May 4th 2011 6:17 am PT

Arcade: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury

Bangai-O HDContent: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury is an innovative and insanely addicting, omni-directional arcade shooter combined with puzzle elements that feature a screen-filling, sensory overload of thousands of missiles! Loaded with more than 100 levels, players will conquer challenging obstacles, collect power-ups, and annihilate swarms of enemies and missiles to clear a level! Key game highlights include: a Level Editor Tool, which allows players to design and share their own levels with friends; a unique design style evident in the insane gameplay, from the types of enemies to the award system of collecting delectable fruit; and a combo system that lets players build up devastating counter attacks of up to 1,000 missiles for an explosive advantage!an explosive advantage!


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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Martin Kresta

    Anyone can recommend this?

  • Boe2

    I have yet to try it, but its from Treasure: The people behind Ikaruga, so this might actually be pretty good.

    • Evil The Cat

      Treasure also made ‘McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure’. The only good game they ever made was Gunstar Heroes.

      • Phil Baxter

        Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun are both Treasure games, and are quite possibly the best two schmups ever created.

  • Anonymous

    The original Banghai-O for Dreamcast is a ton of fun. It’s pretty awesome being a tiny mecha flying around waiting until the last possible second to release bombs to get the most amount of them.

    Will definitely be picking up.

  • Vanessa Sotherland

    Wow, they sure don’t welcome newbies. No tutorial whatsoever. Just a guy saying there’s a lot of enemies in the first stage, and boy was he not kidding.

    I did kind of look forward to this game, but without a tutorial I’m probably not gonna buy it because it seems that there’s a lot to take in and learn and get the hang of, and they aren’t too friendly about teaching you the ropes. I’m sure that’s gonna hurt sales as well, I doubt that too many people unfamiliar with Bangai-O will take the time to actually learn how to play it.

    • Fernando

      Stick with it, it’s actually quite satisfying to complete a level. Once I figured out the counter attack in stage 1, I realize that’s a stronger offense than my unlimited missiles

  • Anonymous

    My two options: buy 1000 points for $15 or 2000 points for $29.. yet the Canadian dollar is stronger than the US for a few months now. Also if I go to the store and pay $19.99 I get 1400 points where as in the States I would get 1600 and only pay $19.06 with today’s conversion.

    Pay less and get more points, that’s a no brainer… wait a minutes… can’t use those points in Canada.

    No no… the MS points system is fair.. bullshit whoever told you that.

    Time to bring the system on par with Canada.

    XBL users are starting to ask questions because of Sony; as a result Microsoft has been under a heavy microscope in the past two weeks and Canadians are pissed.

    Time to send emails to Canadian media outlets because it doesn’t take a three year old to figure out we’re getting gouged north of the border.

    • Anonymous

      Yes – we will continue to repost this until we get a reply that’s more than the usual “we understand your concern, but at this time… blah blah blah”. At the very least, we want to be assured that the wheels are in motion. We understand and respect that sometimes business takes time and we are a patient people to that end. We just don’t like getting ripped off.

  • Andreas Orschulok

    The demo is a bad joke, short and unfriendly. Somebody should tell Treasure that the purpose of a demo is to invite as many players as possible and not scaring them off…

  • Steve Bluck

    You can cancel a Live sub by phoning MS. It’s painless and takes 5 minutes. Or renew using a pre-paid card instead, then your account will revert to a free account when it expires.

    • Russell Gorall

      I wouldn’t call taking any more time than that with which you would BUY a membership painless. I had to phone in to turn the renewal off, then the guy told me I couldn’t take the credit card off unless there was another valid card on there. I thought he was joking.

    • William Ronholm

      I bought a year card so that it wouldn’t auto renew off the credit card and sure enough before my current year that was still off the credit card was up that 2012 expiry date magically turned into a 2011 expiry and it auto renewed off the credit card and that 60 dollars I spent last year has vanished forever..

      So needless to say, CALL IN TO CANCEL AUTO RENEW.
      If there’s a credit card on there they will find a way to charge it even if you buy yourself a year to stall because you hate using phones… :)

    • Anonymous

      Use a pre-paid VISA/MC card – that way when the balance hits zero Microsoft can’t recharge you. Or use a credit card that expires in the next year. You don’t want MS to hang on to your credit info.

  • Brandon

    Gave the trial a try. I don’t mind shmups, but the gameplay elements in this are rather confusing. I can understand that those who played the original and/or DS one will enjoy this, but for me I’ll give it a pass.

    • jerry

      It’s not a shmup

  • Russell Gorall

    That’s a good post and good points. A few years ago I would go on message boards pretty much flaming MS for turning the Dash into a marketing tool instead of something for the people who bought the console. Sure enough, there are literally ads now. That being sad Live is pretty effing amazing, and with PSN down it makes me realize I don’t really use PSN.

    Your point about the the auto-renewal and credit card “hold” MS does is true and pretty shady.

  • Kyle Blacker

    I think that MS should only show advertisements for Silver memberships. Otherwise what’s the point of GOLD members paying a subscription if they’re raking in money from advertisements as well? Major if you do read these comments, PLEASE get someone to return the auto-renewal function back to the website. And PLEASE, stop getting so greedy. We pay for GOLD, the last thing i want to see are advertisements. If i was silver i wouldn’t mind at all.

    But the fact that we PAY and you shove adverts down our throats is not good. It’s just plain and simple greed. It shows you don’t care about the consumers and you’ll do whatever you can to make more money.

    Take advertisements off GOLD subscribers and put them onto silver members! (or free as it’s called now).

    I know you won’t listen, you’ll pretend you didn’t read this, and you won’t do anything about it. Yet, you listen to your army friends but not us.

    Not to mention the fact that you increased the price of GOLD in some regions, but yet, you still swarm the dashboard with advertisements.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a problem with the administration on the US Live!, for example in the other hand the JP one, has only advertisements regarding Zune stuff or directle linked to games, instead of random redbull, or insert name brand/car here.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t there only one or maybe two ads on the dashboard at any time? What’s wrong with that? Is it like you’re going through the spotlight section going “Ok what’s here today? IGN stuff, CoD stuff, Halo stuff, an advert-GODAMMIT!!!!”

      lol that’s rediculous.

  • d_vader128

    I will not buy this because the description has the non-word “addicting” in it. The correct word is “addictive”.

  • Senor Chang

    OMG whatta b!tchfest.

    And the guy complaining that its ‘too much trouble’ to make a stupid phone call to cancel… don’t forget your Metamucil and old man diapers on your next trip to the pharmacy. wah wah.. Chr!st man, I bet your mom has more testosterone than you.

  • Evil The Cat

    I can see why I’ve never heard of this game. Just another steaming pile of XBLA that’ll most likely get ignored.