July 21st 2011 10:50 am PT

Limited Edition Star Wars Console

Today, during a panel presentation at the 41st annual Comic-Con International, Xbox and LucasArts unveiled the first custom Xbox 360 console with Kinect featuring a limited edition Star Wars theme inspired by the beloved duo, R2-D2 and C-3PO, as well as the brand-new Podracing mode featured in the upcoming title Kinect Star Wars.

Here are the details for the bundle

Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle

This first ever custom Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle includes an R2-D2 blue-and-white themed console, a custom Xbox 360 Wireless Controller inspired by C-3PO and the first ever white Kinect sensor. The bundle is set to debut alongside Kinect Star Wars this holiday, but is available now for pre-order through participating retailers. Priced at $449.99, the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle will include:

  • Kinect Star Wars game
  • Custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 Console with custom sounds (Hear them (MP3)  – >  Power on and Tray eject)
  • White Kinect Sensor
  • Custom C-3PO-themed Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
  • 320 GB Hard Drive
  • Xbox 360 Wired Headset
  • Kinect Adventures game
  • Exclusive downloadable content

Here are pictures of the new bundle

Pre-order the Xbox 360 Limited Kinect Star Wars Bundle

Kinect Star Wars brings the Star Wars universe to life like never before. Harnessing the controller-free power of Kinect for Xbox 360, Kinect Star Wars allows fans to physically experience training as a Jedi, using the Force and battling with a Lightsaber. Using full body motions, players can live out the ultimate Star Wars fantasy, no controller required.

Podracing Mode
Previously shown content for the title includes the Jedi mode unveiled at E3; complete with Lightsaber combat and Force movement, the mode optimizes the ideal mix of gameplay feel and heroic animation through epic Jedi duels with an array of fan favorites from the Star Wars universe. The Kinect Star Wars’ Podracing game mode allows fans a chance to compete alongside the surviving racers of the Boonta Eve in recognizable pods and other unlockable vehicles native to the Star Wars universe.



Audio, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

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  • Senor Chang

    Not to flame you… but duh.  I mean, you wrote all that only to come to the genius conclusion that preference would dictate the better buy.

    Also… if you REALLY wanted to do a fair comparison as far as price, what you do is add back in the missing items to see how much  they would cost if you made each bundle have the same accessories.

    GoW3 bundle $400 + Kinect $100 = $500
    SW bundle $450 + extra controller $50 = $500

    The bundles are EQUALLY priced… even if you add in the ‘other’ games, either way its $560 for either bundle. 

    So yes, by brilliant deduction Watson, its all a matter of personal choice.

  • Senor Chang

    I’d want this but my beef is that we’re getting late in the console cycle.  Am I really going to spend $450 on a new Xbox when rumors of Windows 8 w/ Xbox is right around the corner?  When rumors of new consoles are coming in the next 2 years or so?
    If my current Xbox dies on me and I need replacement… even then I would just get the arcade edition as I already have tons of accessories.yes, I know… the hardcore SW fans and collectors and those who just want it that badly are going to dive in for it and I don’t blame them, or if you don’t own an Xbox and this would be a great time to jump in.  I have to fight the urge myself.  But $450?  Can’t do it.

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  • Anonymous

    I spoke to the guy at EB Games and he said November 1, 2011, but on the Best Buy Site it says December 31, 2011

    • http://www.facebook.com/David.Rosowski David Rosowski II

      Gamestops received an official email from HQ the other day, they are not taking Reservations for this system yet, they are not sure each store will get enough.  This might be like the Halo reach 360 where each store just got 4 360s and thats it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Dooley/545353978 Joe Dooley

    is this going to be released in australia?? or do us aussies have to buy it over amazon

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000249132500 Chase Goodrich

    can u get the controller single or u have to buy all for controller

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001376613185 James Leonard

    do u get a special discount if u trade ur older xbox 360 for it

    • http://twitter.com/GreenMistt kyle

      Yeah, you get the money you received from the older Xbox towards the SW Xbox :P

    • http://twitter.com/GreenMistt kyle

      Yeah, you get the money you received from the older Xbox towards the SW Xbox :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/David.Rosowski David Rosowski II

    For all those who say its impossible to transfer content from 1 slim to another, I did it with my black and halo reach slim, followed this easy video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWGYPiabF5A

  • http://twitter.com/GreenMistt kyle

    Looks nice, but I won’t be getting it because I have no interest in the Kinect.

  • http://twitter.com/GreenMistt kyle

    Looks nice, but I won’t be getting it because I have no interest in the Kinect.

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