January 11th 2011 2:26 pm PT

1/2 off popular Activision published content.


From now until January 17th, the following content published by Activision is on sale for 50% off:


Arkadian Warriors Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Assault Heroes Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Assault Heroes 2 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Carcassonne Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Golf: Tee it Up! Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Crash Bandicoot Normally: 1200 Sale: 600

Legend of Spyro Normally: 1200 Sale: 600



Call of Duty 2 Invasion Map Pack Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty 2 Skirmish Map Pack Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Call of Duty 3 Bravo Map Pack Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Call of Duty 3 Valor Map Pack Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 1 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 2 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 3 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack Bundle Normally: 2000 Sale:1000


Guitar Hero 5

Rock 1 Pack Normally: 880 Sale: 440

Megadeth Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Avenged Sevenfold Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Disturbed Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Fall Out Boy Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Soundgarden Telephantasm Album Normally: 1440 Sale:720

Linkin Park Pack Normally: 960 Sale: 480

Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

My Chemical Romance Pack Normally: 600 Sale: 300

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Pack1 Normally: 1600 Sale: 800


DJ Hero

David Guetta Pack 1 Normally: 640 Sale: 320

Jay-Z vs. Eminem Mix Pack Normally: 640 Sale: 320


DJ Hero 2

Hit Makers Mix Pack Normally: 640 Sale: 320

Electro Hits Mix Pack Normally: 640 Sale: 320

Transformers WFC Map & Character Pack #1 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Transformers WFC Map & Character Pack #2 Normally: 800 Sale: 400


Deal, Game Add-on By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Hugoku

    Weak offers. Hopefully EAs will be better.

    Still, you should get both Assault Heroes if you have not already. Old games but very good.

  • Vegivo

    I will be picking a few of these ;)

  • barbour99

    Nothing for me here. Glad to see it is all 50% off though.

    400 MSP for a COD 2 map pack though?

  • Luminaria

    Carcassonne at 400 MSP is the best deal in the lot.

  • Exu

    Absolutely nothing outstanding. Hardly surprising, but there we go. It’s not a BAD sale, it’s just not that great.
    Still, good if there’s something there for you. Plenty of variety.

    I also heard some Forza car packs have had a stealth discount, I don’t know the specifics on that, but more importantly Outrun OA has had a price cut to 400. That’s the real shining gem out of anything on offer currently.

    You really have to wonder why they’re selling CoD2 and CoD3 map packs at a price higher than zero…

  • Wicket2961

    I was kinda hoping that Call of Duty Classic would be on here. Nevermind.

  • Cyrax PT

    Arkadian Warriors have coop, right? Anyone recommend it? Might pick it up…

  • AndGar

    Not interested in any of the Activision deals. I hope that the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC will be discounted next week. :)

  • SirLantis

    Oh, no Spyro in Germany :(

  • Cyrax PT


    I don’t think so, it’s too soon, maybe the other dlc for the game (kit upgrades, Onslaught,…) and Battlefield 1943!

  • Gambit3rd

    I was expecting VIGILANTE 8… Bad news for me. :(

    Maybe I’ll take some Assault Warriors… Maybe.

    GIVE US VIGILANTE 8 discounted, Activision! :D


    I’m gonna get Transformers WFC Map & Character Pack #1,#2 for DJ Hero2!!! Ro…wicky…Ro…Robots in disguise!!

  • twisted poke

    @CYRAX PT, Yes it has coop. I thought the game was pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking but a pretty solid game for five bucks. Definitely worth a look if you are into the hack and slash dungeon type games.

  • RavenousLou

    People, Outrun Online Arcade is half off right now. It was removed from PSN a couple of months ago and Sega announced that it will also be coming down from XBLA in December. This may be your last chance to get it cheap. It’s a great game.

  • Silvercube

    Yep, I recommend Arkadian Warriors! It was great at 800 points. 400 points is awesome. There’s 20 quests, three different characters. It can get a little difficult later on so you’ll have to level-up a bit (max level is 20) co-op is great. The cool thing is the store where you can purchase all sorts of different things and your character special abilities.

    A great time-waster and will keep you busy for awhile. Wish there was a sequel.

  • QualityJeverage

    It’s as if they knew they had to have a sale, so they went through their catalogue and chose everything they knew no-one would want anyway.

    Heaven forbid they offer something worthwhile at a discount!

  • bullka LT


    Zombie Apocalypse and Asault Heoroes are both on sales :) And both are very very similar: view from the top, shoot around like crazy etc. Except that AH2 has a scrolling screen and ZA is a static game. And both are 400MSP.

    What would you get? ZA vs. AH2?

  • Wulf684

    “1/2 off popular Activision published content.”
    In other words: Stuff that everyone already has. Smart promotion. (But some nice deals though, have to admit that.)

  • CheekyLeeth

    Has anybody ever paid full price for Carcassonne? I have seen it on sale at least 3 times now, and it was also once given away free! Assault Heroes is tempting at 200, but I really don’t see anything else that appeals. Although, the price cut on the XBox Originals might be worth keeping an eye on.

  • Apocalypse1309

    Are these offers regionalized? This morning the CoD: WaW map packs were NOT reduced in price; they were showing the original price. (2000 points for the bundle)

  • metallicorphan

    seen as though no one..and i mean no one plays online with COD2 anymore,the original prices for the map packs should of been cut a long time ago

  • RyanMc360

    Would have bought Bandicoot and Spyro if they were 400, but for 600 I will pass.


    Eh I might pick up a couple of those Arcade games, but other than that, Activision’s offerings look pretty weak and I think I’ll save most of my points for EA’s deals next week, which will most likely be a lot better than this, especially in the add-ons department. (*hint hint* Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age deals again!)

  • Exu

    @bullka LT Assault Heroes 2, hands down. It has far more variety, while Zombie Apocalypse gets very dull, very quickly. The first Assault Heroes was still a better game overall, though.

  • SilentHunter382


    I dough that the Mass Effect 2 DLC will be on sale since it was part of a daily deal for christmas (But so was Carcassonne so I could be wrong) but you could be right that DA:O DLC will be on sale.

  • chiruno99

    Grabbed Arkadian Warriors, Assault Heroes 1 and 2. I played Assault Heroes a while ago and fell in move with it since it’s like Total Carnage but more sensible. Some very respectable prices however, even though I doubt you could find one person with WaW who hasn’t got the map packs by now.

    Oh god, now that I mention it, are we all falling for a trap here, by giving Activision the revenue they’re drooling over instead of saying to boycott Call of Duty games, then play them the next day?


    @SilentHunter382: Yeah I know about the holiday deals on the ME2 DLC (that’s part of the reason why I said “again”), but I was busy away on vacation during the holidays and didn’t have a chance to take advantage of it then. I have a feeling that a lot of other people were also in the same position as me for a lot of those holiday deals and also since ME2 and DA:O are a couple of EA’s most popular games, those are all reasons why I’m hoping EA will have the ME2 and DA:O DLC on sale again next week.

  • b trumpet

    You combined the “Transformers WFC: Character Packs” with the listings of DJ Hero 2.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    I picked up the Transformers packs…it’s funny they list it with DJ hero 2, as I have found it much more challenging and enjoyable to play shooters with Guitars and Turntables from the rhythm games.

  • ThreadShadow

    Oh noooo! Isn’t Geometry Wars 2 popular? I was really hoping it would be on sale. Was going to buy it! Doesn’t Geometry Wars 2 still “belong” to Activision? Oh well, nothing for me then. Thanks anyway. : (

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    …and Mac, you should have xbox.com on your phone! I am sooo tempted to make the switch to the windows phone, but my EVO has a great browser and I make purchases all the time when I am out of town. Nice fallback for the one day sales and such.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Two quick questions…when will the Family gold members show up as GOLD again? When will my “pending” reward points POST?

  • Hyunkel07

    […] “Activision” […] “on sale” […]
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    Crapiest deal. Activision is just trying to get rid of their very old stock. Dumbest people ever, it’s not taking room, it’s not even physical/solid stuff… Definitely the worst company ever.

  • tylerh1701

    @hyunkel07 – An Activision Sale > No Activision Sale. That being said, looking at the reviews of the arcade games on sale, some of them seems to be VERY old. O well got a few demos in my queue maybe I’ll end up picking up a couple of them.

  • Peter Ark

    no comments

  • Grubish360

    Hopefully the EA deals will include Mass Effect 2 content as MACPH1ST0 already said.

  • Hyunkel07

    @Grubish360: You won’t find a better deal than the one with every Mass Effect 2 DLC for 200 MSPoints each taht took place less than 2 weeks ago.

    @Tylerh1701: During the STEAM Christmas Deals, Activision’s were the worst deals, with someting like -50% on a 3 years old game, still sold full price, when Squarenix was selling his entire Steam packed catalog for like -85%. But like you say, a deal is better that no deal

  • I chex mix ho I

    lol @ discounting an online multiplayer map pack that came out for a game that released with the launch of the 360 in 2005.

  • Sogeman

    @Exu Because it’s Activision and Microsoft. 2 things that don’t go well together. All that comes out of it: paying for mappacks for games no one plays.

  • Sogeman

    @ThreadShadow Yes it’s popular, that’s why it’s not discounted. You should see what they discounted: stuff no one in their right mind would buy

  • Quicksilver4648

    Bad deals. Nothing is standout. EA, I am counting on you to make some serious deals next week. I have my monies and I know how to use them.


    @ KP ScuzzyBunny: I have a Droid 2 which has an excellent web browser and wifi, so access isn’t a problem. Like I said, I just got busy while I was away for the holidays and lost track of all the one-day holiday sales.
    @ Hyunkel07: Of course those were probably the best deals that we’ll ever see on the ME2 DLC, but for those like me who missed them, ANY deals on it again next week would still be better than none at all.

  • trickybuz93

    Bahaha gotta love Activion’s “sales”

    Here’s hoping EA has better one’s including ME2 DLC again since I didn’t pick up Kasumi

  • a1984darkboy

    I’ve been thinking about picking up Arkadian Warriors, will at least give it a trial. Never really gave it a go. That said, I am surprised none of Activision’s more recent games aren’t here. Sales seem to drive up business big time whenever I see Gamasutra’s postings on XBLA sale charts.

  • The Grim Heaper

    Meh, nothing very good at all. Was thinking about getting Crash Bandicoot, but decided not to do it because the EA deals will probably be good.

  • BHZ anakinjmt

    Interesting how there’s no MW2 deals.

  • UKresistance

    Wow, what a bunch of ancient games no one remembers. Some “sale”.

  • Radical Dylan

    Hopefully next week has Mirror’s Edge DLC on sale…

  • I DLord I

    Wow, thank you so much for discounting CoD2 maps. DLC for a five year old game, I am just, overwhelmed with emotion here. Might pick up Carcassonne.

  • lightsup55

    Thanks for the reminder. I used some of my Xbox Rewards Points that were just deposited into my account today. I picked up both the Avenged Sevenfold Pack and Disturbed Pack for Guitar Hero 5. It won’t be long until Activision starts getting more of my money instead of MTV Games (publisher of the Rock Band titles). I’m now going to start building up my collection of downloaded songs for Guitar Hero titles.