January 7th 2011 1:09 am PT

Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace


Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace* Please see the blog post I’ll make for each of these for pricing and/or regional availability and follow me on Twitter for updates.


Ring in the New Year with Activision and Electronic Arts

From January 11 through January 17, enjoy a special one-time savings of up to 50 percent on more than 25 pieces of hot Activision content including Call of Duty Map Packs, Guitar Hero Add-ons, popular Arcade titles and more! 
For details, please check your Xbox LIVE Dashboard on January 11.


Additionally, from January 18 through January 25, fans can enjoy a special one-time savings of up to 50 percent on more than 25 pieces of Electronic Arts content, including fun Arcade games and more! 
For details, please check your Xbox LIVE Dashboard on January 18.

From January 28 (12:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. PST) through January 31 (12:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. PST), all Xbox LIVE members will be able to try Xbox LIVE Gold for FREE!


Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week** :

Week of January 10 – Zombies…Back from the Dead:

Zombie Apocalypse, 400 Microsoft Points

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, 400 Microsoft Points

Zombie Prop Avatar, 160 Microsoft Points

Week of January 17:

Plants vs. Zombies, 800 Microsoft Points

**Special pricing available for
Xbox LIVE Gold Members


Xbox Games On Demand:

January 4: Crackdown 2

January 11: Need for Speed SHIFT

January 18: Transformers: The Game

January 18: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

January 18: Dante’s Inferno


Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace:

January 6: New Year’s Resolution

January 6: Food Fest

January 6: Burton

January 13: Dinosaur Pets

January 13: Xbox 360 Gear


Xbox LIVE Arcade:

January 12: Zeit2 (Ubisoft) 800 Microsoft Points


*Current schedule. Subject to change. All content may not be available in all Xbox LIVE regions.


Marketplace, Preview By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • cliftonJONES

    FINALLY…xbox gear!

  • Kenjuan

    I’m very interested in seeing what items will go up for sale from Activision and EA. Trying not to get my hopes up though.

    And, I’m sure a free gold (weekend?) is always welcome by silver members.

  • VytautasGoods

    I whant CuldCept Saga in Xbox Games On Demand

  • juan cabrera

    I could have sworn that Crackdown 2 was on demand already. Also, it seems as if you guys are doing free live weekends every month now. You guys should put that as a feature for silver members! Play online free every last weekend of the month. Wanna play for the whole month? Go GOLD! =)

  • HeLLeVeN

    Yes!!! Was waiting for a deal on Plants vs. Zombies :)

  • Chicken Wyng

    I was waiting for Plants vs. Zombies to drop too. Interesting to see what other deals might pop up.

  • BeeDizz

    Oh man I see Flight Control on your recent played games. I LOVE that game on iPhone.

  • PastLife666

    Damn… I already have all those games on DOTW. Im looking forward to see the special deals for the EA tittles.

  • A Place for Us

    Crackdown 2 is really cheap at retail now.

  • The Bill Payer

    I’m excited about Dante’s Inferno but when is Ancients of Ooga going to be discounted?


    Hopefully EA will have the Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age DLC on sale again since I missed the holiday deals. :(

  • Oatmeal25

    Saw a stack of Crackdown 2 at Blockbuster for $14 today. Much better than the $50 on XBLA Canada. The only improvements made in Crackdown 2 were the orb ping and helicopters.

    Plants vs Zombies was available for $4 during Steam’s Holiday sale. If you like PvZ try Defense Grid. Once you get over the learning curve it’s a fantastic tower defense game.

  • bullka LT

    I might be missing something but could anybody name a few good Activision Arcade games? Couldn’t remember any.

    Same with EA. What Arcade games to expect on sales?

  • JohnnieMonkey

    Hmm, January 10th is a bit lackluster isn’t it? Zombie Apocalypse and The Dishwasher have both already been DotW.

  • bullka LT

    I’ve noticed the same deal on Steam and played PvZ a lot on PC. It’s sad that MS calls it a deal by selling PvZ at 3 times bigger price than Steam.

    I must say that I had more fun with PvZ than defense grid. DG is a serious game and quit a difficult one. And PvZ – more a family game. Anyway.. I recommend both.

  • chiruno99

    When you just can’t win with Major Nelson’s readers, DISCOUNT EVERYTHING.

  • Cerberushunter

    Hey thats sounds nice Major :). But I have 2 questions.
    1. Will the EA and Activision pricing avaible in Europe/Germany?
    2. I would love to know when Back to the Future comes out on Xbox Live Arcade! I want that game so bad, on Steam its already out but I want it on my Xbox :D.

  • XboxNman

    Hey Major, I just noticed that in the games channel some of the DLC for Crackdown 2 is 50% off (280 points each I believe) as are a couple of avatar items, the agent suit and freak mask. I don’t remember seeing a blog post on your site about the discount (though it’s possible I missed it I guess), anyway seems like a good deal and one that should be on your site if it’s not there already. I’m guessing the discount is because of the launch of Crackdown 2 in GoD. Thanks for the work you do to keep us informed and up to date on all this stuff.

  • Shiaoran

    The GOOD deals shouldn’t stop. I believe you make more money with more people buying stuff cheaper (on impulse purchases, because “OMG! IT’S ON SALE ONLY TODAY!”) than fewer people buying it for the regular price, which not always match the content.

    PLEASE let this “Xbox 360 Gear” include those April Fools items! I NEED my avatar to wear a Wireless Helmet!

  • Stephan1237

    I will hate Xbox if those deals are not in my country

  • Velete

    This is like the 6th or more time Zombie Apocalypse has gone on sale, please do something about all the old nonplayed/rarely bought arcade titles instead of the same deal on the same content over and over.

  • Exu

    Well the deals of the week are a bit crap but those Activision and EA discounts sound promising.
    As an aside, it really is about time that Arcade Hits was updated. This has got to be the third or fourth time Zombie Apocalypse has been 400 points, just whack it on that and be done with it.

  • SilentHunter382


    It won’t be out till sometime after May (maybe) since the first episode is only out. The Second episode is not out till February. Microsoft won’t release it till all the episodes are released, I think.

  • Kn0kkelmann

    I don’t even think that there will be an Arcade release for BTTF. So do yourself a favor and grab it via Steam.
    Oh and you can bet your pinky that there will be some discounts on some Acti-EA-thingys even in good ol’ germany? Why not?

  • CrazyCake

    i may have enough for Plants vs Zombies haven’t played it once at all though and if call of duty classic is one of though discounted content then i may also have enough for that too.

  • Cerberushunter

    @Silenthunter382 & @Kn0kkelmann Thanks for the info. I think I go then with the Steam version… And why not? I don’t know why but there are often deals only for the USA so who knows? :)

  • Stephan1237

    Please let this be Worldwide so everyone can join this discounts

  • sleepydumbdude

    Can’t wait for the activision/ea sale. I all ready own Zombie Apocalypse (I’d skip this game it gets boring and repetitive), The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, and Plants vs. Zombies.

  • Kn0kkelmann

    @ Cerberushunter
    Those deals that you can get on the US/UK Dashboard are those games that are on our well known “Black List Of Bad Games” aka Index ;) Or games that didn’t catch a developer for germany (like Tetris Splash). Sure….if Acti gives some fees over a Zombie Nazi Map Pack for this CoD-Crap then we are screwed… ;)

  • Sogeman

    @Cerberushunter Never. As you can see not even Sam & Max S3 made it to XBLA and there are no plans for it to ever make it.

  • Grumbledock

    Nothing for me, but still glad it’s more then avatar-stuff :)

  • Stephan1237


    One time there was a US deal on all Fallout 3 DLC 50% :). Every other country paid the full price of it.

  • Oatmeal25

    @bullka LT

    Defense Grid can be extremely serious if you want to go after high score but with the fast forward and rewind features anyone can beat the game. I like to call it a casual game for boys but that sounds sexist.

    So far I find PvZ too slow but that could be from years of playing twitchy FPS games. I’m probably not even past what the game considers a tutorial. (Zombie’s with screen doors)

  • ElektroDragon

    Ring in the New Year with the two most despised publishers in gaming? Hmmm…. they’d better be GREAT deals.

  • tylerh1701

    Wow Zombie Apocolypse on sale again? If i didn’t pick it up the last 2 times, not gonna get it this time. Dead Samurai is fun and good for $5 and Plants vs. Zombies is worth $10 too. (not sure why these zombie deals are spread across 2 weeks though…)

    PvZ is kinda simple for a tower defense but definitly fun. Defense Grid is fun too, its more difficult and far more bland-looking than PvZ.

    And I’m pretty sure the Deathspank games are from EA, so hopefully those go on sale!!! Not sure what arcade games are from Activision.

  • I DLord I

    I can’t wait for PvZ for the DS. I will recommend Defense Grid to anyone who enjoys PvZ as well. The British AI in that game is worth the price of entry alone.

  • sk00ks

    @Stephan1237 That deal on the Fallout 3 DLC was available in the UK too.

    Anyway, interested to see what the EA/Activision deals are going to be.

  • Kn0kkelmann

    @Stephan1237 Hmmm…I could swear T saw this discount even on the german Dashbaord but I even could be really, really wrong. ;) As @sk00ks mentioned – that deal popped up on the small isle. ;) But i bet that time will tell and we here over germany will see what will get some disounts… :)

  • Stephan1237


    The deal was not for the dutch marketplace
    But thanks for the messages

  • I J Flo I

    ill be getting the dishwasher. better deals this time. goodjob

  • Macdory

    January 4: Crackdown 2

    January 11: Need for Speed SHIFT

    Both these games are available for £10 at retail in the UK – is the GoD pricing going to be compititive? Thought not …

    Who buys these things at MS silly prices?

  • Grumbledock

    @ Macdory
    Scary enough it seems enough poepole do since MS keeps their fantasy-prices, that are at least 2,5 times teh retail for buying teh game new in a shop.
    On the other hand people buy a lot of accesoires to their avatars too, stuff that costs like 5 indie games, and think it’s a good investement. Some people just love to spend and pay, and doesn’t care, or even think about the price :(

  • Col Hartman

    Will BF Vietnam go on sale, if so please let it be 600 points so I can buy it!

  • Checkmate11B

    Any news on BREACH from Atomic Games? It’s been reported to have a 10 January release date – but the official BREACH site leaves all of January open for it to drop.



    “a good investement” you’re an idiot.


    Don’t make a good wage, it’s okay. The world needs ditch diggers too.

  • I DLord I

    @ Venom Madness

    If you can logically explain what his comment has to do with his wages, I will never visit this site again. You are right about one thing, someone here is an idiot.

  • Av0cad0

    Good Activision arcade game = Geo wars 2.
    PvZ is great! Buy it.

    Knowing EA, their content will probably be for the games that they are shutting servers down on…

  • The Grim Heaper

    Nothing I see really jumps out, so it really all depends on what the EA and Activision discounts are for.

  • Blue Thunder28

    Looking good.

  • Macdory

    For your information, I make a very good salary. However, what has my comment got to do with wages?

    I was clearly pointing out that the two games listed are currently available for ~£10 each and I was questioning if MS will be pricing the download version accordingly, or if they will continue to overprice them …

    I would be very willing to download games if only they were competitively priced. I fail to see why the cost is double for a download version, given the lack oh physical media, and the fact that it has no residual trade in value.