March 11th 2011 3:30 am PT

See us at PAX and get a Gears of War prop


If you are attending PAX East this weekend, keep an eye out for me, Eric Neustadter (Xbox Operations) Laura Massey (Xbox development) Stephen Toulouse (Xbox Enforcement) and Eric Doty (Xbox Community Manager) and ask one of us for your special PAX East only Avatar Prop. This year, it’s a special Gears of War 3 Thrashball Cole plushie. This is a limited edition item that you can only get from one of us here at PAX East. You can catch us Friday morning at the Tweet-up or at many of the scheduled events throughout the weekend



Gears of War, PAX By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • a1984darkboy

    Would prefer a real Cole plushie, just sayin’.

  • HsitH

    Not going to beg, Not going to beg, Not going to… Q_Q Someone please send me one!

  • monosocratic

    I love the idea of exclusive Xbox avatar items for events like PAX, and hate the fact that I’m not going to be able to ever make it to one.

  • halo2redvsblue

    Thats Unfair, 2 years in a row, Pax East gets an exclusive avatar item yet Pax Prime only gets 1 and that was in 09.

  • halo2redvsblue

    Thats Unfair, 2 years in a row, Pax East gets an exclusive avatar item yet Pax Prime only gets 1 and that was in 09.

  • The Grim Heaper

    I usually wouldn’t care but… it’s the Cole Train, baby! D:

  • NikOPE Jims

    Do want. Hopefully, I can snag one from someone.

  • chiruno99

    Meanwhile in UK, gamers get nothing special as usual.

  • Stephan1237

    @chiruno99 thats normal. PS3 is doing much better here in europe and the reason is that Microsoft only gives attention the US people.

  • Gonzo345

    Just in UK?

    Sorry, but…


  • EndrzGame


    I didn’t read anything that said it was USA only. I’m sure that there will be many people from all over who will be able to pick this up since you have to attend PAX East in order to get one. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get it since I can’t go, but would like too.

  • DiatomicMaster

    Jeeze, you guys really have no other exclusive this year, do you.

  • ElektroDragon

    How come you guys give out NOTHING at Pax Prime? I’ve been attending since 08, and all you’ve ever given out is an avatar item. You stand out as stingy compared to everyone else there, especially Sony. Now I know it’s not all about freebies, but schwag is a tradition. Hopefully this means you won’t come empty handed to this year’s PAX Prime.

  • chiruno99

    Do you really need a T-shirt that badly?

  • Casserole

    Alternatively you could say that Microsoft are doing their bit for the environment, by cutting out needless consumption and waste. Most of the freebies tend to be sold on ebay shortly after.

  • RobJigga NX

    How do i get one? please,i couldnt make it to pax this year due to a family there a way to buy one or something? Please,any help would be very much appreciated.

  • freddo3d

    Hey Guys …. just heard that Gears of War 3 have some awesome stuff they are giving away via facebook. Check out this article at the Game Guru.
    I for one will be signing up to the new gears FB page.

  • CuddlyClamShot

    This Gears of War homoeroticism is getting old.

  • Mike8519

    If anyone wants one all you have to do is figure out the last 5 characters not printed on my card. Enjoy :)