March 25th 2011 5:13 pm PT

What are you playing this weekend ?

The weekend is finally (or already) here.
What game(s) are going to be occupying your time this weekend?
Anyone going to pick up a 3DS?

Gaming By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • K7AAY

    24-hr PATHFINDER and some of THE LAUNDRY at Gamestorm 13, Portland OR-Vancouver USA.

  • a Jewish pigeon

    Call of Duty on PC, I was perma banned from Black Ops without a reason and Activision isn’t helpful. My friend also just picked up a 3DS, I wanna see it real bad!

  • Meep

    Fable 3 (A bit late I guess, but I waited to get it at the bargain price of only $24).

  • Tim Fangon

    Dragon Age II. :)

  • mark carlson

    Team Fortress 2 on PC, as always. That game keeps me so far away from my Xbox. :(

  • Me

    Hopefully finish act I on DA2 finally.

  • Chris Marshall

    Going to try to finish up Lego Indiana Jones 2 and Halo 3 ODST

  • Client124

    We have the 3DS demo setup at our store and i noticed u have to find the right position from the DS to play in 3d. Im likeing the new joystick they have. Doesnt really pop out from the ds, but is a great start for 3d without glasses for the first company releasing a 3d system.

  • Hey You

    Halo Reach

  • Guest3

    Wish it was Homefront, but the game won’t load past the KAOS screen. Looks like Crysis 2 instead.

  • Treksterjsc

    Crysis 2 is sucked me in and won’t let go!!

    3DS? I think I will save my coinage for the next Xbox!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely waiting on the 3DS, probably pick that up around the holidays, assuming there are some quality games available and my backlog has decreased. As for this weekend have some PSN games I need to finish up (Topatoi and Joe Danger) and maybe start up Super Paper Mario for Wii. I’ll turn my Xbox back on Tuesday for the Raskulls sale!!!

  • Anonymous

    Top Spin 4

  • Marcus Gruszka

    I will play Crysis 2 Dragon Age and maybe finally get all Gamerscore in Borderlands. The 3DS has to wait tilll a few good games came out. Whats about some Microsoft Handheald Im waiting for this for so long? Maybe I will pic up the upcoming PSP.

  • Mike Glynn

    Played on the 3DS, not bad, but didn’t like it because if you moved your head while playing, the screen jumps like a old hologram like you used to get out of cereal packs. I’d prefer to put that £250 towards a 3DTV to play Fable 3 PC on.

  • Avi Shalom

    Call of duty Black Ops

  •é-Alfredo-Carbajal-Avalos/100000427500447 José Alfredo Carbajal Avalos

    halo reach, final fantasy xiii and lego rock band :P
    6000 pesos = 3ds (no game)……….. no thanks

    • Michel Van Lingner

      6000 in Mexico or where? lol insane

      •é-Alfredo-Carbajal-Avalos/100000427500447 José Alfredo Carbajal Avalos

        pesos in mexico
        250 euros = 4 212.32262 pesos mexicanos

  • Anonymous

    Not buying 3DS, not yet.

    This weekend I’ll be playing NBA 2k11, Resonance of Fate and TDU 2 mostly

  • DeadlyGoldfish

    3DS is very nice, not happy that eShop or Browser support is coming in a future update, should be out on the day of release!

  • Ralf Månsson

    Homefront (if the servers are up), Halo Reach, Dragon Age, and Torchlight (great game!). No 3DS for me. Not interested.

  • Anonymous

    Got Bulletstorm for PC yesterday and played through the whole story mode.
    Today I’ll try get some points at the echoes.

  • peejam

    have been playing a lot of FIFA 11 lately, and DEMON’S SOULS ;-)

    as for the 3DS, well, its still quite expensive, has only one game i really want (Pilotwings) and the tech can still be improved in future revisions. But I guess in 2012 ill get one. Ususally never buy new tech on release day/year :P

  • I J FLO I

    Dead space severed DLC.
    and yes.. 3DS will be in the arsenal. Ocarina of time FTW!

  • Ryjo965

    Hmmm im thinking I might play abit of Halo Reach, followed by World Of Warcraft :)

  • 0100010101

    Well I was planning on playing Crysis but my 360 decided it can’t run it without overheating. Thanks for the brick!

  • Jeff R. Rosen

    Wifi Xoom! So excited to get it.

  • Kevin Barry

    Had a go on the 3DS and wasnt impressed. You could buy a proper console for the money. The tech is very low spec and the 3D effect wasnt all that.
    The weekend I will mostly be playing Two Worlds 2

    • FAStrelok

      Complaining about low tech and then playing TW2?

      • ElektroDragon

        TW2 is not low tech, in many ways it is more advanced than Dragon Age 2. Certainly the environmental graphics are better.

        • Kevin Barry

          Two Worlds 2 reviews were unnecessarily harsh. Its not a masterpiece but it is a damn fine game. But one thing you cant fault is the graphics which look gorgeous.
          Anyway, the 3DS will be the first Nintendo console I havent bought. I like Nintendo but this really is overpriced and low tech. Very disappointed with Ghost Recon

  • Captaphoenixf90

    NFS:ProStreet+NFS Shift design Vinyls, I’l Pick up 3DS when there a limited edition.

  • Nathonn

    Dragon age 2, a bit of Kinect sports and League of legends !!!!

  • Uzumaki15

    Picking up the 3DS tomorrow but until then it’s back to Dragon Age II for my second playthrough.

  • Anonymous

    Probably a little Swarm and Full House Poker now that they supposedly fixed it. Maybe some 3DS if my girl buys me one for breaking my original DS. :-D

  • Sang Hee

    Halo Reach to do the remaining achievements and Kinect’s Dance Masters/Evolution to stay in a good form.
    There’s no need for 3DS when I own a 360. It can handle all my gaming needs.

  • Chris

    Some Full House Poker and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

  • Anonymous

    All the awesome exclusives that Microsoft has released this year so far.

  • ElektroDragon

    Bad grammar major, should be “a 3DS” not “an 3DS”. Anyway, no interest in the 3DS, my XL is just fine, but I WILL be picking up the NGP! Still don’t have Windows Phone 7 because I can’t justify $60 minimum monthly for voice and data. You need to make a PREPAID WP7 available!

    • Major Nelson

      Fixed that..thx. Re: Prepaid….hate to say this, but talk to the carriers :(

      • ElektroDragon

        Thanks for the reply Major… in that case, how about a new Zune that can play WP7 games? I’d buy that for sure… even though I already have a Zune.

  • Scottandnicolle

    Torchlight. Addicted. (Please make DLC or a sequel.) Waiting for Portal 2 to come out.

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Nothing because my ruddy 360’s RROD’d. What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I will be playing the MK9 demo on PS3!!

  • Emanuel

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood

  • Bonno Cok

    I could have played the Mortal Kombat demo… Oh no wait IT’S STILL NOT ON XBOX 360!!!

  • Chris Rabideau

    CoD:Black Ops and World of Keflings for me!

  • j

    I’ve got a lot of older games i need to finish. First being Alan Wake. I still need to play all the DLC for Red Dead, Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2. Should I just buy all that DLC or just get Crysis?….decisions decisions

  • Tj Marsh

    I am playing home front single player. then some Kinect since i picked it up! Dance and Adventures!

  • Anonymous

    Fallout 3

  • Kevin Potts

    Playing a little bit of Homefront, Black Ops, Torchlight, and Dragon Age II.

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Crysis 2 and Fullhouse Poker

  • Anonymous

    Fullhouse Poker and Crysis 2

    • David Smith

      Crysis2 and Full House Poker

  • David Smith

    Crysis2 epic… and Fullhouse Poker

  • Wes Davis

    Blacks Ops … still loving that game ….. will be getting into Full House Poker soon though