May 26th 2011 12:51 pm PT

Xbox E3 2011 Tweet up

If you are headed to E3 this year or you are in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, June 5th, why not stop by the Xbox E3 2011 Tweetup? Join me, Eric Neustadter (Xbox Operations) Stephen Toulouse (Xbox Enforcement) Eric Doty (Xbox Community & Forum Manager) and area Xbox LIVE members.

Sunday, June 5th
6:00pm – 7:30pm

Xbox E3 2011 Tweetup

Lucky Strike
800 West Olympic Blvd (Suite #250)
Los Angeles, CA 90015 USA
Lucky Strike is located in the LA Live complex

6:00pm – 7:30pm

We’ve got food and beverages and some prizes to giveaway. Plus since we’re at Lucky Strike, we’ll have a couple of lanes open for you to enjoy free bowling during the event. Come meet fellow Xbox LIVE members and the members of the team and you could win tickets to the Microsoft Press Briefing the next morning at the Galen Center.

Drop by the Xbox Facebook page and let us know if you can join us.

Note: You do NOT need E3 credentials to attend this event. It is open to the public.

Come join us!

Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Glenn Alexander

    Again, wish I was there… Have to all attending E3 2011.
    I’ll be there via Twitter for sure :D

  • Dominic Gutsell

    would there be a set #tag? :o

    • Major Nelson

      How about #XboxE3 ? 

  • tim

    I am in for sure looking forward to seeing everyone there

  • tim

    I am in for sure and looking forward to seeing everyone there

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  • Ninja Combo

    Do you happen to know how much is the parking fee Major Nelson?

    • Major Nelson

      I don’t. Give Lucky Strike a call…I am sure they can tell you. Maybe they even validate…ask ‘em. 

      • Sean Kennedy

        do you have to be special to get into E3?

        • Mike

          E3 yes (well not special just in the trade), meetup no

      • Ninja Combo

        Okay, I called and they didn’t have specific information about parking fee; they said prices depend on the occasion (sporting events going on, etc), but a nice lady told me it could be between $5-25 dollars, and she also gave me a tip, she said that there are meters near there, and meters don’t work on Sundays, so, she said, if I go earlier and I’m lucky to find a meter parking open, I could leave my car there for free. I’m not familiar with the area, but I might go there and have a look around parking spots during next week before Sunday. I suggest people who live near do the same, just a favor, DON’T YOU TAKE MY SPOT THAT SUNDAY!

        LOL! See you there Major Nelson.

  • Mike

    I hope its a big place 200+ responded so far!

  • Eduardo Rebouças

    Hi Major, I’ll be attending E3 for GameRevolution and was wondering if you could help me acquire a Microsoft press conference invite. I tried reaching you through twitter but had no luck!  I’m coming to the show all the way from Brazil, and it would be nice to meet you and go to that event for the first time. Drop me a line if you’re able to help me out!


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  • Chris Poirier

    I wouldn’t miss it!  In fact, I’m even going to hop on an earlier flight to LA now…  

  • Russell Gorall

    I can’t pretend to care about Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    Forget Twitter, where’s the live stream press conference news Major?

    P.S. Have you noticed your new website design resembles a Word document – sigh…

  • Anonymous

    Had a great time last year, looking forward to it again this year. Arriving in LA on Sunday morning so I’ll be a bit tired but that never stops me from having fun.

  • Desanka Sakich

    Wish I was there…

  • Desanka Sakich


  • Desanka Sakich


  • Boe2

    When can we get a new “coming soon” list?
    If there aren’t some delicious sega saturn game remakes (guardian heroes, radiant silvergun, and not-on-the-list-but-wishful-thinking: Shining force 3) coming soon, you’d better have some material queued up for you E3 presentation :)

  • twistedadrian

    sweet!BTW anyone know the true release date for Avatar Kinect?It states this spring….Its now Summer….

  • Keith Troy Ellis

    has any one got the email yet that microsoft is replacing consoles 

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  • mrnelvin

    Ah i wanna go, but can’t damn it.

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