January 22nd 2011 7:22 pm PT

Voicemail spam


I received this voicemail on my mobile phone last night. How many red flags pop up for you when you hear it ?


A ‘certified non-profit agency’ wants to ‘consolidate my credit cards’ ? Riiiiiight.


Click the player below to hear the voicemail.



Download the audio file here->  Voicemail spam


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Random By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • amacvane

    “Filed under: Random”

    You hit the nail on the head there.


    They mentioned you recieved a letter previously, but did you?

  • Greenskull

    Wow hahaha

  • clarky456

    ONE POINT FIVE PRECENT!!! My God, Major just hit the debt consolidation Jackpot!

  • rogXue

    that’s what you get for putting your number on contests and random info requests ;)

  • AutomaticOcelot

    But her voice is so soothing and professional. How can I not trust it? HOW??

  • Jonners117

    Next you’ll be winning several thousand naira in the Nigerian lottery that is ready to be transferred to your account.

  • chiruno99

    And this is related to Microsoft, why?

  • JeffRand

    @chiruno99 It is not related at all and doesn’t need to be. This is Larry’s personal blog. And, I for one, enjoy the miscellaneous things he finds and discusses.

  • Ryokea Hakubi

    Wow. Wonder how many idiots would actually fall for this.

  • FightDog 85


  • Zacabeb

    “A [non-specified] certified non-profit agency” certainly is informative and reassuring. I’d trust them to the end of the world will all my personal information… not.

    Somebody needs to do a Sparta remix of this.

  • QualityJeverage


    Blog =/= news site.

  • DarkGin87

    My house phone gets these sort daily, “this is a free message please do not hang up” is the most common one in the UK right now

  • dedtime

    The sad part is how many people actually fall for it, ha.

  • Logic Squirrel

    Lol yeah, as if. I really like answering phone calls of telemarketers and scams they make me laugh and i enjoy winding them up.

  • Rossa AU

    hahaha got to love spam. I love answering their calls and just pretending like i care :)

    @ chiruno99: And you don’t understand what a blog is, why? Larry has a life outside of MS you know. OMG SHOCK!!!!….RIGHT!?!?! :P

  • RockStar AV8R

    Anyone else think “she” sounded just like “Ashley” from Gamestop? lol

  • Major Nelson

    And no….I never did get an email from them.


    @RockStar AV8R: Gamestop’s Ashley is a LOT more annoyingly perky. *cringe*

  • KRiSX85

    clearly sounds like a computer generated message… lol

  • Mikro

    Got this same call on AT&T’s U-verse just after the tech hooked everything phone range Promptily added it to the block call list.

  • Mikro

    Got this same call on AT&T’s U-verse just after the tech hooked everything phone range Promptily added it to the block call list.

  • sobnekahcS moT

    Is this an announcement for a new game or what? :9

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    I put my home and cell on the “do not call” website and NEVER get these anymore. It’s http://www.donotcall.gov if anyone is interested (US only, I believe, but your country should have something similar).


    Wow Major 1.25% and you are already approved!!!! Sounds like a great deal! #sarcasm

  • DeadOne Walking

    I picked up 8 red flags from the first listen. I would have to listen again and re-count to both list and verify, but it’s not worth it. If I give 2 red flags, then it’s immediately dumped. One flag and I re-check whatever it was. Sometimes a single red flag is nothing other then a legitimate statement that was misinterpreted, hence the re-check.

  • Bawitdaba1337

    This just in, Major is a final final finalist and may have already won some very important prizes

  • Casserole

    I think Ashley has finally cracked it… she can sound like a human and a robot at the same time!

  • MeS FEAR

    hahaha nice one larry…sounds really professional…i prefer not to call this number…E-Mail Spam is everywhere…i’m just deleting such spam mails

  • Adaptor

    While we’re on the topic of spam; when playing Modern Warfare 2 yesterday I got spam via Xbox Live. These used to be for 10th prestige lobbies which I consistently report for tampering (promoting the altering of a game) but now I seem to be getting spam promoting websites too… Should I just report these under Communication->Text Messages even though they don’t really qualify?

    I’m also wondering what happens when I report someone for 10th prestige lobby spam. I understand that MS doesn’t disclose the actions they take against people but do these reports actually help in detecting modified consoles from people that host 10th prestige lobbies?