March 29th 2011 6:34 am PT

Deal of the Week: Arcade Four-Play

This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save 50% on the following Xbox LIVE four Xbox LIVE Arcade titles:

Arcade Four-Play




A World of Keflings




Worms 2: Armageddon




Worms 2: Battle Pack








The special pricing will be available until April 4th.

Arcade, Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Joe Eafrati

    I’ve been waiting for Raskulls to go on sale.

  • Andrzej Kała

    Raskulls for 400 after 50% reduction from 400? ;)

  • chris

    WORMS = <3

  • thebruce0

    Methinks Raskulls will be purchase’d muchly!

  • Adrian McMillan

    Raskulls! Woooo!

  • Michael Dolcin

    What about Ancients of Ooga? :(

  • David Wetty

    So much win here. And there is a “spend your money like crazy” section on the dashboard that has even more good news.

  • Stephan Tenspel

    “Casual Arcade Games”:
    Yu Gi Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels – 400 pts
    A Kingdom for Keflings – 400 pts
    Crazy Taxi – 400 pts
    3D Ultra MiniGolf 2 – 400 pts
    Costume Quest – 600 pts
    Monkey Island 2: Special Edition – 400 pts
    Faery: Legend of Avalon – 600 pts
    Gyromancer – 400 pts

    “Core Arcade Games”:
    DOOM II – 400 pts
    Quake Areana Arcade – 800 pts
    Zeit 2 – 400 pts
    After Burner Climax – 400 pts
    Alien Breed Evolution – 400 pts
    Alien Breed 2: Assult – 400 pts
    Darwini+ – 400 pts
    Defese Grid – 400 pts
    Unbound Saga – 160 pts

    “Awesome Add-Ons”:
    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Bundle: 1000pts
    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare pack: 400pts
    Halo Wars Historical Battles: 400pts
    Halo Wars Strategic Options: 400pts
    3D Ultra Minigolf 2 Fairy Tales: 120pts
    Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trials: 400pts

    “Avatar Discounts”:
    Break Dancing – 160pts
    Ninjas Black Horned Samurai Outfit – 120pts
    Fantasy Pets Minotaur companion – 120pts

    Also on sale but Major hasn’t said it yet :)

  • Luis Antunez

    Just Bought ruskull and defense grid

  • Jody Owsley

    Yeah, I bought Raskulls a couple weeks back. Then two days later Major Nelson posted about the sale. But, my daughter wanted A World of Keflings for the 400MP. So I turned on the Xbox this morning and bought it for her…. except that “WORLD” of Kelfings wasn’t the one in the menu, it was “KINGDOM”. World of Keflings is on sale for 400MP too, you just have to find it. So now she’s a happy girl, she has TWO Kefling games.

    And Raskulls is fun. Cross between Dig Dug and Super Mario Bros.2. Don’t know why, but it makes me think of those two games. Loads of fun. Great Deal at 400MP.

  • Kaleb Radebaugh

    make the announcement already!

  • brotherdaz

    Picked up After burner & Unbound Saga for 560 MSP

  • Kyle

    Why do we have advertisements on the dashboard? We pay for the service, but you’re still greedy and want more money? If there are going to be adverts then make Gold free. You disgust me.

  • SwornPacifist

    I’m not been waiting for one of the four to buy, but thanks to Stephan Tenspel’s list I saw Costume Quest is on sale, which I’ve been waiting to buy when it went on sale. Thanks Stephan!

  • Thomas Bedenk

    Zeit² 50% off YAY

  • xxthemidnightcarnivalxx

    Wow … Just wow! Feels a xmas sale!

  • Fabian Mateus

    Major Nelson, why haven’t you posted this week’s other deals? For example, both Halo Wars DLC packs are 50% off, which I assume expire along with the rest of this weeks deals….

  • Fabian Mateus

    Oops… I hadn’t refreshed my browser and I pretty much posted the same message twice. My bad…

  • skooks

    Costume Quest for 600 points and Monkey Island 2 for 400? YES PLEASE.

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  • Justin Johnston

    I might buy Worms 2, its a pretty solid deal for 400 or Crazy taxi which is in the other sale