January 26th 2011 2:11 pm PT

Arcade: Breach


BreachContent: Breach
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your region
Dash Text: Breach is a first-person military shooter that unleashes enough destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat. Crash ceilings on opponents. Create murder holes. Disintegrate cover. Punch holes through floors. Blow out walls. Collapse entire buildings. And, so much more.




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Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ruthless Image

    this game is horrible,major letdown.

  • YaoIsGod

    I was pretty excited to buy this game until I saw the price.

  • TanithFirst

    It might just be me, but this game is dreadful! I wouldn’t even consider it at 600pts let alone 1200 being charged now! Oh well… I’m sure sooner or later there will be a decent XBL game I will actually enjoy!

  • StormRaging

    I was very interested in this game but the gameplay is just MEH

  • Twister65

    The Marketplace has it listed at 800 points.

  • BIGJON416

    Downloading now, will check it out later.

  • MayorDooley

    ‘Esmeralda, the bells’

  • Recon73

    I can’t even get in a game it freezes or goes connection failure. Not a good 1st impression.

  • StormRaging

    oh and for a first-person military shooter that unleashes enough destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat, I could barely get anything to actually blow up

  • Euphoric Fusion

    I had high hopes for this game but it is such a letdown I can’t believe it.
    To price this at 1200 points is ridiculous. It’s not even in the same league as other 1200 pointers (eg. Trials HD).

  • ElektroDragon

    Please, not another first person military shooter! I am crying uncle over here.

  • krisxx

    would rather play that FPS water gun game for WiiWare then ANOTHER army men game.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    Murder Hole is my deathcore band.
    Will it become 2011’s Emergence Hole? Only time will tell…

  • BooYaa1851

    yep i agree with all the negative comments, a real poorly executed FPS and lets be honest how many rooms will be full in a months time…scrap that! a weeks time.

  • FightDog 85

    Full Version only for Gold Members!? What the hell?

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    It’s online only, so why would a silver account want it if they couldn’t play?

  • hudsmack
  • Carg0

    are we ever getting the ‘Top 20′ list again? because it’s been inexplicably absent for almost two months now…

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely awful. I’d like to give my opinion on the game itself but after 7 attempts of not being able to connect, I’m unable to do so. My connection is good and my NAT is open.

  • Shiaoran

    @hudsmack: Probably bullshit. Everyone can be a cheater and everyone can be a coward and use something as a shield, specially when their mom is overprotective because everyone think they have a “mental illness”.
    People with an autism disorder don’t need your pity, they need you to not pity them, since shyness and low self-esteem are part of the package. I actually know a few people who are proven autistic and to me they just seem like what most would call “uber nerds”.

  • TG kolz4ever

    lol… You poor generic bastards complaining about the prices as usual. That’s new.. Poor people.. No idea why you even play a game since you can’t afford them. Which is why you always see 2 or more people on one console… lol

  • tylerh1701

    “Please, not another first person military shooter! I am crying uncle over here.” Ditto! Judging by these comments, hopefully the game is terrible and flops, and future ones do as well. Unoriginal FPS games have flooded the market terribly!

  • Anonymous

    @Eclipse 2K

    Same thing with me, failed to connect 4 times and locked up twice. I was never even able to get a demo game in, needless to say, I deleted the demo from my HDD without giving it another try.

  • Anonymous

    o0 Daz 0o,
    It’s quite ridiculous isn’t it? You release a demo to try and convince people to purchase your game and unless the game is meant to be nothing more than a lobby, it fails at doing it’s main intention. Oh well, it’s not like I would of purchased it either way. The competitive multiplayer in most if not all arcade games fade quickly.

  • Exu

    Bloody hell. It’s like they took everything that was good about first-person shooters, threw it in the bin, and made a game out of what was left!

  • PastLife666

    This game makes me dizzy every time I play it. The controls just don’t feel right and when I run it looks like I’m limping.

  • bullka LT

    @PastLife666: Breach claims to be a real military simulator… so maybe you are wounded if you feel you’re limping :)

    Anyway.. It’s just an Arcade game for me. Nothing special.


    I wouldn’t mind paying the 1200pts but the lag is so bad I can’t tell if I like the game or not.

  • Ruthless Image

    @bullka LT

    no thats just how the movement in the game is.

  • Gonin

    Shit sandwich.


    This game is very bad.
    1200 pts is very expensive.

  • shaz73

    1200 points for this crap! Only cause they know that people will pay this for a FPS..well not me.

  • chiruno99

    The old Red Faction games could let you destroy buildings in an FPS, and they were good, even if everything was heavily limited.

  • Gonin

    Majornelson if you’re going to censor me then at least put the correct amount of *’s in! Shit is 4 letters so needs 4 *’s.

  • Anonymous

    I was able to get into a game of 1 vs 1 (Oh wow!) and the whole game is awful.

  • BIGJON416

    This game is awful, enough said!

  • SITH LORD Hood


  • SG dannysal

    Had issues connecting to a game the other day. In fact, couldn’t connect to a game at all. Will try to give it another shot tonight.

  • Disco Penguins

    I love how much publicity this game got, and THEN they took extra months to “… get things right.” Well, if by getting things right, they meant making one of the worst first-person shooters on the XBLA, then they did a fantastic job!

    BREACH feels like Call of Duty (The first one) with no depth at all. Blowing up holes in walls as a selling point is pathetic, because rarely do you even try to do it. Players are out running like fools with no tactics at all, and gameplay is just dreadful.

    Finally, because I have to comment on it, the graphics are horrendous! Same your money on this one, or if you really want a solid FPS experience on XBLA, pick up Battlefield 1943. It’s better in every single area, and it costs the same price.

  • ZaelKain

    was waiting for this, because of the promise of destruction…. wow did it disappoint and sucked bad, Had to pop BC2 back quickly to erase the bad taste of mouth it left me.