January 20th 2011 2:26 pm PT

Demo: DanceMasters



Content: DanceMasters
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Dash Text: DanceMasters Demo. Match your pose with the silhouette! Hit the markers with your hands and feet!Through the power of Kinect you can experience a completely new dance game using your entire body–no controller required.Experience exhilarating dancing and the excitement of an ultra-modern dance club from your own home, either alone or with friends!There is more to the game than dancing. Your image is projected onto the stage in real time!


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Note: You’ll need Kinect to use this demo


Demo, Kinect By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ai Kago

    I’ll check this out, but Dance Central is the only dance game you need. This is full of JPOP rubbish so I hear.

  • longklaw1


  • mann alive

    They played this on GiantBomb’s Kinect launch day stream and I thought it looked pretty cool. I picked up Dance Central for the better music (that JPOP is annoying) but the mechanics here seemed intriguing. If Konami accepts market place realities and licenses some music, the next version of this could catch on. Will check out.

  • Stormgazer

    If you don’t mind some difficult dance routines and like the type of music Dance Dance Revolution offers up, you’ll most likely enjoy this. I got it for Christmas. It’s cool,catchy,fun and something different. It throws you right onto the stage without much of a tutorial which makes Dance Central the more user friendly of the two. Guys will probably shy away from buying it, because the game cover looks geared toward females. Oh and yes it’s loaded with Japanese pop and a great addition to any Kinect library.

  • Casserole

    Jpop is brilliant! Makes a change from the manufactured pop we have nowadays.

    I don’t like this pattern of having the weekly demo as Kinect only though, you’re leaving the majority of 360 users out. Can’t you run them alongside normal demos?

  • Stormgazer

    Off the topic, but I like the new ticker on your Major’s Minute. You and Bridget up the great work!

  • Quicksilver4648

    DanceMasters? Does anyone remember that amazing E3 press conference by Konami where the lead designer for this game went on stage and started dancing? Good times, good times.

    As an unrelated related side-note: One mirron troops!

  • Tjoeb123

    @Ai Kago

    JPOP “Rubbish”, you say? Hmmm…..

  • Tjoeb123

    Also, I’ve been clicking around the product pages, and I’ve never found any glitches in the system.

  • chiruno99

    JPOP > Current Music Culture. Still, I’m not thinking about getting Kinect, ever. The 3DS is my big buy this year for sure!

  • SCS 85

    DanceMasters is the best dancing game on the Kinect IMO. Good to see more people get the chance to try it out to see if it is their type of game.

  • II EV0L 0NE II


  • imperatorpat

    DanceMasters is good in its own way… it’s true there are no tutorials like in dance central, but you can play it on “easy” mode to practice and its like a tutorial (the character does the same moves in easy, medium, and hard, but you just don’t have to match as much in easy). Not all the music is “jpop” either, there are several different genres of music in it although they are all clearly japanese…

    There are a few problems: the “vocalizations” feature just feels stupid (why do i have to shout something?) but can be turned off in options, the interface is HORRIBLE (please konami, copy the interface from every other kinect game instead of making your own weird one… konami really has a problem designing good interfaces as they have shown over the years with DDR), and also it seems like you can only have the 1 female avatar from the cover… which also means the dance moves seem designed for girls more and don’t quite fit if you are a guy.

    If you liked any of the DDR games though, download the demo and try it out :)