June 27th 2011 8:00 am PT

Summer of Arcade dates and prices

  Bastion From Dust™ Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Fruit Ninja Kinect Toy Soldiers: Cold War

Summer of Arcade kicks off July 20th, and today we are sharing dates and prices

Date Title Price (MS Points)  
July 20 Bastion 1200  
July 27 From Dust 1200  
August 3 Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 1200  
August 10 Fruit Ninja Kinect 800  
August 17 Toy Soldiers: Cold War 1200  

Crimson Alliance™PLUS: When you buy all five Summer of Arcade titles, you’ll receive a free copy of Crimson Alliance – valued at 1200 Microsoft Points! Coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade September 7, this fast-action RPG game from industry-leading Certain Affinity lets you play with up to three friends and battle the sinister Cult of the Soul Siren. You’ll receive three characters, each with a host of special abilities from the Assassin’s time-bending attacks, to the Wizards elemental mastery or the Mercenary’s sweeping whirlwind strikes.

Arcade By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

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  • Trevor Hollibaugh

    Low move making a Kinect game one of the titles you must buy to get the free game. I already got Fruit Ninja on iOS like the rest of the world. I been using my PS3 more and more because I have grown so tired of MS trying to force Kinect down our throats. And now they have the nerve to put the phrase “Better with Kinect” on some our beloved titles? Better eh…I don’t think so.

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  • http://twitter.com/ElevenOHNOES Eleven McLaughlin

    Agreeing with everyone who’s unhappy about getting fucked over cause they don’t have Kinect. 

    Making my own deal: Not buying any of the Summer of Arcade games this year, and I’ll use the points I saved to buy Crimson Alliance when it comes out. :D

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  • Trevor Hollibaugh

    It is not just non-Kinect owners who are upset with this marketing ploy. I own a Kinect and 5 360s. This is a continuing trend by Microsoft. There actions have become more shady then ever and Kinect has made them worse. What is the new feature they are bragging about? Oh…how you can use Kinect to interact with advertising! It is bad enough that I pay for a service only to be bombarded by ads. There should be Zero advertising on Live if you are a Gold member. Heck…PSN is free and is completely void of advertising. Microsoft is going away from games and more towards “owning the living room” they want to control when and how you view content. They got ONE exclusive this year which is Gears of War 3. They continue to act as if Call of Duty is only on the 360. Did you watch this years E3? It was worse then last years. MS fails to realize that the so-called casual gamer does not watch E3. Microsoft has no clue what to do with Kinect.

    You are whining about whiners which is moronic. Can’t tolerate others opinions you should probably stay off the internet. But no…you need wave you brand loyalty flag like a delusional fanboy.

    • http://twitter.com/NickJAmbrose Nicholas J. Ambrose

      So you’re pissed off because, despite the fact that you’ve got a Kinect, there’s a Kinect game in the offerings? I’m sure you won’t mind my asking how that makes sense. Yes, I can understand your annoyance at the inclusion of advertising – believe me, I’m not particularly enthralled by the idea of advertising on the service, and never have been. But I’ve learnt to ignore it: after all, it’s a business, and they’re doing what all businesses do: making money.

      And yes, I did happen to watch E3. Loads of Kinect. Point being? Yes, casual offerings – but pretty sure I saw some Kinect in there for core gamers too. Voice recognition in Mass Effect 3? Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to support it? Fact is, Microsoft is a business – and their new toy, no matter how much core gamers may not like it, has sold over 10 million units and has and will broaden the 360’s install base considerably. They will continue to push it as long as it’s successful – after all, they’re a business. Try running one. Then you might, maybe, understand how money works.

      • http://www.facebook.com/astralblade Jordan Davenport

        Ambrose why would i buy fruit ninja for the Kinect? I don’t have a Kinect. Also, to address your statement about the discount as a consumer why would we support a decision we are against? If we “whiners” all bought fruit ninja we’d contradicting our statements with our actions…Enlighten me as to how that makes sense? That’s right!!! It makes no sense!!!!! If you took a second to get off your hypocritical non-sensical high horse you would realize this. and yes i know “sensical” is not a word but it works.

  • http://twitter.com/Savathos Jody Davis

    Nice of you to make sweeping generalizations about all who have complained, Ambrose. As I said previously, I don’t plan on avoiding the other games because of this poorly implemented plan by MS. I fully intend to buy the other 4 games.

    Now open your eyes and read slowly if you must, I CANNOT get Kinect to function in my current game space…just too small of an open area. If I could make it work, believe me I would have Kinect, as many people in my same predicament would. So I’m not “whining” by stating a simple fact…I WANT Kinect but unfortunately it won’t be in the cards anytime soon. So stfu with your condescending remarks.

    You need to chill with the holier-than-thou attitude and realize that no matter how successful Kinect is, the majority of XBL players DO NOT OWN Kinect and are thus shut out of this deal. It’s a shameful marketing ploy and frankly a slap in the face to non-Kinect players on XBL. Up until this point, MS has had some kind of deal for SoA that was inclusive of ALL players on XBL…there was no limiting factor as there is now.

    • http://twitter.com/NickJAmbrose Nicholas J. Ambrose

      Perhaps, Davis, the fact that Microsoft has released a major piece of hardware they’d like to make standard is the reason that this precedent is occurring and will continue to do so. There has never been another limiting factor like this in the 360’s history. And given the success of Kinect, it’s not a surprise.

      My point is not directed at you. It’s directed at the people who are so offended that they’ll only buy 1 or 2 games, as they’d originally planned before hearing about the free game. Not people who, like me, are interested in a full 80% of the SoA offering. If you’d still like to get 4 games, great. And if the 400MSP difference is such a problem, grab Fruit Ninja anyway and hold onto it. The Nyko Zoom launches later this year to cut down the space required to use Kinect – if you’re actually interested in Kinect, then maybe that’s a worthwhile investment.

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  • Anonymous

    For anyone who is an Xbox LIVE Reward member, this month (July) you will be rewarded 200 MP for every two games you purchase over 800 MP each.

    So purchase two of the Summer of Arcade games, plus two other games over 800 MP and you’ll get 400 MP back. This even applies to games that are on sale, as long as the sale price is 800 MP or higher.

    • Stewart Klazinga

      What the hell is a ‘Reward’ member?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Lockard/100001299427299 Gary Lockard

    It’s been rolled out, yeah Microsoft likes rolling around in their filth.

  • Stewart Klazinga

    Yeah, I’m a better MS customer cause I pay for Gold, but I’m still not that good of a customer cause I live in Canada, once again the crux of the issue is MS’s segregation of it’s customers; I understand it is common for availability to vary by region, but in this case it’s simply another log on the fire.

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