January 10th 2011 1:52 pm PT

Deal of the Week theme: Zombies!


This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save on the following Zombie related Xbox LIVE Marketplace items:



Normally This Week Savings
L4D Crash Course Add-on 560 240 57%
Zombie Apocalypse 800 400 50%
Dishwasher Dead Samurai 800 400 50%

Borderlands Zombie Island of Dr Ned

800 400 50%
Borderlands Zombie mask  160 80 50%
Zombie Prop 320 160 50%
L4D The Passing 560 240 57%

These prices will be available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday January 17th


Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • rogXue

    that zombie prop is awesome… Going to have to use restraint. Must refuse $2 on useless digital content….

  • Gambit3rd

    Nothing for me this week. Was waiting for THE SACRIFICE DLC on deal, but no problem. :)

  • Stephan1237

    Bought Borderlands Zombie Island of Dr Ned

  • AndGar

    I was also waiting for the Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice DLC. Nothing to get for me this week.

  • CrazyCake

    Might buy the Ned expansions lol but idk yet i want plants vs zombies next week haha.

  • Radical Dylan

    =( no “L4D/L4D2: The Sacrifice” DLC? I have everything else, aside from the props, which i’m not even going to bother with.

  • Korahn 27

    should have also added Undead Nightmare (yeah, I know) and maybe Rob Zombie’s songs for RB, lol.


    Hmmmm maybe Zombie Apocalypse, im a sucker for 400Msp games. oh and dishwasher will have to be considered to

  • SilentHunter382

    I would like to get Crash Course DLC since some of my friends have it. The only thing stopping me form getting it is that I also have the PC version of L4D.

  • Toothball

    I’m trying to think of an XBLA game that’s been on sale more times than Zombie Apocalypse, but have yet to come up with one. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s an amusing enough game. Multiple sale appearances mean I can berate my friends for not picking it up more frequently.

  • Exu

    More repeats than the BBC on a Sunday afternoon.

  • I chex mix ho I

    any of the content you guys listed that you want on sale just might be on sale next week. in major’s coming soon to xbox live mareketplace post he didn’t mention that the borderlands and left for dead add-ons would be on sale. so hopefully since all he mentioned for next week was plants vs zombies it means that other game add-ons will be for sale. good sale major. thanks…

  • a1984darkboy

    If I wasn’t on the hurt train for money I’d probably pick up Dishwasher Dead Samurai and Zombie Apocalypse. That said, I’d love to see a sale on the Alien Breed games and Doom games on a future sale within one or two months. :)

  • a1984darkboy

    Also, I’d love to at least see some Games on Demand see some sales. They’re often overpriced but a good sale would definitely see some buyers.

  • Honeycut1

    I was hoping to see the new latest L4D/L4D2 DLC on sale. It’s nice to see some discounts, but I’ll pass this week.

  • LastHour1

    Was really hoping that The Sacrifice for L4D1 would have been on sale. I’d like completion of L4D1, and since my Genocidist progress was reset, I need something to motivate me to grind it out.

  • Yukon Cornelius

    Leftovers again? Come on Major, “zombie” doesn’t have to mean 3rd time as a DotW … I think just about everyone expected “The Sacrifice” to make an appearance. :-(

  • chiruno99

    Just leave this up and someone will end up bragging about Steam…again.


    Great, I think I’ll finally bite on those two L4D add-ons, especially since I just noticed that I got my 400 points deposited into my account from the last MSP promotion!


    OK, so here’s a WTF of the day:
    Just bought the zombie mask, equipped it, then my avatar dissapears on the right and says, “OOPS, you need to make an avatar!”

    So, I click the link at the top to my profile…
    Generic Avatar icon.

    I go to the ‘edit your avatar’ section of my profile…
    The row of avatars to choose from load up.

    WTF? I HATE editing my avatar and now I have to start over?

    Jeeze. Please fix this bug.

  • Peter Ark

    han? What?!
    Zombies again?! Why not to try new things?
    Disappointment for the 3rd week in a roll!

  • Electro Piku

    Yay! we all love zombies

    2 years ago

  • ValleyFloydJam

    why is Plants vs. Zombies next week surely it fits perfectly into this?

  • PlayingMantis37

    I hate zombies. How about some different games/dlc that haven’t been on sale a couple times already?

  • I DLord I

    Meh, pass

  • Exu

    Activision deals are a bit meh but OutRun OA is half-off too, for some reason.
    Get it because it’s good, and because it’s getting pulled from the marketplace in December. At least with this game, we’ve been warned!

  • krisxx

    Yes! So glad I waited to get the L4D2 DLC!

  • wolfzero01

    might have to get the zombie prop