March 27th 2011 5:24 pm PT

March 27th Podcast Discussion

Listen to (or download) the latest show here.

During the move to WordPress, a special page type was was created for the podcast.

Unfortunately, there is a slight issue with it appearing on the main page or enabling comments on that template.

So for this week, please use this post to discuss today’s show. We’ll get it fixed for next week!


Update: The iTunes and Zune feed are currently not taking the new show. You can either download it from the page above, or wait a day or so until we get it fixed. Sorry about this!


Update: The iTunes and Zune feed have been fixed. The latest show should now appear.

Closing comments here as you can now comment on the show post:



Archive By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Bluetooth

    I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Awkward, ugly and just plain backwards.

  • Major Nelson

    And that’s why I said in my post

    ‘So for this week, please use this post to discuss today’s show. We’ll get it fixed for next week!’

    We’ll fix it.

  • David

    As a UFC fan, I’m looking forward to hearing the Demetrious Johnson interview… Will probably skip the ME2 interview, at least for right now as I don’t want to know anything about the new DLC until I play it on Tuesday.

  • Alex Woods

    Is anyone else having issues downloading it? When I click “Download the latest episode to your computer or preferred device” I get redirected to a new page and the message “Not found (404) Sorry we can’t find that page.” I can still stream the episode though.
    Edit: It has been fixed.

    • Major Nelson

      Try again. I think I just fixed it.

    • Anonymous

      Try it again. I just tried doing a direct download and it appears to be working.

  • brian dunworth

    my zune software isnt picking up the podcast

    • David

      Neither is iTunes for me yet.

    • Major Nelson

      Hmmm…give it a little bit. It should pick it up soon.

      • Anonymous

        Hm. I just tried updating the feed in Zune, and now it’s telling me “The RSS feed appears to be valid but no content was found.”

        • Major Nelson

          As you can tell, I am tweaking a few things. Both Zune and iTunes SHOULD update, but you’ll only get the last 9 shows. We’ll get that all fixed this week.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder if having the Discussion Post article in the Podcast feed is breaking it for Zune. It’s still giving the error I quoted above.

        • brian dunworth

          thats what i’m getting

  • xflopgoon

    I wish you released these on Saturday so I could listen to them Sunday at work.

  • Spargo CXVII

    Kind of missing the old site….but thats just me…

  • The Gh0sts

    Still waiting for Zune to bring up the podcast.

  • Quality Jeverage

    Major, PLEASE put an animated Geocities Under Construction GIF on the site.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Hello Major, I will download the show tomorrow, hopefully without any issues right?

  • The Gh0sts

    Just saw the video of laura doing the robot…..hilarious!

  • Bernie Parkinson

    Darker background would be appreciated. enjoy the show…missed the picture of stepto’s special cooler

  • Jay Levy

    The green print must go – it makes the site nearly unreadable on many monitors. Seriously — there is tons of good information here, don’t lose views due to a bad design choice.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so why hasn’t Stepto’s panel @ Pax been posted? I really wanted to listen to that.

  • moobaa

    Major / Litheon: could you publish the FULL post content to the RSS feed, please?

  • Anonymous

    Closing in on 50k there Major =)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe the praise you guys gave Dragon Age 2, darkspawn aren’t the main enemy btw. You might get sick of being stuck in Kirkwall by the end of part 1. Doesn’t even compare to Origins. Other than that, good show and I can’t wait for the new ME 2 dlc.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe the praise you guys gave for Dragon Age 2. Darkspawn are not the main enemy btw. Plus you might get sick of Kirkwall and the copy and pasted caves by the end of act 1. Other than that, good show and I can’t wait for new dlc for ME 2.

  • Anonymous

    Plus I have to say, not liking this new layout. I liked signing in with my gamertag and not having to sign up to another service plus I much preferred the way the old site looked.

  • Steven Clark

    If you need a hand with the wordpress stuff, I can help if you need it!

  • Kevin Guzniczak

    podcast is broken on zune marketplace. Its not showing the latest show. Re subscribing using the url gets me the same results. Please fix.

  • perplex

    Still no podcast on iTunes : (

  • Matt Storm

    Great episode! Love the new look!

  • Robert Spooner

    Any chance we can get the interview times back on the show description. I’d like to skip interviews of games I’m not interested in.

  • Major Nelson

    Yup. That bug is being fixed today.

  • Daniel Corona

    Great episode. I really don’t like change though

  • Nick Schulte

    As far as the gamerscore conversation goes, I looked up Major, e, and Stepto’s completion percentages and they are 14, 12, and 31% respectively… With the exception of Stepto’s percent these are terrible (mine’s 52% which isn’t great but is respectable, just sayin’)

  • Anonymous

    I’m using Google Listen as my podcast catcher and it hasn’t shown up in that feed yet. I do see it in iTunes so I can listen there. Thanks,

    • Major Nelson

      Well…that’s progress. I don’t know what RSS feed the podcatcher is pointed to though. Can you take a look and tell me?