March 2nd 2011 10:11 pm PT

Unleash your Xbox LIVE Avatar to the real world




Want to show off your Xbox 360 Avatar in real life? Well now you can. You can get a huge (up to 4 ft x 6 1/2 ft) poster, like the one on the left or a fully detailed 3-D replica. has more details.


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • EveofLight

    PASS…is Microsoft losing money for them to do something like this? You can’t even use the clothes you purchased >.>

  • FireStorm777


  • Grumbledock

    Given the rise of casual gamers and their ability to pay lots of money for pure cr*p, I’m not surprised. Over prised, limited options, no shipping outside the US.
    After careful consideration, I think I pass on this marvellous deal (feel my sarcasm)

  • CapnMikeM

    why are my glasses colored in, people need to see my gorgeous blue eyes! (I kid)….

    but seriously, we need some better poses before I order a 49.99 statue of myself.

  • peejam

    Micro$$$oft must g€t a pretty hefty cut from every sa£e :P

  • logicslayer

    $150 for a poster? A poster in which has 2 company logos that is technically advertising and your avatar cannot wear the clothes that some of us actually pay for (which is ridiculous in itself).

  • Sneltje

    Question ids this also available outside the US?

  • angryfacing

    Wow! These are cool! I might need to find an extra $50 for a figurine of my Avatar.


    You totally irked me with the MW2 and Black Ops demos. Then you go and do something like this??????????????? AND TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELVES!!!!! AWESOME!



  • ElektroDragon

    Microsoft aren’t making these, they just partnered with a company called FigurePrints created by Robbie Bach to make WoW figurines using a 3D printer. They are just expanding into XBL Avatars now. If had the business contacts, I could have started this company myself. A 3D printer is only a few grand, and they hired some people to paint them. Instant profit. And I could have made Facebook, too. *sigh*

  • chiruno99

    Sarge’s idea is a good one as well, include multiple avatars and not just one, or already Larry, pass on the message. Tell them to ship internationally to the lazy buttholes.

  • Cygnes

    HAHA I’d like to see some finished product.

  • JonnyDFandango

    *Shakes Head* How do these people keep their jobs? If any of us had ideas this stupid at OUR jobs, we’d all be fired by now. Pay for avatar crap, so you can pay to not have the stuff you just paid for on your wall. Can’t say I’m too surprised though. And the process of bleeding us dry at every possible turn spirals on… and on… and on…

  • Chicken Wyng

    I’m sure Major sees this stuff and says “Really, these guys are going to crucify me once I post this.” I feel your silent pain Major.

  • Rykin Poe

    I don’t even want an avatard on my console why would I want it on my wall?

  • umainbearman

    The whole point of customizing an avatar is to make it your own. If I have to constantly recostomize my avatar to see what is and isn’t accepted I’ll do without. At least the Rock Band 2 statues makers wheren’t so picky.

  • TANK 2old2play

    $60 bucks and I can’t get my Avatar model wearing my COG armor? No thanks.

  • RICE md

    What MS needs to do is sell blank avatars, like the Dunny, and people can have a go for themselves.

  • RICE md

    Looks like my link got weirded out. Check out the Munny MS should collaborate with kidrobot.

  • SkyyPlum

    I would get one but apparently my air jordans and jordan jersey are not allowed to be printed so now I will not buy one.

  • dirt junkie 77

    Can’t tell you how much I HATE avatars! I just love being forced into having my self represented as ambiguously camp retard!
    Still waiting, in vain of course, for the option to remove them! Might actually start buying games for my Xbox again?

  • tabicat

    These prices are ridiculous. And the limitations on items? Why did you even bother? What a joke.

  • chiruno99

    I like how everyone is bashing it as usual.

  • I DLord I

    Hahahahahaha! Pre-order now and get a free vasectomy!

  • AccidentReport

    Well the statuette sounds like a fun idea! $60 doesn’t sound too bad a price for it as I’ve seen one of these “printers” in action and its a very slow process to make someething like this. My main whinge…

    WHY ONLY FOR US and Canada?!!?

    It seems like UK, Europe, etc are being left out of things again. Why do there never seem to be any good offers or thing outside the US?