Xbox LIVE and Updates this week


This week, both Xbox LIVE and will receive small updates that I wanted to make you aware of.


Xbox LIVE Dashboard update:

On Wednesday, January 19th we will issue a mandatory dashboard update that (re) enables the ‘Boot to Disc’ option in the Xbox 360 dashboard. After you accept the update, you’ll be able to set the option to boot to the Xbox 360 dashboard OR directly to the game you have in the tray when you power up your console. This option can be found in the System Settings. update:

Additionally, on Thursday January 20th the team will ship an update that contains a small update to the Gamercards. We’ve updated the Gamercard look and feel a bit and removed gamerzone from the card. Other than that, the same amount of information is on the card. Here is an example:


New Design



Most people may not notice these small changes but I know many of you appreciate knowing the details when we issue updates.



  • ElektroDragon

    I would have appreciated a better looking Xbox logo on the new card. Maybe one that is actually in color? Looks kind of blah.

    Also, do we not get a new XBLA game at all tomorrow? Can you clarify? Thanks!



    Hmm I didn’t even realize that option was gone from the System Settings. But then again I’ve always had all my 360s set to boot to the Dashboard anyway. Any other changes coming with this Dashboard update or is that it?

    Also I hope there’s going to be a LOT more changes to (other than an unnecessary change to gamercards) since the site has been AWFUL since the last major update! Achievement comparison and sorting is completely messed up now and hopefully the cookies for the site will be fixed too so I don’t have to clear them at least once a week just to make the site work.


  • lewgiffard

    Excellent Major, appreciate the update!

    Any more changes to or solely the gamercards?


  • rogXue

    Please don’t tell me that’s the final look. Looks plain with too much open space. Is that just proportioned incorrectly on the site? Looks like something that would have been released at launch. Going backwards if you ask me.


  • Ark Hunter

    And enable Kinect always on spying LOL. Yeah, I didn’t know ‘Boot to Disc’ was gone. Did it accidentally get dropped/broken in some update?


  • Chux

    Oh hey look, MS is putting back a feature that consumers requested. Other companies could learn a lot from them. :)


  • Anonymous

    Spare Parts is the arcade game for tomorrow


  • CrazyCake

    gamercards look cool, but i have the start up too disc feature i don’t know why an update is needed since i have it and my friend has it too.


  • RavenousLou

    So they left in the meaningless rep and took out the online status and what the person is/was currently/recently playing? Ugh….


  • RavenousLou

    Okay, maybe I’m wrong. The Major said the same amount of info is there, it just isn’t present in the mockup. We’ll see.


  • Tjoeb123

    Uh, Major…I still see the option to boot to a disc. What difference will this make?


  • SinedX360

    Hello Major,

    For the Gamercards informations about the latest games played, XBLIG games are not mentionned yet.

    Possible in the future ?




  • Wiseguy

    Thanks Larry!


  • Arsenic13

    So when can we rate games that we own again? It was removed from the disc tray area and my games. Why?


  • ElektroDragon

    Thanks Daz!! I almost bought Spare Parts on PS3 tonight thinking it was exclusive!!


  • AutomaticOcelot

    2010: The Year We Make Contact
    2011: The Year We Add W H I T E S P A C E
    Not really an improvement, sorry.


  • I DLord I

    Um… will there still be an number to represent how long you have been a member?


  • halo2redvsblue

    Sweet, now Bring back the abilty to turn off auto renewal on and everything will be fine.


  • Infamous0913

    uhhhh… I still see the boot to disc and dashboard options on my 360… Im confused


  • aka Scratch

    I thought you could boot to disk before. Was it removed and now back again?


  • UNSCleric

    Why don’t we get more notification options? I’m sick of having to have to see when everyone signs in just to be able to see when I get Achievements or Messages. Give us more options when it comes to what notifications we do or don’t want to see; it’s been requested for over five years. I’ve been in every Dashboard beta and when I was in the first one in 2007 or 2008, I posted this request in the beta tester boards and it was a huge hit, but it seems it was ignored and continues to be.


  • Quicksilver4648

    This dashboard update will mean nothing to me but I am sure there are plenty of people who will be glad to finally have to option to Boot-To-Disk back. But, onto the gamercard redesign… ugh… yeah… I see someone is a fan of W H I T E S P A C E. You would think the graphic designers would have opted for a more compact design considering the console itself was given a more compact shape and you’re removing content, not enlarge it and add in unused space. But hey, I didn’t look at tons of market research so help persuade my decision.


  • SirPwn4g3

    Are the Kinect beta testers ever getting an avatar shirt?


  • Skrapshak

    “Boot to disk” was broken with the November 1, 2010 update. Now it will be fixed. Hoorah!

    Now that the dashboard is more “vibrant”, why are you reverting to a subdued Gamercard? It kind of stinks like a PSNID.

    Oh well, I am a proponent of change. I hope the new Gamercard format gets a few tweaks to make it more ubiquitous with the Dashboard and the website.


  • xTye

    So wait…your dumbasses removed the option? It was there before…


  • AnEternalEnigma


    It’s been almost a year since you guys shut off the original Xbox Live.

    And we have a friends cap of 100. What was the point of even doing this anyways?


  • Shiaoran

    The new gamercard looks very bland… As everything does these days… Next thing we know the next Xbox will be glossy white with round shapes and a glowing bitten Xbox logo on top that screams “PRETTY! STYLISH! I’M NOT A GAMER, UNLESS THAT’S WHAT’S COOL NOW, IN WHICH CASE I TOTALLY AM!”.


  • Boe2

    Just out of curiousity: where the gamerzones ever actually used for something?


  • AmazonianAngel

    the boot to disk option was broken and missing?
    I set mine to boot to dashboard and never knew it was missing


  • sho220

    i don’t really like the new gamercard. it looks too big and the colors aren’t anything special.

    also, i’m guessing since your name is in gold, that means you have a gold account. i prefer the gold/silver bars along the top.

    furthermore, with a redesign, i’d think how many years you’ve been a gold number would’ve worked its way into the card.

    so in summary, i could live with the new design if the overall size is cut down a bit, and if it provides a better representation for gold/silver accounts. adding how many years you’ve been a gold member would be +1 point :)


  • IRB

    Looks good, but still no tenure number is shown?

    There is plenty of room for it now, get rid of that xbox logo and pop the number in there :)


  • QuiCkz AleX

    Great News


  • Thief000

    Xbox update is great! Keep the good stuff coming.

    But the gamercard update is total BS. Why on earth is REP still on the card?! Everybody gets a 5 star rep eventually no matter how much people hate you and downvote you on Xbox Live.

    You can leave the rep system in place but remove the stars from the gamer cards and replace them with “games played” or “games completed”, or better yet “Games:117/256” for example that combines both. A statistic that people would actually like to see instead of meaningless mumbo jumbo.


  • bullka LT

    I would have got rid of rep stars as well. I haven’t yet met a person in XBL with less than 5 stars. Unless that was a total noob with 0 gamerscore.
    Why this information is still on the gamercard? Waste of space.


  • Xenokai 360

    Im so glade this update is finally coming out to fix this bug. It been very annoying having a option on my xbox that was broken. Also its something i use alot.


  • A Place for Us

    I miss the feature where you could see the associated Marketplace content when a disc was inserted (on Game Details). Any chance this could come back? I guess Marketplace works a bit differently now, so probably not.


  • Nielsthomas1

    … Why do you keep makinjg things uglier, first the dashboard, now the gamercard.
    Where the fuck are you putting the money I am giving you?
    How about you just do something useful with it for a change, you know like good exclusives (not DLC), features for XBL that I can actually use (the Netherlands) and make sense to use on a console.

    How about a new console that all current Xbox owners get 50% off.

    So far all I am seeing is a price increase for Live, and stuff being removed, and made look hideous. And I sure as hell am not seeing any features other then Twitter and Facebook (which nobody wants to use on a console anyway)


  • Misaki Ki

    Wish they’d release some basic API access so we could pull the data the cards use without risking hassle by MS.



    And yet it still shows the useless rep…..


  • stststststq

    I updated my 360 S, which went fine, then I queued up some stuff from the Marketplace and turned the 360 off so it background downloads it. The disc in the drive immediately span up to a ridiculous speed – way faster than it would ever rotate if you’re just playing a game – and it sounded like the console was going to explode. I quickly pressed eject to get the disc out, and now it seems fine. It might be one of those weird quirks, but you guys might want to check into this to see if it can be replicated.


  • loopingstar

    Why remove the gamer zone from the card ? – Really a strange decision – that was useful information . Totally bemused by that move to be honest :-/


  • AMCope

    I’m fairly sure we already “had” or “have” the boot to disc option.


  • L0rN

    Arrrghhhh, Interrupted in the middle of a speed run in trials HD. Damn it. ;)


  • Pleese Shoot Me

    Ughh! The new gamercards are hideous.

    Why must you keep changing things that are fine?


  • Wils35

    @Chux yes putting BACK a feature they didn’t need to get rid of.


  • Muzzymate

    Everyone, the current dashboard update has a bug in it where the “Boot to Disc” option doesn’t function as expected, even though the menu option still appears. This new update apparently corrects this bug.

    Like the new gamercard look!


  • Jaymoon85

    Must be a new security wave introduced to prevent playing backed up games… which of course will be circumvented.

    At least be honest about what the updates do. Just say it fixes “security holes”, which is true, and also jabs Sony a bit at the moment. But enabling a feature that has been present since launch back in 2005? C’mon….


  • LastHour1

    I wasn’t aware that Boot to Disk was broken. Eh, I don’t use it anyway. I think the new Gamercard looks kind of plain. The current one is perfect. Oh well. Thanks for the details, Major.


  • r3dreck



  • AnotherSociety

    Thanks for the Update. Gamercard looks a bit plain why not let us customise our own cards maybe sell some icons and pictures in the marketplace I would buy them ;-) and edit it like our avartars just an idea..


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