January 14th 2011 5:01 pm PT

Homefront news


Today in New York at the Homefront media event, we announced that some good news for Xbox 360 owners:

  • ALL future Homefront downloadable content will come FIRST to Xbox 360 and our Xbox LIVE community.
  • When Homefront hits shelves in March, Xbox gamers will have an exclusive multiplayer map called Suburbs.

Look for more details on Inside Xbox next week.


Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • metallicorphan

    I may have to look into this game,looks pretty good

  • Premierdrmmr07

    So was this the gaming announcement? Announcing DLC before a game is even release is BS! it just means content was left out of the retail disk so you can charge more for it!

    Seriously Microsoft…you are really really really disappointing me. How about some actual exclusive games? You have such a wonderful log of games just going to waste….Where is Crimson skies 2? How about Perfect Dark 2? A Banjo 3? Mechwarrior?

    I know you owe nothing to your fanbase that made you what you are in the home videogame console industry, but what you have been doing as of late is just going to push everybody that actually wants to play games away…

    -Premierdrmmr07-One disappointed Xbox 360 fan.

  • r3dreck

    beta sucked.

  • Ollyh

    Wow. Some pretty lame news.

  • Anonymous

    @agree with you r3dreck

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    ummm…the DLC was left off because it is EXCLUSIVE to 360, and it’s one multiplayer map. This is not some elaborate 5GB content that they have been “wasting time” making and holding out on us. One free map, day 1, sounds good to me. Now if they are charging for one map, that will be a different story.

  • DarkTear81

    Looks like M$ shoved out a bunch of money on the wrong side again.

    You can look at it the other way ’round. Every new map has glitches, so we get the time exclusive betatest-event for those maps. Later we’ll get the patch and PS3/PC Owners can enjoy those maps glitch-free *lol*

    Beeeside that: Who wants Homefront, when Killzone 3 blasts off in Febuary, Mass Effect 2 (with new graphics engine and every DLC for free) out soon AND DC Universe Online already there? You got a baaaad timing M$.

  • Blue Thunder28


  • tylerh1701

    Yay! Oh, no wait…this is stupid. @premierdrmmr7 – A banjo 3 would be the coolest thing evar.

  • NeoRatt

    Good news for 360 users, but I hope this wasn’t the big game announcement for the week out of New York. Major, you guys have to announce some exclusives games that will only be on the 360 in the first 9 months of this year.

  • Shadow0810

    @DarkTear81 Dude, if you want to talk about how great the PS3 is go somewhere else. As for the DLC being glitchy, not all maps are glitchy when they come out. Bungie has never had a glitch in a map in a map pack (at least in the 360 era) for example.

    As for everyone else complaining about announcing DLC before the game came out, for one thing, that doesn’t mean that it’s DONE BEFORE THE GAME CAME OUT. It just means, hey after we finish the game, we’re working on DLC, and it’s coming to 360 first.
    Second, DLC is the world we live in. Games cost too much to make nowadays for them to not recoup some costs on DLC. Think about it this way, its you buy a 60 dollar game with the OPTION of buying a 10 dollar map pack 3 months down the line. OR, if you really don’t want DLC ever, you get the game, without the extra maps for a higher price, like, say, 70 bucks to adjust for inflation and ever rising development costs.

    As for the beta sucking, well, then there you go, don’t buy the game or DLC. Problem solved.

    @Premierdrmmr07 Crimson Skies was made by a studio in partnership with Capcom. Perfect Dark 2 came out, it’s called Perfect Dark Zero (I know it’s a prequel) and it sucked IMO. Banjo 3 also came out, Nuts & Bolts, and was awesome, again IMO. Yes I count those as sequels. Neither sold that well. That’s why you don’t see MORE sequels. That said, I am disappointed with MS’s focus on Kinect, and PS3 does have the far stronger 1st party publishing lineup in 2011 at this point.


  • DarkTear81

    Whoohoo, Fanboy-Alert! Maybe you just got me wrong?

    The PS3 is great indeed. As is the Xbox 360 and the Wii.
    My comment was more an objective view on this. The timing is bad. Homefront might be cool, but imho can’t compete with the games in it’s timewindow. Actually everything time-exclusive is bullshit imho. I know, I know, some ppl will jump that “yay M$ is your daddy”-train again and support this.

    I’m a gamer since the Commodore 64. I don’t like any console wars, past or present. Competition is ok to some point. (Timed) exclusives are just the companies middle-finger to multi-console-gamers. They should let them choose for which platform they’ll buy their games and should only promote with services like party chat or BluRay-Support.

  • Grumbledock

    @ DarkTear81
    Sorry to say, but one free time-exclusive?= map for homefront is all we 360 owners get :P
    Who cares about Killzone 3 beeing the FPS with best graphics this generation? :/
    Who cares about the other say 20 exclusives that hit PS3 during 2011? We still got Kinect sports! and stuff! *Fanboyrage*

    I agree, 1 map is nothing, not worth mentioning. Especially since MS lost the excluive Mass Effect series, what’s left?
    Gears going to Ps3 too? Bungie is :(
    We got Freelancer 2 that could get quite a crowd, on PC and 360. Perfect Dark 2 that would give us a new, exclusive FPS (fast paced too). Banjoe Kazoie 2, to compete with Mario/DK/all other platform-games. How about Age of Empires 4? Age of Mythology 2?
    But no, we got to hope some for a miracle to see some “Real” games. MS got IPs and licenses, but are focused on casuals now it seems. Next generation maybe, but after Gears 3 is released it seems a PS3 is a great buy, sadly, ’cause it will get some games at least :(


    Awesome! Yet another generic FPS for the 360! Yay?

  • Blue Thunder28

    Luckily this isn’t generic and actually looks interesting.

    Also the whole
    “Hey guys we put some money down to get you guys exclusive content”
    Thing EVERY time makes me chuckle.. I love it.

    The fanboy alert stuff is good too.

  • MrT820

    Meh, I’ll be giving this game a miss anyway, its pointlessly demonising the North Korean people by saying they’d act in a similar manner to prisoners as Imperial Japan did during WWII, when they’d just be happy to have a decent diet (and probably wouldn’t have won any war anyway, their fighter pilots are on around 900 calories a day for instance, and fly barely 15 hours a year).

  • kuroi albatross

    Wait Major, the big announcement about “A really, really good game, that I’m really excited about” was the 1 month exclusive multiplayer maps of Homefront?
    Are you joking, right?
    You wouldn’t mock us like this when everyone is noticing the big number of exclusive games there are on 360 in 2011, right?

  • chiruno99

    @DarkTear81 But during the Commodore years we didn’t have blogs to listen to fanboys and idiots complain about the pricing of games or DLC, since DLC didn’t exist. We had to go by instinct and word of mouth, but we survived. The same was around the NES era but if it wasn’t for the magazine, I’d be covered in cartridges. Of course in this blog nobody can have opinions, as it only causes fights.

    @Grumbledock Trying too hard.

  • dirty whirlwind

    This is money flushed down the toilet. Honestly, who cares about time exclusive content? DLC in general is good, but I don’t feel better about myself (or my choice of console) knowing I get to play/pay for some content before others that just happens to play the same game on a different system. It just pisses off more people than it pleases

  • aka Scratch

    I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t play the beta on this one but I’ve been interested since reading about it in OXM.

  • Premierdrmmr07

    @Blue Thunder28
    People like you are the problem….you are okay with “Exclusive Content” that is only exclusive for a month instead of getting an actual exclusive game man.

    You are okay with ONLY getting gears of war and forza 4 this year? if you haven’t noticed, THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE EXCLUSIVE GAME COMING OUT FOR THE XBOX 360 UNTIL SEPTEMBER. I DON’T CARE ABOUT KINECT, I WANT REAL GAMES.

    Don’t you get it? People like you are the reason Microsoft rehashes games over and over and over instead of making new title. People like you are okay with Microsoft ignoring there fanbase that actually made them a household game….instead of Microsoft providing for their actual fanbase, they not cater to soccer moms….we don’t exist to them anymore and it seems like you are okay with that…i guess you buy into the bs that microsoft saying they haven’t forgotten about their core fanbase?

  • Anonymous


    I have been playing the full version of LittleBigPlanet 2 and that’s a blast too. My brother won it from a Subway contest so I was able to play it early. And I continue to think… with all these Sony exclusives starting now, where are the Microsoft ones? BTW, Homefront looks terrible!

  • kodoo

    I’m sorry but those exclusive deals are pretty useless for us gamer, some new exclusive games would be much better. I don’t care if a map pack is coming first to xbox, i would care some cool new exclusive games, but you seems to have given up on that :/

  • sobnekahcS moT

    Wait what?! Is this the so called big announcement you announced? Pathetic if so..

  • ElektroDragon

    Why are you guys hating on this? I don’t know how good the game is going to be, but as someone who doesn’t really care of CoD, I am genuinely interested in this game because of its North Korea elements, which closely mirror current news.

    Also, it is GREAT that we are starting to get some exclusive content again for the 360! For at least 2 years now, almost every PS3 version of a game has had something exclusive, but the 360 seems to have quit with the exclusive content a long time ago, which is a shame. Yes, I know this is a timed exclusive, but better than nothing!

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of disappointed people here because this isn’t a big announcement. In fact, this doesn’t make me want the game any more than I did before. I’m not big on Call of Duty myself and I only play it because my friends do but this game holds no interest with anyone I know. I purchase all my multi-platform games for the XBOX 360 because I want to play with all of my friends who just so happen to prefer XBOX Live. However, there is no denying that a timed exclusive of some content that should have been available to PlayStation 3 owners at the same time is an underwhelming announcement. While Microsoft is worried about what looks to be a sub-par game for many of us gamers, Sony is banking on titles such as LittleBigPlanet 2, Socom 4, Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, DC Universe Online, etc. I’m looking forward to Gears of War 3 and Forza 4, but that’s it. And that’s only it because that’s all Microsoft is releasing that’s worth spending $60+ dollars on.

  • Premierdrmmr07


    People are hating because we don’t care about exclusive content, we want exclusive games! Why is microsoft paying for “exclusive content” that will probably be on the ps3/pc a month later when they don’t have a single EXCLUSIVE GAME coming out until September. That’s what people are upset about. It’s January and there isn’t a single exclusive xbox 360 game coming out for 9 months….

    -Premierdrmmr07- A disappointed xbox 360 fan

  • Ollyh

    Looks like I’ll be having more fun on my PC and PS3 in the coming months. Thanks Xbox.

  • TG kolz4ever

    Yeah back when I got my 360 we were getting all the exclusives and sony exclusives were coming over to the 360 such as devil may cry, gta, final fantasy was a huge shock back then, and so on. Now it’s the other way around people don’t like it, imagine that typical hypocrites you people always are. :) But I did see some good points also, especially the one comment with the 20 exclusives and the fact that we only got kinect. I am not in to that my self at all. I play my games at different times and a lot of times late at night so I don’t wanna be jumping all over the room and swinging my arms all night long when I am already tired.

  • Gonzo345

    Announcing DLC before selling the game. Ok, I will try to buy it (just in case I like it, I don’t know it right now) around 30€ ~

    And please, work creating more core exclusives please…

  • Stephan1237

    Woow we got Exclusive DLC for a month..

  • DarkTear81


    No blogs, no DLC, no patching. Companys had to launch a game in a good to excellent state and hadn’t the ability to cover up bad work or cut out something for the game and praise it as DLC. Ah, ye good olde days… I’m missing them.

  • Joergen8

    I for one applaud any game that is in the Battlefield genre instead of the CoD genre (or Quake-genre I should say). There are only two FPS multiplayer games with decent vehicle combat and they are Battlefield and Halo.. the rest just run around noob-tubing and stabbing eachother like it’s 1994.

  • Cyrax PT

    DLC? I hope they give us a demo, otherwise, it’s “frontlines” all over again…

  • a1984darkboy

    This would be fantastic if I had interest in playing Homefront at all. It’s just not appealing to me. These Halo or CoD killers rarely though because they always miss a certain mark that stops the game from being really great. We’ll see how it goes, but I don’t have high hopes for this one.

  • Stephan1237

    Homefront dev defends 10-hour days

    The boss of Homefront developer Kaos Studios has defended crunch – the act of working 10-hour days seven days a week to get a game ready for launch.

    An insider working at the New York studio told Develop that crunch has been underway at Kaos for around half-a-year.

    “Over the holiday many of us were on call and unable to leave to see our family,” said the anonymous source.

    Responding to the accusations, Kaos general manager David Votypka said 10-hour shifts were common among many industries, and denied staff were forced to work over the holiday break.

    “If this seems unique or abhorrent, I would have to suggest that any assessment regarding a 10-hour work day would need to consider a much larger segment of the American workforce,” he said.

    “Digital media companies, marketers, PR, even accountants in various industries throughout the nation, work 10-hour days regularly, 52 weeks per year.”

    Last week THQ’s outspoken core games boss Danny Bilson visited the studio and tweeted, “At Kaos studios in NY sitting with a team that’s finaling on 7 day weeks for a couple of months. Talk about that ‘thousand yard stare’.”

    Votypka said Bilson’s tweet was incorrect. “Unfortunately, it was misstated that this [seven-day crunch] has been going on for two months. That’s simply not the case. For the record: no Kaos developer has worked 60 days without a break. That will never happen here.”

    Homefront, due out on 8th March, has been in development for three years. THQ hopes it will prove a critical and commercial success – and lay the groundwork for sequels that will eventually challenge the likes of Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

    Source :Eurogamer

    70 hours a week to work on a this game?


    Those poor Kaos Studios employees… all those wasted hours of hard work for nothing.

  • Blue Thunder28


    I said nothing about that, just what I mentioned was funny.
    HAHA while I am flattered you took so much time to write to me, I don’t just eat up everything MS spits out… I do buy it though, because it is FUN. games are FUN and the Kinect is FUN. Look at my gamerscore, I am SO casual and have no idea of what the Xbox Core audience is!! Obviously!

    I get your pessimistic view of the game industry but I’m not the kind of person that will hate on any video game.. So that’s why you won’t see me bitching about anything Microsoft announces because then I would become miserable and that would suck.

    After watching the vidocs for Homefront on Xbox Live the game does look genuinely interesting and I’m not about to ignore a game just because it’s an FPS. ANYWAY the point of my earlier comment was that Microsoft was literally dropping money down to get us content first and people find a negative in that???

  • Lanmanna

    Glad to see more of you guys are seeing the crazy stuff Microsoft is doing. We want good, exclusive games, Microsoft!