March 2nd 2011 10:11 pm PT

Unleash your Xbox LIVE Avatar to the real world




Want to show off your Xbox 360 Avatar in real life? Well now you can. You can get a huge (up to 4 ft x 6 1/2 ft) poster, like the one on the left or a fully detailed 3-D replica. has more details.


Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • BR0THER Daz

    I dont even know what to say abou this..

  • lewgiffard

    Lol! Really?

  • scuBsnk

    awesome! I think?…

  • Greenskull

    OOO I want one!!!

  • Exu

    Um… okay? That’s cool… I guess? Not sure what to really say.
    (US-only, right?)

  • xTye

    What bullshit, we can’t even use the items we paid for.

  • WinterSnowblind

    Pretty cool, but they don’t ship to outside of the US and Canada.

  • NBA Kirkland

    Finally I can get posters/models of Major, e, Stepto, and Lollip0p! ;-)


    For all 3 options, they won’t allow any avatar clothing items that’s not licensed to print, so if you want to get this, you’re most likely stuck with a generically-clothed avatar. It already seemed like a waste of money to begin with, but if you can’t even get your avatar to look like how YOU want it to, then it’s a definite pass.

  • Greenskull

    Question: Certain avatar items aren’t allowed on your model. What are the restrictions here?

  • Exu

    Hahaha their previews take the shine off so it makes my armour look like a mixture of poo and sand.


    @Greenskull: Anything associated with a brand or company name not owned by Microsoft.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    MN’s is decked out in Syracuse gear…is his legit? I am going to have to check out the rules. I would love to get one wearing my YDKJ pant!

  • Korahn 27

    The only item I bought for my avatar (Garrus Eye Piece) isn’t licensed for print. So my scouter can’t be used.

  • Glenn ZA

    Absolutely a MUST have for me. Can just imagine my real life size avatar up on my wall watching me. Scary :D

    I love both concepts, FigurePrints and FatHead.

    Now just to arrange for shipping from US to South Africa via friends!

  • Exu

    Alright, we’ve all had a good laugh. But seriously though Microsoft, just what the hell are you playing at?
    You guys really need to start getting your shit together because this after last week’s non-event is just embarrassing. Priorites, get them in order.

  • CochransLac

    $149.99 ??? Are you freaking serious ???

  • CochransLac

    NVM i see we can get the small one for $79.99, i feel much better now…/sarcasm

  • IrishTirade

    WOW !!! I would expect a VERY negative/non-profitable response from this … what a freakin joke … I don’t know whether to laugh or cry … literally … is this what you guys are really thinking of in Seattle instead of locking in some actual 1st party games or creating some new IP’s? Last I checked this console war isnt over and if you want your core fans to follow you into the next generation I suggest you step it up soon …

  • SSG CodeMonkey

    It might be cool if it wasn’t for the fact that 99% of marketplace purchased items can’t be shown because Microsoft apparently doesn’t have the rights to redistribute avatar images. Way to fail there…


    Over $80 for a 2ft by 3ft poster? I guess Charlie Sheen could afford one…..

  • HsitH

    My reactions about this:
    In for one…
    “Some elements of your Xbox LIVE Avatar are not licensed for print”
    Umm :(, at least they didn’t remove my flaming helmet, OK.
    *proceed to checkout*
    It’s $59.90 shipped.
    *walks away from computer slowly*

    C’mon Major, at least give them the rights to print most of the items that the avatar marketplace offers.

  • Jaymoon85

    Between $80-$150 for the Fathead poster.
    $60 (with shipping) for the FigurePrints “statue”.
    Between $195-375 for the Zune with design.

    I think I will pass.

  • viper1829

    One word…. Why???

  • Sarge

    Clan van Sarge has a small request.

    We would respectfully like to request the addition of a poster that displays the family of avatars.

    Clan van Sarge is a family all about gaming, and this would an awesome display for our house.

    Many advance thanks,
    Sarge, Mrs Sarge, SargeJunior, Ms Sarge, Sarge III, and Sarge IV

  • Ruthless Image



    Here is what MS should do: Get (5) 4ft by 6ft posters made of these comments. Hang 4 of them on each wall of the CW (Corporate Weasel) that thought “Wow, everybody will love this overpriced idea!” Then, hang one on there office door so people can write there condolences to that CW who is about to get laughed out of the office and hopefully there job! Lastly, charge that CW the $750 plus that those junk posters would cost!

  • a peeking duck

    Glad you got your priorities set straight. Hurray for useless “cool” junk.

  • tylerh1701

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh man Microsoft you so crazy!!!

  • Nanakai

    IrishTirade has it spot on. I definitely feel more like crying than laughing. Maybe I would laugh if I didn’t support Microsoft through my wallet, and the best thing they can come up with is this. Who the heck thought this was a good idea? This is yet another step away from your community. First you anger the Indie games by hiding them away, then you lose community content (or maybe that happened first), then MyGamercard closes. I don’t know what you have planned next, but it doesn’t take a Bill Gates IQ to see that you are making the first shovels of a very deep hole. Seriously, shame on you

  • Jessfest

    Blows my mind how expensive these are. As a novelty, I was considering it. Not for these prices, though.

  • QualityJeverage

    This is a bit…silly. Although for those complaining about the price of the statues, Microsoft isn’t responsible for that. They’re doing it through an external company called FigurePrints, for whom these prices appear to be standard.

    FigurePrints has been doing this with World of Warcraft characters for a long time, which makes more sense. A person’s WoW character can look pretty unique, and they can put a lot of time into it. It makes sense to think some people might want physical representations of that.

    Xbox Live Avatars though? That’s more than a little ridiculous. The fact that you can’t use any licensed gear, while understandable, just makes it worse.

  • wolfzero01

    way overpriced, & it sucks that your limited as to how you avatar looks like. I checked out what mine would look like on the site, & since I use the harlaquin costume it wont’ allow it.

  • Quicksilver4648

    I… I… What? I can now get a statue of my avatar for desk. This is… different.

  • AutomaticOcelot

    viper1829: “One word…. Why???”
    Three words: World of Warcraft.

  • tylerh1701

    Apparently there is a sale on a few games this week, not sure if someone has already mentioned this:

  • The Grim Heaper

    I would have bought a statue if they allowed licensed items and weren’t so damn overprices.

  • rogXue

    This is a horrible cash in… get out of the real world and focus on making our xbox experience better Microsoft… Kick the genius who thought of this idea in the groin for us will ya.

  • Whetzel


    It really is over for the core gamer.

  • Tjoeb123

    …does it cost so, so much?

  • A Place for Us

    Sorry to many licensing issues prevent a lot of avatar items from being shown on Windows Phone 7 and other services like this.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Goofing around with it, it appears that a lot more works with it than the 1% some have posted. Most of the Avatar awards work (Red Dead shirt, Halo helmets, and a lot of Arcade awards), most outfits do not, and a lot of the promotional “free” things work (I made a pretty neat looking one wearing the soda hat and what’s your gamerscore shirt from the block party). Price-wise, like a few others have said, it is what those companies charge already for their other products. Fat Heads are always expensive, as they are not “posters”, the WoW and Avatar statues are the same price, and the Zune prices look to be about the same as any Zune with a custom design. If nothing else, it’s a fun waste of time to see what works and what doesn’t…but, like a tattoo, picking one you can live with is the trick.

  • xTye



  • UKresistance

    March Fools Day!

  • Red Son Rising

    they statues are a little pricey but they look pretty cool, might order one soon just so it doesnt show up in june.

  • Boe2

    Come on guys, you can’t be THAT surprised. All that 3D avatar stuff has been invented only to knock money out of your pockets.
    I’ll keep saying it: Don’t use the 3D avatars.

  • chiruno99

    For a minute then I thought this was a promo for Xbox Avatar Baseball Cards.

    The limited content however is pretty unfair, but makes sense as Micorsoft can’t add Disney stuff and then sell it without Disney’s permission. Same with Billabong, Diesel and other developer’s stuff besides their own and what they have permission for. They can only really use the generic stuff such as the Steampunk styles clothing, Western gear or anything on those lines. That would also mean none of the avatar awards would even be permitted. Pointless imho, as someone with their avatar as a Storm Trooper would probably want a micro version of it, but then realise that’s not possible due to licensing. A really bad idea to be fair.

  • MeuLeu

    Nice, but they don’t ship to outside of the US and Canada.
    And $60 for the FigurePrints “statue” !!!!!!! Bad
    And No Halo Helmet !! Bad Bad.

  • DUDI1969

    wow!!! really COOL!!! :-D

  • DUDI1969

    why only in USA…? and why not also in germany? Please…???