January 3rd 2011 11:20 pm PT

CES 2011 (And how you can watch the MS CES Keynote live)


Tomorrow I head to to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.  The show will open with the annual Microsoft Keynote on Wednesday night at the Las Vegas Hilton. Normally, I’d be live blogging the entire event but this year we have something better planned: A live video stream. Head over to the official Microsoft page on Facebook where you’ll be able to watch the entire Microsoft Keynote address live starting at 9:30p ET/6:30p PT/0230 GMT. I’ll still be recording the entire audio portion of the Keynote to post on my blog. Plus I’ll be Tweeting the highlights of the Keynote as they happen, as well as whatever else I come across at the show that seems interesting over the course of the week. If If you are going to CES, look for me on the show floor as we shoot videos for Inside Xbox (US.)


What are we going to announce? Tune in Wednesday night and find out.


Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

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  • Monhegan

    I’d like to hear something about Kinect sales. Did MS meet it’s 5 mil target?

  • NEW P4TH

    Major, is their any reason for us Xbox gamers to actually care about this event? I mean are you guys going to announce some non-kinect games for the hardcore? So far you guys have Gears 3 and Forza 4 for 2011. I’m sure you guys are also keeping some things unannounced before you know they are ready to ship, but as an Xbox only owner, I’m getting alittle inpatient and worried.

    Sony has over 10 exclusives set to release in 2011. I know some will probably get delayed till 2012 or later, but even than their going to have alot of exclusive games. Nintendo is also going to have several exclusive games. Microsoft was untouchable in this space a couple years ago. Please announce some awesome hardcore games that don’t require Kinect to play it.

  • Mcmax3000

    @NEW P4TH – Give them until E3. That’s when Microsoft has generally always made their biggest announcements. After that if we don’t have some good core games, then you can be worried. You’re not likely to get anything big at CES. It’s not a show that usually sees a ton of gaming announcements. Microsoft & Sony generally concentrate on their other lines of business at this show.

  • Spargo CXVII

    I predict the announcement of HALO 360 EVOLVED to be release on the 10th year anniversary of Halo C.E. Nov. 15th 2011……But that’s just me…….or maybe they save it for E3??????

  • stststststq

    I doubt much will be announced this early in the year. I watched last year’s event and all that was announced in terms of 360 gaming was Game Room and that got leaked before the announcement, lol.

  • Premierdrmmr07

    I shall be watching! Hoping for some better wp7 hardware announcements! Make it happen MS! Some actual non-kinect exclusives for the 360 would be wonderful also ^_^


    I hope they announce some non-kinect exclusives games.

  • Grubish360

    I agree Premierdrmmr07, announce some phones for Verizon please!

  • metallicorphan

    heard there is a Star Wars announcement as well,if its game related i hope its SWBF3….and failing that i hope for an announcement for SW:The Old Republic on Consoles(yes Microsoft we still want MMOs on the 360!!!!)

  • dirty whirlwind

    They need at least to showcase what’s next for Kinect. And they have a pretty nonexistent spring lineup so I’m sure they have some goodies to show us during this or GDC. We know they will focus on Kinect this year, hopefully they don’t forget the rest of us. Although I’m sure XBLA can cover most of my gaming needs.

  • BreakTargets

    I would watch that, but I refuse to get a Facebook account, so no.

  • PastLife666

    I’m hoping to hear what the Gears of war ultimate is all about. Also I do expect to hear what 343 industries and Crytek (Kingdom) have been working on this year. I also heard something about Prey 2 and Gun Loco been released sometime this year, and those are supposed to be xbox exclusives.

  • Boe2

    Can you please hint at exactly why we should watch this? It’s CES, so my bet is you will be announcing WP7 and tablet-related stuff (and maybe windows 8). This is no doubt something a lot of people look forward to, but what will it offer for us, the gamers? :)

  • Boe2

    oh, and it better not be more of that “happy family” kinect crap :/

  • The Wee Bear

    Hmmm more ‘Happy Family’ nonsense maybe Boe2 (Avatar Kinect)


  • The Wee Bear
  • Boe2

    @wee bear, it was to be expected, I guess. So the question remains: will we get to see any real games?

  • IIII Bobby IIII

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX is not avaliable in Mexico, PSN have it for all countries when are we going to get PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX in Mexico when, we need it please

  • Zico UK

    A non-Facebook feed would be nice.

  • SilverFireshot

    Is the keynote invite only? I’m going to CES and didn’t know if it was like E3 that was invite only. If not, I may have to attend tomorrow night.

  • AMT

    XBOX TV:

    Just read a story today about a Microsoft TV box, sort of like Apple TV or Google TV. I am going out on a limb and saying the box is the Xbox. Cough Cough. That would be a big annoucement. If they have channels on board and in HD. The article strangely enough talked about a $200 settop box. Not the Xbox. However, that could be another option. I can’t see them not having the Xbox have a Microsoft TV option in the future. They would already have millions of boxes already in homes.

  • r3dreck

    Why not stream in via XBL?

  • Mikro

    You can already get xbox 360 kit for AT&T’s U-verse which uses Media Room and runs the U-verse STB app on the 360

  • Exu

    Hmm, half two in the morning… well, if I’m up I might give it a bash. Doubt to see anything outside of Avatar Kinect but at least there’ll be some good gadge on show.

  • canarywondergod

    Fantastic to see a live coverage, can’t wait to see whats on show!

  • LightsOut565

    According to Microsoft, there will be a live stream at http://www.microsoft.com/ces

    Here is a link to press release: http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2010/12-31MSCES2011MA.mspx

  • DarkTear81

    Meh, I need to click the “Like”-Button on Facebook to actually view the keynote?
    Up my ass…

  • Mikro
  • DarkTear81

    Oh… thx Mikro :)
    Hopefully it’s not that long, it’s 3.15am here lol

  • Mikro

    Almost for got the Hilton Last year had an Power Outage right before CES Keynote was going live boy that was nuts

  • DarkTear81

    That’s it for Xbox?
    A cheap try to beat Playstation Home with fixed chatrooms and Kinect Enabled stuff that’s not available outside the US? Beside that, MY Kinect over here in germany still can’t recognize Voice…

  • Mikro

    Nothing I didn’t already know Ah Well

  • NEW P4TH

    yep, its another disappointing show by Microsoft. Outside of Windows Phone 7 news, everything else was weak. No game new for hardcore fans and only 1 Kinect game announced. WTF Microsoft.