May 12th 2011 11:02 am PT

LIVE Activity for week of May 2


Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)
1   Call of Duty: Black Ops
2   Modern Warfare 2
3   Halo: Reach
4   FIFA Soccer 11
5   NBA 2K11
6   GTA IV
7   Mortal Kombat
8   Battlefield: Bad Co. 2
9   Call of Duty 4
10  Red Dead Redemption
11  Halo 3
12  Gears of War 2
13  Portal 2
14  Call of Duty: WaW
15  NHL 11
16  Forza Motorsport 3
17  Madden NFL 11
18  Bulletstorm
19  Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
20  Fallout: New Vegas


Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1   Outland
2   Castlevania Harmony of Despair
3   Portal: Still Alive
4   Pinball FX2
5   Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
6   Full House Poker
7   Section 8: Prejudice
9   The Fancy Pants Adventures
10  Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
13  Castle Crashers
14  The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
15  Might & Magic Clash of Heroes
16  Trials HD
17  Game Room
18  Torchlight
20  Street Fighter II’ HF
The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.


Top Indie Games (Full Versions purchased)
FortressCraft Chapter 1
The Impossible Game
3   Prank Call
4    Avatar Paintball
5    Toy Stunt Bike 
6    Minions!
7    Balls
8    Miner Dig Deep
9    I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1
10   Avatar Adventurers Online
11   Bird Assassin 
12   Avatar Laser Wars 
13   Hack This Game
14   Nuclear Wasteland
15   Voice Changer 360
16   Office Affairs 
17   AppPack
18   College Lacrosse 2011 
19   Avatar Karting
20   Endless Midnight: Zombie Swarm
21   Avatar Fighter 


Games for Windows Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)
1   GTA IV
2   Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
3   Section 8: Prejudice
4   F1 2010
5   Street Fighter IV
6   Colin McRae : Dirt 2
7   Resident Evil 5
8   Fallout 3
9   Bioshock 2
10  Halo 2
11  Bulletstorm
12  Gears of War
13  Batman: Arkham Asylum
14  Red Faction Guerrilla
15  Dead Rising 2
16  Lost Planet 2
17  FlatOut UC
18  Tinker
19  Section 8
20  Battlestations: Pacific


These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live or in the case of Arcade and Indie Games, full versions purchased during the week. Some content (and therefore the links) may not be available in all Xbox LIVE regions.


Top LIVE By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Zeb N. Olsen

    Fairly surprised to see Mortal Kombat that far down the list.

    • Sam Taylor

      Number 7 is not far down the list. The others are pretty solid in terms of players.

  • iPhone Farts

    Can’t believe so many ppl still play GTA IV. Your new banner with your different poses is douchy.


    no Monday night combat?!? that half surprises. as much as its a fantastic game the glitches are turning a lot of people off it. it needs dlc asap and I pray we get the map editing tools. I truly love the game but all the support that was promised for at at launch is so far yet to be seen. the 5 maps have been played to death.

    • Patrick Timmons

      The problem with the list is that the Arcade games are based on purchases, not on people actually playing them. Each time the live activity is posted you will notice that the either the newly released games (Outland) or games that have been on sale (Castlevania: HoD) are usually in the top ten. After that is where you will still those games that are still bringing people in to play (Castle Crashers for example). Games such as Pinball FX2, Game Room, and Hasbro Family Game Night skew those results as the sales are combined for all of their content.

      Arcade games really should be more about who is playing the games, instead of what was purchased. As a gamer, I don’t care if it was #1 purchased last week, I want to know if the game is #1 in terms of other people to play with. Is this not the reason we have Xbox Live subscriptions?


    and if game room is at 17 why have we had no content in months? or at least say that it wont be supported anymore

    • Michael Troupe

      Game Room was the ultimate Money Making Game.  They took pre-existing compilations from Atari, Activision and Intellivision (which collectively cost about $40 total to buy in their entirety outside of Game Room), added some Konami games, made over a million in profit from this ridiculously-low-cost project that they never gave proper support to … and squandered it all in their Christmas 2010 Kinect Marketing Blitz.  Well played, Microsoft.  You spit on the past and got away with it.

      Admitting it won’t be supported anymore would be foolish – they’d just cost themselves revenue.  But believing they’ll revive an application after six months when even Konami pulled their support from it is even MORE foolish.

      • Ray Whitney

        So sad, so likely to be true. 

      • Sans Gluten

        admitting that GR is done might stop some of us posting negative PR all over the interwebz…  fixing the broken program would help even more.

  • Sam Taylor

    No Gears 3? It has many players and other BETAs have been on the list…

  • Ray Whitney

    Game Room – a free application – is only 17th? Wow. Microsoft really dropped the ball with Game Room. What a joke. I love the thing but you guys really messed up when you stopped releasing stuff for it. Way to lose profit and credibility in one fell swoop.

    • Steve Hinz

      The studio that was putting the games out was closed down, but I also hoped MS would pick up another to continue Game Room. Nothings been said officially anywhere, so they did screw the pooch with their “over 1000 classic games” coming for it.

      • Ray Whitney

        Yeah, I can see how Krome’s closure would slow things down, but like you said, ultimately Microsoft are responsible for it now. It can’t be that hard to buy up some old games and put them into the Game Room template. Come on Major Nelson, give us some news.

        • Sans Gluten

           Can’t be that hard to fix all the glitches either…  Wish I hadn’t spent the equivalent of 3 full priced disc games on GR. 

    • Michael Troupe

      I’ve always been curious what “full versions purchased” means for the Game Room numbers. Does downloading the free program and the thirteen individual packs count as “purchases?” Or are only actual Microsoft Transaction considered? And in that case, does buying a mascot count as much as buying a game?

  •!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

    Betas don’t qualify for the Live activity list. But I was wondering where Bulletstorm was at. :)

  • Major Nelson

    The Gears Beta is not on the list since it’s a beta, and beta data is not included in the data I get about LIVE Activity. Bulletstorm is right there at 18. I dont’ want to make any guesses as where it would land, so let me see if I can find out and include it on a future list.

  • Ritchie

    Well… At least World at War has finally dropped out of the top ten. For now.

  • Patryk Walczewicz

    lol wheres crysis 2 ?

    • Sam Taylor

      Where is Homefront?

  • Julio Ernesto Arce Betanzos

    Where is GoW 3 Beta?

  • Joe Eafrati

    If the Gears 3 beta was actually tracked, where do you think it would finished on the list?

    • GeneralTrapstar

      Number 1

  • Tony Milne

    It’s been a long while since I’ve been on Major Nelson’s site and I see it’s undergone a graphical overhaul. I have to say though, the colour scheme is terrible. Lime green hyperlinks against light grey? What a terrible choice. Very difficult to see.

    • Major Nelson

      Yup…and a new, more readable (and I less ‘douchy’) design is coming soon.

      • Tony Milne

        Wouldn’t say “douchy” (I had a little giggle at the poses) but glad to hear it’s getting tweaked for readability. Now to catch up on the podcasts I’ve missed :)

        • Major Nelson

          I was referring to another commenter who said that.

          • Anonymous

            Hope your not changing it cuz of that one commentor. I think they’re kinda funny

          • 夢を見られた・・・ :)

            If not ‘douchy’, then definitely overtly egotistical.

      • Und3rGrndKing

        lol, don’t let these people get you down. I read that other guy’s comment about the ‘douchy’ banner up top the other day (and while funny – it was quite disrespectful). People just like being critics at everything – no one’s forcing them to visit your personal blog. The banner up top is hilarious and you seem like a nice guy who I know can’t talk back because you have to act you’re age which isn’t under 13 and have a job. 

        Keep it up, you got decent visitors as well which don’t post daily. ;)

  • Jake Coogle

    There should be a way to convert your physical game to a downloadable version. I play Reach all the time, it’d be nice if I didn’t have to have a game disc in for an “installed” game, but I already own a physical copy so I’m not going to buy another copy.

    As a business opportunity for Microsoft, they could charge $10 or something and let us send in the disc, then email us a code for the DD. This is $10 and a console lock-in that would not have existed previously.

    • Anonymous

      or have a code in the game case, and once it is used it can’t be used again, which would also discourage a couple used game sales.

  • Mark Fiorucci

    Major, How come we don’t get numbers? I’d like to see how busy some of those games are on the bottom half of that list.

  • EdwardD

    The lumo green font on a gray background is horrible, please change it, it’s been many weeks now. Your blog has taken a step back instead of forward.

  • Robbie S.

    I thought I saw Halo Reach Beta up there last year?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome that MK is in the top ten!

  • Ioannis Bokas

    The Live Activity list is a worldwide list, or only from America?

    • Major Nelson

      World Wide

      • Anonymous

        Hey Mr. Nelson, Would it be possible for you to update these LIVE activity charts more often?

        thanks in advanced.

  • Gaius Baltar

    I make that 4 sports games in the top 20, 5 if you include Forza. Why do these games never get as much hype/recognition for doing well ? FIFA 11 has sold something like 13 million copies this year. Is it the perceived lack of innovation as they’re taking from a real life sport ? just curious that’s all as every where I go there’s little mention of the huge genre that is Sports gaming. (I know I’m looking in the mainstream sites) I’d like someone elses angle for why this is the case.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Call of Duty Black Ops is kicking Reach’s ass and Halo is never going to be number 1 ever again. Nawlins08 and Searing Wave can put that in their pipes and smoke it!

    • Anonymous

      damn how excited are you for MW3 and MW4?

  • Anonymous

    Is buying Skype, M$ justification for making the price go higher?

    New flash, most people just want to use their Xbox for online. To which, you don’t even offer dedicated servers and since my connection is quite good, I am usually the host – being your free server for the session…

    • Matt Tanous

      You know, you could play on the PSN.  Sometimes.  When it’s up.  And not being hacked. 

      • Anonymous

         I do play on the PSN too. Both consoles here…

  • Philipp Vogel

    lol crysis 2 and homefront arent there lolololololololololol. Too many people play black ops cant wait for battlefield 3!

  • aldo luis

     megaman anniversary collection for #Xbox360Please :Dmegaman anniversary collection for #Xbox360Please :D

  • aldo luis

     megaman anniversary collection for #Xbox360Please :D megaman anniversary collection for #Xbox360Please :D 

  • aldo luis

     megaman anniversary collection for #Xbox360Please :D megaman anniversary collection for #Xbox360Please :D 

    • Dustin

       I love that collection. I just rebought it for the Xbox and it plays on the 360.

      •éfaine/100000411731172 Jean Thiéfaine

        I second that too. I can’t buy that collection as there isn’t a PAL release of it, but would absolutely LOVE to have a Mega Man and Mega Man X collection for the Xbox 360.

        On Topic:
        Nice charts, but I’m wondering where the Gears of War 3 beta fits in. 

  •éfaine/100000411731172 Jean Thiéfaine

    I personally would love to see more platforms in Game Room, like the TurboGrafX16 or some other unavailable classic platforms (Nintendo/SEGA, I don’t know if that would be possible).
    And what is up with the stand alone WP7 releases? They should be attached to the “purchase for alle platforms” option.

    • Mike DeWire

       That’s probably not going to happen. Microsoft has pretty much abandoned the 360 version of Game Room. I don’t think they updated it with new games since October of 2010. Plus it has a quite a few bad bugs in it right now, mainly a lot of full system freezes…which Microsoft hasn’t bothered to fix. Since they already have our money…they don’t seem to think they need to fix their broken product.

      • Ray Whitney

        Sad really, isn’t it? I was waiting for an application like Game Room to come along so I could spend piles of cash on buying old games, and now I have to find something else to do with my money.

        • Sans Gluten

          Yeah… it’s a shame.  Really bad move on their part keeping their customers in the dark, using false advertisement and refusing to fix their broken product.  Makes me think twice before I buy anything on the marketplace…  Would of gladly spent a lot more money on Game Room if they didn’t drop the ball so many times.

          • Ray Whitney

             False advertising, yeah! Remember when they sent out that Game Room promo stuff with the Double Dragon logo? For shame.

          • Justin Johnston

            exactly, i went nuts the first month or two buying all sorts of rubbish while i waited for the good stuff to come, the icing on the cake was the non-release of sunset riders. 

          • Ray Whitney

            Oh man, Sunset Riders. It bugged me because so many great games came out in the final couple of weeks and I thought it was finally getting better and being what it promised to be… and then it was wiped from space and time, apparently.

  • Anonymous

     The wikipedia page says that the odds for “Full House Poker” are not at all true poker odds.  Does anyone know if this is true?  There is no reference on wikipedia as to where they got that information, so I couldn’t research it much further.  I wanted to ask Major Nelson the question, but he says no game specific questions allowed.  

  • Blake Hinrichs

     Halo has fallen?  Not really.  It’s not the top game being played right now, but it’s still in the top 3, and is only behind CoD games, which naturally has Halo beaten with mindless followers who will buy and play every game that’s put out every year without thinking about whether it’s a “new” or “better” game before they pay $60 for it.

    • Anonymous

       You know, the “mindless CoD followers” could never beat the last true Halo game, Halo 3. As long as it was alive, no CoD ever beat it, even though MW was launched at it’s prime.
      A halo of quality = better then CoD and it shows.
      A CoD/Crysis clone and quick cash-out with Halo in the name = rightfully beaten by CoD. A shame really, Halo used to mean quality

      • Matt Tanous

        Modern Warfare wasn’t CoD at its prime, although it certainly started its rise. CoD is now at its prime, and will quickly deteriorate as people get sick of it.  I wouldn’t be all that surprised if MW3 doesn’t do all that well.

        As for the CoD followers being mindless, that is way too true.  They will ignore any flaw in their games – such as the massive glitchfest that was MW2 or the nearly identical Black Ops.  Not to mention the extreme lack of balance.  All in all, Bad Company 2 > all CoD games made.  And I expect Battlefield 3 will do much better than MW3, but I doubt these idiots will recognize that CoD isn’t all that good.

        Comparing CoD to Halo is ridiculous. These games are much different, and it annoys me that you reject Reach because it is even LESS like CoD.  I don’t want Halo to be CoD in space armor.

  • Sam Taylor

    1. Brink is shite. Worst £40 I have ever spent, and I paid £40 for The Outfit.
    2. Bulletstorm didn’t sell well, but by the time pre orders came in there were a good 100,000 people playing.
    3. Halo hasn’t fallen… Id guess it has similar numbers playing, just Cod is massive.

  • bushmaster2000

    So you’re telling me the Gears 3 Beta isn’t generating enough traffic to make it into the top 20?

    • Sam Taylor

       No, if you read earlier it was mentioned that Betas are not included in the list.

    • link1a

      Bulletstorm will get a lot of traffic from the Gears 3 beta so I would imagine if Betas were included, the Gears 3 beta would be at least 14

    • Anonymous

       This is a bit off topic…but I’m wondering if MS will ever release that updated 360 controller with the new designed D-pad without a play n charge kit? I’d really love to have one, but I refuse to pay 65 dollars because MS decided for force people to purchase a play n charge kit along with that controller.

      • Dane Colberg

         You can buy the controller for $50 on Amazon with free shipping and zero sales tax.

  • Ivan Lopez

     Holy smokes! I can’t believe GTA4 is #6, let alone in the top 20. Some of the best legs on the 360 that isn’t named Halo or Call of Duty. Also, Gears of War 2 seems to fluctuate a lot when it comes to the top 20 but I guess people are playing Gears 2 so they can compare Gears 3 or simply get ready for the Gears 3 MP when the game actually releases.

    • Dane Colberg

       Where is Crysis 2? Thats what I want to know… Granted I’ve been playing the Gears 3 beta for a month so I imagine the results are going to be a little off. Perhaps it explains why GTA 4 is #6? Just a thought

  • Karl Cramer

    This list now neads a Top Windows Phone Xbox LIVE list.