February 16th 2011 2:13 pm PT

Arcade: Hard Corps: Uprising


Hard Corps: UprisingContent: Hard Corps: Uprising
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your region
Dash Text: Thrilling retro run-and-gun action is back with a vengeance in Hard Corps: Uprising, a new 2D side-scroller developed by ARC System Works that pays homage to classic Konami action series. Play as the soldier Bahamut as he begins to write his legend. Battle in the grueling trenches of Arcade mode, where only the best-of-the-best can survive to the end, or the all-new Rising mode, where a life bar and point system allow you to purchase items and upgrades to build your soldier up and achieve ultimate victory. Need help? Partner with a friend to lay down some serious carnage.

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Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Exu

    Day one PDLC? Ouch.

  • Ganon255

    Bought everything site unseen, including the DLC, on the strength on the brand.

  • Pappy 247


    What is the DLC?

  • rogXue

    insert copy/paste too much money comment here:


    Thank you, that is all :D

  • rogXue

    wow I had to come back for 2nds on this one. WTF on the $5 dlc for 2 extra characters the day of release? This is a confirmed never buy for me… what a crock.

  • Exu

    Yeah whatever I’ll come back for seconds too, get it out of the way before the Troll of the Week shows up.

    Contrary to what many of the blog posts here would tell you, some games are actually worth 1200 parts. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. This might have been one of them, were in not for that day 1 PDLC crap.
    I think it should have at least been free if you bought the game within a few weeks, like what DeathSpank ToV did. That way, buy it now or wait for it to be 800 on DotW and the “full” game is still 1200.
    Still, thanks Konami. Thanks to your bullshit nickel and diming you’ve saved me some money!

    One thing I’ve noticed, what is it with Japanese devs constantly trying to rip people off with PDLC and PULC? They’re not the only ones, heavens no, but they sure are repeat offenders. Squeenix, Hudson, Konami…

  • Exu

    1200 parts? Whoops. I wouldn’t like to download a game in 1200 parts.

  • twisted poke

    Day one pay DLC for a 1200 point game means this will get no consideration from me. Shame on Konami.

  • Thief000

    Yeah I love Contra, no doubt about it.
    But this Paid DLC on Day 1 business needs to F off big time.
    Especially when it’s only playable characters, Konami can suck it.
    Paid DLC should only be in the form of sizeable expansion packs, not this, this should be free.
    Microsoft needs to put an end to these practices as well as the pre-order DLC BS.
    It’s just another excuse to rip customers off by giving them an incomplete game.

  • Ai Kago

    Greed, thats all it is. There must be some way of not letting these companies charge for content that is already on the disc or is below a certain file size.

  • Gonin

    I would’ve gotten this at 800 moon points and considered wanking away 400 more for new characters if it was that good. At 1200 moon points for what’s going to be a short game with half the cast missing they can fuck off

  • m la taupe

    Some people aparently have no idea of how game production works.
    This DLC probably wans’t even made by the time the final version of the game was shipped to MS.
    But since this game is part of a seasonal push, its release date has been set long ago when the game was finished.
    So until release date, devs had time to work on DLC.
    Get a clue people…


    Not me. should have been 800 points and the Day one DLC makes this even more ridiculous.

  • Gonin

    @m la taupe- so you think it’s OK for them to charge 400 bucks for 2 extra characters on release day?! Don’t talk shit, we play games and have enough of an idea when somebody’s trying to fuck us over.

  • holybuttman

    the game may well be worth 1200 points but as for the dlc if like me it annoyed you then just don’t buy it …. don’t moan about it don’t shout about how much its a rip off just don’t buy it sooner than later developers will see a trend and stop

  • chiruno99

    It’s stupid that you girls are crying over paid DLC, especially since it’s OPTIONAL. It’s like you’d find the car of your dreams then have a hissy fit because you can have a cup holder, but it’ll cost you and extra $0.60. All the DLC does is add another character and that shouldn’t be the most of your worries if you say the game isn’t worth the 1200 price tag. I swear if I could slap the whole load of you I would. You kids need to READ the descriptions of DLC before you begin crying over spilt milk.

  • Etherphoria

    People are insane, if you want the game get the game, if you dont want the PDLC then ignore it. Its like saying I don’t want an Xbox 360 because Monster cables are so expensive. The dlc isn’t necessary, so why short yourself on a game you want to play because an optional cost isn’t to your liking. If everyone ignores the game because of the DLC Konami won’t release another contra game, they will continue to release DLC anyway though. If people buy the game and everyone ignores the DLC then maybe they’d get your message.

    Make sure Konami gets your message, if your message is I don’t like day one PDLC then dont get the content, if your message is I don’t think its a good game then ignore the game.

  • Exu

    Gonin, I love your way with words. Welcome to the blog.
    Chiruno, I’m sure every single one of them would slap you first.

  • HypnoticPenguin

    @Ai Kago – of course there is, don’t buy it. Simples…

  • Boe2

    Im the first person to express my opinion on this game? Wow…

    This game is actually quite awesome. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I had to look it up on youtube. Soft of the same genre as Metal Slug and Contra, with absolutely gorgeous graphics without losing that typical ‘arcade’ feel.

    Good job on this one I’d say, purchasing it. Radiant Silvergun will probably be next, whenever it finally gets released :)

  • Ollyh

    God I hope this game bombs just because of that DLC.

  • Exu

    Well that’s a bit harsh.^
    Anyway yeah the game plays like a Contra game, because it is a Contra game. You’d think they’d have left the Contra name in, strength of the brand name and all…
    Also, BlazBlue-esque animooting. Always a plus.

  • Huch

    I can’t believe anough people allow themselves to be shafted that that this utter BS tactic is still profitable for publishers. Never buy for me and I won’t even queue up the demo.

  • KazamaSogetsu

    I was ready to buy even before trying the demo, I didn’t even mind the 1200 tag.

    After this DLC fiasco, I’m waiting for the Deal of the Week on it, not paying more than 600. And I’m not boycotting it entirely only because I love Contra.

    The game looks great from the demo, which is a shame. But I rather not support developers following the way of EA, stripping games and giving/selling the parts as DLC.

  • rastansaga

    Not tried it yet, but don’t like the look of the screenshots… seems to be in that crappy 2.5d style. Why not just leave it as proper 2d – and concentrate on the pixel art.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    Everything happening in Egypt makes sense now. Thanks for this.

  • The Grim Heaper

    I’ll pass until it’s Deal of the Week. Got my points ready for BG&E HD and Torchlight.

  • Arent Argento

    It’s too flashy for my taste and lacks the old school Contra flair. Might pick it up if it hits 400 pts. The DLC? Never!

  • tylerh1701

    Good funny commenting here, everyone throwing opinions out about everything!

    Anyway, my 2 cents is that the paid day one dlc is kinda BS, but o well i don’t think i’ve ever boughten DLC that didn’t add new levels/missions to a game, so I would have never got this DLC anyway. The game looks cool, i like that they put in an easy version of the game to, cuz i suck at games like this. I’ll probably get it on deal of the week 6 months from now, no way i’m paying 1200 for it. seems like 800 would have been a better price point.

  • Ai Kago

    The problem is all the mugs willing to fork out for this day DLC stuff are basically spoiling it for the rest of us. I bet content like this would have been free otherwise. Now they know they can make money from it they will start charging even for stuff that takes very little effort to make, or was already going to be in the game. I bet they would charge you for the steam off your own shit if they could.

  • chiruno99

    Why don’t you code up a character for a game then if it takes so little effort?

  • wolfzero01

    so the day one DLC is a couple of characters, no extra missions or anything? what a joke. its too bad that there will be some dumb people who will buy stuff like this without any questions, giving other publishers ideas.


    Way too hard for this old dude…LOL! Way too expensive for this old dude! Oh, and no save points in-between, but I guess that is the charm of the game. Not for me, but I am sure your Hard Core users will love this style. I will say the game is Gorgeous, and seems very solid. If it would have had infinite continues, I would have come closer to buying it, but the price did set me off. Would love to see more games in this style, like it and Shadow Complex. Would love a Prinny game on XBLA! Atlus, I am looking at you!

  • DarkTear81

    “Why don’t you code up a character for a game then if it takes so little effort?”

    Code? Really?
    It’s just some art design and slam it on the already build engine. The movement/shooting routines are already there. Just slam the art design on the code. With sketching/drawing/converting and coloring I would say it takes 3 days max. to fork out a character.

  • theuglyteradon

    “It’s like you’d find the car of your dreams then have a hissy fit because you can have a cup holder, but it’ll cost you and extra $0.60.”

    Sixty cent cup holders? Man, let’s stop arguing about DLC prices and you tell me where I can get accessories for my car at cost!?

  • Boe2

    Guys…you should know by now that chiruno99 only visits this place to actively insult people. Don’t feed the troll. Thanks.

  • LapsonHK

    I bought the game, it’s definitely worth 1200pt if you like Contra.

    For the DLC, they don’t add any new missions or new stages. I am not interested in them. So I didn’t buy them.

    That’s all. Simple enough.

  • Exu

    Actively insult? I think people would have to have actually been insulted but that’s yet to happen.

  • chiruno99

    The fact you’re talking about me is so very cute. Please continue, I look forward to reading your dimwitted responses, but the fact you’re reacting is good enough for me, even when you’re biting your bottom lip in joy and fapping with excitement. Seriously, if you guys could internet to save your life you wouldn’t be feeding me with your disgust, and a potentil, “Troll of the Week” honourable I can push into TGKolz’ face and say, “I annoy the community better than you ever could.” which might not be something to be too proud of. Feed some moar I do liek it a lot I do. I also love the “Yeah, well uhh, you like this or that.” when it’s got nothing to do with the initial subject. You Americants and Britfags sure make me laugh.

    Character Design doesn’t happen over night. Neither does characteristics of that char. You’re looking at a week tops depending on the lackeys of your business, if you even have one. A simple re-sprite can take 3 days yes, but when you’re thinking “And just how can this character be worth the extra $0.60? Add something else.” and the drawing board time gets a little longer etc, but how should I know? I just play games, I don’t make them.

    You might find this ridiculous but look up the Ferrari F430, and how you could choose to have the brake callipers Red, but pay £500 more. How does that effect the car? Well the brake callipers will be Red. I don’t really expect you to know that though. Living in the US only really makes you think US cars are the only ones in existence. Of course if I asked you what a Rover was, I wouldn’t be surprised if you drooled, then responded my Mom’s car. If you want to talk ridiculous prices for car addons like that feel free to feed some more.

  • Dead General X

    Feels like they intentionally took out parts of the game from the beginning and are making you pay extra for it. Downloadable content on first day like this leaves a bad taste. I won’t buy this game on that alone.

  • Ghostwize

    This game is freaking hardcore! I will not buy. I’m too old and don’t have the patience for this type of game nowadays lol. Also it’s way overpriced. :D

  • dirty whirlwind

    Game’s great, and I don’t care too much about the payed DLC. It was pretty obvious that would happen, for anyone following how they handled Harmony of Despair. Let’s just hope they don’t take it to the same extent as Castlevania though, providing music packs for $3 or so a piece. Not planning on getting the additional characters for the simple reason that I don’t need them. There’s enough content here as it is, and the only thing that would get me to pay for more is if I’m already done with what I have, maxing out the included characters etc. Which I probably never will do anyway, so no need to waste my breath on such a trivial matter like payed DLC, especially not when I’m enjoying what I’ve already payed for.


    Thanks LapsonHK for boiling down all this Day 1 PDLC ranting & raving to what it’s all about.


    Game is far too hard and why the hell couldnt MS strike up a deal for the BTTF series?

  • LapsonHK

    If you think it’s too hard, you can try the Rising mode (not sure if it’s in the demo), which is easier.

    In Rising mode, you earn points after completing a stage. Then you can use those points to upgrade your character: lives, health bar, weapon upgrade, special move, etc.
    And after you have unlocked a stage, you can start from that stage next time.

    My character now has 5-6 slots in health bar, and 4-5 lives, which are not maximum yet, but are pretty enough to guarantee passing through a single stage. So it would not be too difficult to finish the whole campaign (I hope).

  • AARON82

    @Gonin your one funny person haha

  • SkyyPlum

    I have to laugh at Chiruno comments calling others trolls of the week when Chiruno is up for troll of all time. I hate to even give Chiruno more to feed on, but had to. As for this dlc, I don’t care that there’s day one dlc, just find it weak that its just characters. This isn’t my kind of game but if it was, I wouldn’t buy characters unless they expanded the story.

  • chiruno99

    I was liek, “Wow, MVC3 came!” and totally forgot to eat more tears. To be fair the priorities are right now

  • Exu

    So anyway I just lucked out and redemmed a code for this. With that, are those DLC characters any good?
    Yeah I’ve changed my tune, it’s amazing what value does for you.

  • Alfred Saxon

    I got it. I didn’t plan to get this but i tryed the demo and liked it . It’s a brilliant game. I feel it’s worth 1200 MSP. If money is tight guys wait for it to go on sell. You don’t have to buy the DLC if you don’t want to. I did so all together i paid 1600 MSP. I don’t feel a mug because it’s a great game which i enjoy playing. Don’t knock this game it’s really good. 10/10