May 24th 2011 6:00 am PT

Demo: Halo: Reach

Halo: ReachContent: Halo: Reach Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Halo: Reach is the biggest and most ambitious Halo title yet, and this first-ever Halo demo drops you right into the action with the epic “Long Night of Solace” mission from the single player campaign. The demo also includes the competitive multiplayer map “Powerhouse” and a cooperative Firefight mission for Xbox LIVE online play! Halo: Reach is a tour de force of stunning visuals, powerful story, epic encounters, and more replayability than any Halo title to date.

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PLUS: This week only (May 24 – May 30, 2011)  Halo: Reach is available for a reduced price of $39.99 (U.S.) and £39.99/€39.99 (EMEA.) Check your local Xbox LIVE Marketplace to see if your region is participating in this promotion.

Demo, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Brandon Barrieault

    I’m pretty surprised this exists. I suppose if Black Ops has a demo, though…

  • Anonymous

    In all seriousness, how much is this usually on the UK marketplace? £40 is the price I expect to pay on launch day at a bricks and mortar store, tbh.

    • Mike

      LOL it was wait for it… 59.99 yeh,unbelievable!, i have never paid more than 44.99 for a new game at launch never mind an 8 month old one

      This is a preview of that digital download console people want

      • Anonymous

        Wow £60..

  • Thad

    More like a force of horrible framerate

  • Aaron Seddon

    £39.99 reduced price? you can get Halo Reach for about £10-15 brand new in UK.

  • Mateusz Manti

    Major, Could you post a list of upcoming games on demand on XBL?

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  • Ian

    So, a digital copy for £40 or a boxed copy for £10 that I could resell. Decisions, decisions.

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  • Alva Dyson

    is true, the price reduction is not significant here in Mexico the new game disk is available at $ 600 when marketplace is at $ 899

    • troyBORG

      $600?  Or did you mean $60.  And $899 did you mean like $89.90?  Or does Mexico not use periods in there money and you just have to figure it out?

      • Joe Adanac

        LOL – he’s talking about Mexican Pesos. You do realize the rest of the world doesn’t use the American dollar, right? Learn some more about other countries, especially ones you share a border with.

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  • Mike

    Im sorry but MS are fully out of touch with game pricing, this is why if the next xbox console was download only i would not buy it

    Seriously no clue its embarrassing

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing being forced into buying all that stuff online must be breaking your bank account.

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  • Quality Jeverage

    Well this is immensely unexpected.

    When was the last time a Halo game had a demo? The PC version of Halo CE, I guess…Weird that this just came out of nowhere.

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  • Boe2

    I’ll finally be able to try out a halo game? Never played one before and this just seems a bit late

  • Anonymous

    @mike The next console wont be download only, broadband isn’t up for it yet. Where I live your lucky to get a 512k connection ;-)

    • Anonymous

      You get 512k? Lucky

  • Anonymous

    Seriously major, why is games on demand so expensive?

    If it was priced in line with internet retail we’d actually give a shit.

  • Damon Stephenson

    Who does MS’s maths for them? I’m surprised this sells at all on Games on Demand. 

    $1 != £1 != €1

  • Steve Bluck

    £40 for a game that you can buy on disc for less than £25? Also, there’s no excuse for the UK to get so shafted on the price. Sure, we have VAT at 20% but if you add 20% to the US price it works out at about £30. Why is the pricing not more competitive with retail? I understand that you might not want to upset retailer partners, but come on.

    Any word on what games are coming out on XBLA this week, Major N?

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  • Russell Gorall

    I love how all these big budget FPS games always come out with a demo eight months after release, for the ten people out there who currently are thinking about buying it and don’t know what it’s like.

    Developers, grow some nadders.

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  • Lloyd R. Sloan

    “$39.99 (£39.99/€39.99)”Should we just forget about foreign currency exchange altogether?

    • Justin Johnston

      you should, Microsoft already did. it’s a joke of some kind but no punchline as of yet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m also wondering if there will be a “Coming Soon to Xbox Live” post coming today.  Thanks.

  • Décio Gonçalves

    Geez, too much time approving my comment! :

    Tomorrow XBLA game is D&D Daggerdale.

  • Joshua McClain ✔

    I don’t understand why big name titles get a demo so late. You think they would give us a demo before or right when the game launches. 

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  • Joseph Renegade-Maverick Dix

    Awesome, this should help me decide on whether I should buy the game a year ago. :P

  • Anonymous

    Ahahaah same price USD and GBP? Your kidding me right… yeah right Major Scammer. I won’t be doing that any time soon.

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  • Ivan Lopez

    Already have it, but I guess better late than never. Would rather have a Duke Nukem Forever demo. Are we gonna get it after the first access people? Would love to play the game.

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  • Anonymous

    The reason big games like this release demos so late, is because the game is so popular that EVERYONE will buy it, even people who don’t think they’ll like it buy it because of peer pressure. So for games as big as Halo, releasing a demo before or close to the full game’s release would only hurt sales, which is obviously the opposite of what the developers want. BUT, at this point, the only people who don’t have the game are people who don’t have friends pressuring them into buying it, or are just the kind of person who doesn’t want to buy a game they aren’t 100% positive will be worth their money.

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  • Russell Gorall

    Major, you should tell the techies to approve and release the Brink update, if they haven’t already.

  • Serge Goujon

    There’s no Halo without Master Chief. Halo: Reach = ODST 2.0 and nothing more. Yes, it’s Interesting, has good visuals but stilll… it’s rather disappointment for me as a real fan of 3 first original  titles. Hope we’ll see Halo 4 WITH MC on next gen console. Just a pity that it wont be Bungie’s…

  • Andy

    $39.99 ?
    £39.99 ?
    €39.99 ?

    Currency conversion FAIL

  • dus10tin

    it says $39.99 on the dashboard but if i hit buy it comes at $59.99

    whats going on?

  • Kyle Rowe

    Ahh forever alone!

    Any word on upcoming discounts for Mass Effect 2 DLC?  I just got into the Mass Effect series recently, and it looks like the only time any of the content was on sale was right at the end of 2010.  I want to play them all, but paying $25 for DLC for a game that cost me $10 seems silly.

  • Steve Sleight

    Woot!  Can’t wait until this game comes out!

    Oh wait.