January 19th 2011 5:40 pm PT

iBlast Moki and 3D Brickbreaker Revolution now available for Windows Phone 7


Each game has a free trial available, so try ‘em out:


iBlast Moki

• $2.99 USD
• Puzzle & Trivia
• English Only
• Do you love bombs, creating contraptions and solving physics puzzles?  iBlast Moki is an original physics puzzle game where you blast cute little Mokis with the help of bombs and other crazy items.

3D Brickbreaker Revolution

Digital Chocolate
• $2.99 UDS
• Puzzle & Trivia
• EFIGS Support
• Get blown away by stunning 3D graphics and up to 24 insane power-ups – including Jump, Vision Twist, Laser, Cannons, and Nuke.  Take on infinite levels, epic boss battles, secret bonus levels and more!


Windows Phone By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Sogeman

    Played iblas on my ipod. Not worth 3$ (got it while it was free once)

  • NeoRatt

    Be aware, the release date of the brick game is set to 2010 NOT 2011 so if you sort by release date it does not show up at the top of the list…

  • russian box

    Hey Microsoft why not do what you did with the xbox 360 and make your own hardware so we all can go out and buy one standard phone. not have 50 to choose from all with different specs which will be crap in a months time when there’s a new HTC one with a bigger resolution screen.

    apple do it with iphone
    you do it with xbox

    so why have a crap mobile platform? way to fail!

    i want one of these phones but which one? oh they are all £500 unless i get a contract then its £35 a month but with only 5gb data allowance but then i could….OH WHY BOTHER!

    sort it out MS, make a phone!…and make the games have achievements..while your at it make more pc games have achievements too. you need to back them more!

  • Hoffer

    I would LOVE to get achievements on the go. Only problem is I’m not giving up my iPhone for a Windows Phone 7.

    PLEASE release a new Zune with the WP7 OS.

  • Shiaoran


  • Hauz20

    Guy with “Russian” in his name asking for less choice … go figure.

  • Shiaoran

    I thought comments were modded… That’s racism on
    Hauz20’s post.

    Anyway, I’m with russian box, but I’d go further and say screw phones, learn to just make your own handheld.

  • Grumbledock

    @ russian box
    I would suggest you buy an iPhone, since things like “many choices”, “customized hardware”, “freedom” and a “phone just for your needs/economy” is relevant to you?
    You kind of missed the whole difference between Android (HTC), iPhone and Windows Phone 7. Just to be nice I’ll tell you anyway (and for free).

    *Iphone: Apple makes 1 version every year, and more or less scraps the rest. You got to get the latest phone to get all the new functions, programs etc. working, also games and all. Upgrade every year, 1 phone, 1 price, 1 hardware, 1 os.
    Cons:Makes it easy to program games and apps, but keeps prices very high and there really are no options :(

    * Android: Here you got freedom of choice in almost overwhelming amount. If you want a cheap phone, you can get one. You want one that makes the iPhone look like a typewriter, go get it. There is a phone for every person, and every finance, rich or poor. Android is at your door.
    Cons: The wide amount of hardware used makes it really tough to make games and apps, since they may not run on the slower phones. Also, any update to your phone must be “programmed/fixed” by the manufacturer, hence phones tend to get few/no updates since HTC and the lot wants you to buy a new phone evey year…

    * Windows Phone 7: MS has tried to take the Buddhist approach, and find a “middle way”. They offer you a decent range of mobiles from different manufacturers, with different hardwares and prices, so you can choose one that does what you want, at a good price, from a manufacturer you like. Furtheremore, to avoid the Android-problem, MS has certain “hardware standards” that all Phones must apply to, hence it is very easy to make games/apps to windows phones, and they’ll never be slow like an android, or locked in like an iPhone. MS does also (just like apple) send all updates to all phones (no matted brand), hence even an old phone gets all updates it can handle.
    Cons: Limited number of games and apps as for now, kind of high price and not that many models on the market.
    Still, WP7 has 3x the number of apps Android had at this time after launch, and many more mobile models, with new hardware and price, is coming.

    If MS made 1 phone, you could only buy that 1 phone, with that specific hardware, and that price. Next year they would do like apple, and dump you and your phone (most likely) to encourage you to buy a “new version”. Is that so smart? :O
    On the console market you got the 360 premium, and elite, as well as slim 4Gb and slim 250Gb. Should MS remove all but the 250Gb version?
    Sounds kind of dull, don’t you think ;)
    If they made the android way, we’ll have billions of WP7 phones, most cheap and slow but some good, but since they won’t get updates they’ll be pretty bland.
    Sorry for OfT Major, just tried to sort out that little misunderstanding :)
    Always nice with new games for WP7 though :)
    Looking forward to seeing a Swedish version soon (so I can get one too), with support of live, marketplace and maybe even indie-games in the future?

  • Grumbledock

    Sorry for the wall of text btw :)

  • chiruno99


  • Boe2

    I adore my android phone, but yes: It’s a big disadvantage, not knowing whether a game will run (decently) or not. Then again, I don’t really use my phone for gaming as I hate almost every touch-screen gaming layout I’ve seen. So on long trips I just take my DS along. No achievements on that one though :p

  • Stephan1237

    Not available in Holland

  • stststststq

    @russian box – Since when is choice a bad thing? MS have found a decent middle ground between making one phone a year themselves like Apple (i.e. no choice) and having loads of handsets to choose from, some of which are very powerful and some of which aren’t powerful at all (i.e. Android). They’ve given consumers a choice of handsets while mandating to the hardware manufacturers that those handsets meet a certain minimum spec and have certain buttons and so on. This will avoid the fragmentation issues seen with Android while giving consumers a choice of handsets. That’s a good business strategy if you ask me, and it’s good for consumers too, and that’s coming from someone who uses an Android phone and loves it.

  • Kazimieras

    Hi Major,
    I actually like these posts, although I don’t quite yet own a Windows Mobile phone, yet. I say yet since I need a phone that operates on 1700/2100 bands and the only one that qualifies is the Dell Venue Pro. I want to buy this phone, but it isn’t availible in Canada, and Dell’s marketing department is doing its best to keep a release date (if there is one) a secret. It is a shame since I have 4 friends who are chopping at the bit to buy a windows phone, but the promotion up here in Canada has been awful! I know Canada is only 1/10th that of the US, but if you cover the 5 major cities that is the bulk of the country. Anyway, thought this may be some useful information for you to pass along.

  • ElektroDragon

    Great, now how about making WP7 available for prepaid carriers like Boost or Verizon?

  • Outinthedark

    You know if Microsoft is going to be using this as a proper defence against the PSP/DS then please release some decent games for a chance?

    No offense to the devs but these are $.99 impulse buy types of games. For $3 I have easily gotten my money’s worth from Project Sunburst even the $5 I spent on Zombies!!! was well woth it considering the dev is updating for true multiplayer, but this week is just more lame crap.

    Bring on the big guns of your WP7 platform.

  • Hauz20

    @shioran it’s not racism; it’s ethnocentrism. You know … Russian = Communism = lack of free choice = sarcasm … aw, nevermind.

  • Shiaoran

    Yeah, but when you put it that way few of the usual posters know what was meant, judging by how they whine like kids ;)

  • russian box

    @Hauz20 OMG YOUR 20, HOW LAME!

    see what i did their? i looked at your name and made a judgment. oh wow.

    so now i’m from russia? I’d say over here in the United Kingdom i have loads of choice :) Thanks

    as for the one phone thing, I guess im wanting xbox mobile. just like you have ds and psp…you get the idea.

    I don’t want to be like buying a new computer…..this part..that part…this phone…that phone.

    i’m not losing choice. Could we argue this the other way round and say their should be 5 diffrent xbox’s made by diffrent companys. some which have built in coffee machines and some that i can install lynix on?


    give me my 1 type of xbox and my 1 type of windows phone 7*. *maybe that should be xbox mobile

  • russian box

    As for MS removing all the other types of console….YES

    the other are only their to bring down the price to ship it onto families with kinect.

    oh kinect, why.

  • SITH LORD Hood

    Give up my iPhone4 for a Windows Phone?? Ha! and are we really expected to believe that Major + others have all given up your iPhones and swapped over….