsoft, you people just made a killing with Kinect, I’m sure slashing prices a little closer to 50% on more things than a Sonic game from the 90s isn’t going to hurt your revenue flow.

  • MayorDooley

    I waited this entire time for Limbo and was pretty pumped, now I find it ended up being 800 points, everything else was 600 and ‘Hydro thingymajig whatever’ was 400!…..It’s like waking up Xmas morning to find Santa just took a big steamin sh*t underneath my Xmas tree!

    M$ your tight as Gnats chuff!

  • I DLord I

    Consistency just ain’t your thing, way to impress. PASS.

  • Wuggle1

    Hope everyone at Micro$oft had a very Merry Christmas even though it clearly seems that they employed Scrooge to help organize the christmas deals this year… I also fancied Limbo but really expected they’d do something special with its pricing to bring in the new year. Oh well, will go spend my money on the iTunes store instead…

  • Rdsknsfan3

    We as XBox members have been using Live for a year, most of us have paid for the Gold Membership, and all we get are dicounts on some XBLA games and only 2 freebees? I’m sorry, there should have been some freebee market place items for our avatars, at least one a day. We pay every year for Live and at the end of year they could give us a few things. It doesn’t have to be much, but a few freebees would be nice. Only 2 this year, and the theme really isn’t very good at all and the glasses really are only good for a week.
    Again, they make plenty of money off of us to give us a at least one freebee a day at the end of the year intstead of discounts on games that aren’t worth it.

  • Doh Ray Egon

    I get a kick out of the people calling others “whiners” and “crybabies” if they voice their opinions that they don’t like this price. So if someone has a different opinion than you and they voice it…they are “whining”. Ok then…then I guess people who are ok with this sale are mindless fools who will do whatever corporations tell them to. Isn’t this fun?