June 6th 2011 2:11 pm PT

Summer of Arcade Kicks off July 20th

Starting July 20, enjoy five consecutive weeks of the season’s most highly anticipated downloadable games, including:

  • “Toy Soldiers: Cold War” (Signal Studios/Microsoft Studios). Jump into the fray with playful ’80s combat action in “Toy Soldiers: Cold War.” Bring your favorite action toys to life and wage war against the red menace. Need backup? Call in a friend for co-op campaign action on the couch or over Xbox LIVE. Take a break from the main battle with Survival mode and playful minigames. When you beat your LIVE friends’ scores, they’ll be gunning to reclaim the top spot!
  • “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet” (Fuelcell/Microsoft Studios). This side-scrolling, 2-D, action-adventure game takes players on a journey through the curious Shadow Planet worlds, unique environments filled with twisted life, surreal ecologies, hostile creatures and environmental hazards. Players explore the depths of several interconnected themed areas, fighting swarms of enemies, battling bosses, solving mind-bending puzzles and acquiring power-ups to unlock new parts of the map.
  • “Fruit Ninja Kinect” (Halfbrick/Microsoft Studios). The worldwide gaming phenomenon “Fruit Ninja” is now coming to Kinect for Xbox 360 in its juiciest form yet — YOU are the ninja! Your arms are now blades, and the battle against the world’s most delicious produce is just beginning. “Fruit Ninja Kinect” is an amazing evolution of the slice-em-up genre created by Halfbrick, utilizing next-generation precision power for the juiciest combat ever!
  • “Bastion” (Supergiant Games/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment). “Bastion” is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to pieces. Wield a huge arsenal of upgradeable weapons and battle savage beasts adapted to their new habitat. Finish the main story to unlock New Game Plus mode and continue your journey!
  • “From Dust” (Ubisoft Montpellier/Ubisoft). Discover a unique Modern God game in which nature is the star. “From Dust” is the latest original concept by Eric Chahi, visionary creator of “Another World.” Behold the beauty of a primitive world pulsing with life and face the might of nature. Beware the danger of a world that is constantly changing under your command. Control the destiny of a tribe struggling to survive and help it recover its ancestors’ lost powers. Immerse yourself in a world as exotically beautiful as it is dangerous. A universe where nature reclaims what is hers and you are your people’s only chance of survival.


Arcade, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://www.facebook.com/stlambe Steve Lambe

    Can’t wait for Bastion!!! Giant Bomb’s coverage has made me super interested!!

  • http://twitter.com/MagnusPrime Chris Mirande

    Are those in order of release?  And what about pricing?  I can’t wait for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet or Bastion much longer.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, i’ll be able to use my Kinect again instead of just telling it to stop playing videos.  Cant wait to get my Fruit Ninja on.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow I didn’t know From Dust was a arcade release.  Really excited about that game.

  • http://twitter.com/boeboelord Boe2

    2 interesting titles in there, unfortunately the only positive highlights of the E3 presentation :/.
    I know we like to complain a lot, but this time I’m just sad about the direction Microsoft is heading. As much as I like xbox and it’s games (gamertag: boe2), I just don’t see a good future here. I get the same feeling with the xbox as I got with the Wii a few months after it’s release: It’s just not meant for core gamers (unless you are a halo fan, but I don’t play shooters) and I don’t think I will be touching the console a lot this year.
    Look at the games Microsoft has lined up and look at what Sony is promising: Microsoft used to be about the cool games while Sony used to be about the hardware, these days those roles are reversed.

    Minecraft is a cool announcement, but I can’t shake the feeling that it is a bit pointless: It’s a true geek-game and by the time it comes out most people will already be done with the game (I know I am, after 3 months of intense playing).

    Please tell me there are some more game announcements coming up? :(

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  • Anonymous

    Look at that beautiful freaking list of games!!! Oh, and fruit ninja.

  • Anonymous

    Look at that beautiful freaking list of games!!! Oh, and fruit ninja.

  • Anonymous

    Xbox Live Arcade not save the disastrous press conference this morning … what

  • Anonymous

    Xbox Live Arcade not save the disastrous press conference this morning … what

  • http://twitter.com/N7_Scout Ivan Corbett

    Can we have From Dust first?

  • Anonymous

    Wow…Fruit Ninja Kinect(great game on Android, by the way…) among other sure to be great titles! Keep ‘em coming!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001931223296 Brian Callahan

    Really? This is the best they could do for “Summer of Arcade” this year? Last year was awesome, Tomb Raider, Limbo, Hydro Thuner, Monday Night Combat…. Aside from “From Dust” this year looks like a total flop.

    Just the title “Fruit Ninja” makes me angry. You guys really dropped the ball this time.

    • http://twitter.com/seekul Luke Es

      Nonsense. You just need to learn something about what these games are. I bet you end up buying at least 2 of them once you see the reviews. I agree Fruit Ninja is an odd choice to highlight, but it’s the right kind of game to port for Kinect.

      • http://twitter.com/justinj1983 Justin Johnston

        your right man, Bastion is one of the most interesting games to come out on any downloadable service in years. a worthy addition 

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  • Anonymous

    Very excited about Bastion. I’ve been keeping up with that game over at GiantBomb and it just looks so slick. Can’t wait to play it. All the others look cool too. Won’t be getting the Kinect game since I don’t have one.

  • http://twitter.com/seekul Luke Es

    ‘”Gotta gets dat Bastion!” He posted, realising his attempt at hip grammar probably wasn’t all that humourous. And people would be wondering why he added u’s to humourous, even though that was how you’re supposed to write it.’ ~Bastion narrator

  • Anonymous

    when are Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil code:Veronica HD out?

  • Already Dead

    Thanks for the upload, Major.

  • Anonymous

    Major what happen to avtar Fire Pro wrestling? that was mean to be coming out in summer aswell, it seems that you left alot out at E3

  • Anonymous

    Major what happen to avtar Fire Pro wrestling? that was mean to be coming out in summer aswell, it seems that you left alot out at E3

  • http://twitter.com/Yeah_Im_Juice Julius

    Where’s NBA Jam?

  • http://twitter.com/CheekyLee Lee Weedall

    “Slice-em-up” genre?

  • http://profiles.google.com/thief000 J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

    Where’s Radiant Silvergun?
    Where’s Retro City Rampage?
    Where are the Resident Evil HD remake titles?
    Not that I don’t like the lineup, but there are a couple of other games were expecting to come out around that time.

    • http://twitter.com/boeboelord Boe2

      Where’s Guardian Heroes?
      Where’s Battleblocks Theatre?

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QRVKXG5YFJJ34N64KABXACNHZE AH LEP

    MS E3 presentation would be alot better if summer arcade games were shown rather than showing us MW3 and we all know that xbox have better titles than MW3.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ray.whitney Ray Whitney

    I cry for Game Room.

  • Anonymous

    Not on topic, but definitely related–

    So you guys put a XBLA release(s) up each and every Wednesday religiously for years, and now miss 2 weeks in a row. We all know there isn’t a drought of titles…what gives???

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CMAVF75KRFIEKVGUOBXYFD64NA Bama

    Summer of Arcade titles suck this year. I will have none of them.

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  • http://twitter.com/chiron69 Ronny Pettersen

    No interesting games for me there, unfortunately… :-|
    How about lowering prices for Pinball FX boards, Crysis2,SHIFT2,Fallout Vegas,Mass Effect2 addons soon, please? ;-) I think the prices for stuff on XBL are twice as high as they should be, look at Appstore, Microsoft! Ever wondered why it’s the no.1-selling online app/game-store? (Hint: $0,99)
    I measn it, it’s better to sell a hundred items for 0,99 than 5 for 19.99. Then, a hundred can play online etc… Please read this, whover that needs to, dear Santa (and God)! ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/Dragoneez Gary

    I’m getting From Dust for sure.Might get Bastion also but really want From Dust.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Great titles! Bastion and (maybe) From Dust….. Yeah, that’s about it…

    All of the Summer of Arcades have been a lot better. Hydro Thunder, Trials HD, Splosion Man, Limbo, Monday Night Combat, Shadow Complex, Limbo, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 were all better than most of these games.

  • http://openid.aol.com/mode7overworld Cam

    Is this the order they’re being released in? Because that’s a looooong wait to get to the good stuff.