March 5th 2011 10:17 pm PT

Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack Preview Event


Halo: Reach

Waiting to get your hands on the Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack? If you are in the Seattle area I’ve got some good news for you. On Wednesday, March 9th I’ll be hosting a special preview event with 343 Industries at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue. During the event, the Halo experts at 343 Industries

be on hand to discuss what went into designing the new maps and they’ll do a full walk through of each of the two new multiplayer maps and the new Firefight Map.




What Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack Preview Event  
When Wednesday, March 9th from 7pm – 8pm  
Where The Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square  
Why Meet some of the members of 343 Industries as they give you an in-depth, personalized tour of the Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack, which releases on March 15th.

PLUS: We’ll also have some Halo merchandise to give away



See you Wednesday.



Events, Halo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • NBA Kirkland

    Cool. I don’t even have to go to Seattle this time. Count me in.

  • Stephan1237

    Is there going to be something like this in Europe?

  • Gonzo345

    I just love the music that you guys used with the trailer. Loving Halo Legends OST

  • Ranger7722

    I’ll try to show up! Sounds like fun!

  • xLoCk 0nx

    Gonzo345: I agree – the soundtrack used for the defiant map pack trailer is awesome :) Had to get it on itunes (Sacred Icon Suite 2).

  • chiruno99

    No, there never will be anything like this in Europe.

  • Stephan1237


    Now we now Microsoft loves US .Europe is just some country who doesn’t exist for Microsoft.

  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Europe is a “country” that doesn’t exist at all…and I thought the US education system was lacking! Don’t feel too bad, in 5 years there has been ONE event in Texas (last year’s South by Southwest event) and there are more game developers and studies in Austin than just about anywhere.

  • chiruno99

    Europe is a continent, can I just say it and get the hilarity over with?

  • Thief000

    Wow, I am ashamed to live in The Netherlands while reading that…

    But nonetheless he has somewhat a point.
    I don’t really care about certain events (like this one) not being in Europe, but I am mad about the fact that many services that US customers enjoy are not available in other countries.
    I really hope MS will push many of those services to other countries this year.
    I’m looking at Last.FM, Zune (at least for WP7) and maybe some others.

    Also, why is there not a VidZone app in Europe, like on the PS3? You sell their clips but don’t expand beyond that?

  • HsitH

    Damn, why it has to be so far away V_V.
    Someone, anyone, please send me some Halo stuff.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    KP you need a hug?

  • Boe2

    Please bring indie games to Europe.

  • Stephan1237

    @Thief000 I know Europe isn’t a country. I was just joking and I wanted to see who responded on my message.

    If Microsoft brings the following things to Europe:

    Indie Games
    Zune Music
    No Events
    More Discounts on games like they do in the US.

    I will be happy when this happens.


    I’d be happier too if I got all the exclusive games, accessories and extras that the Japanese get from Sony and Nintendo too. But the country that releases a console is always going to get more for it than anyone else. That’s just the way it’s always been and probably always will be.

  • r3dreck

    Anyone play this still?

  • Ranger7722

    Thanks for hosting the event! I’ll be enjoying the Defiant Map Pack tomorrow by playing some Firefight!