November 1st 2011 12:39 pm PT

COD MW3 Multiplayer: New Modes and Match Customization trailer

The all-new behind the scenes multiplayer video for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games bring you a preview of Kill Confirmed and Team Defender, two of the all-new multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare 3. Learn how MW3 takes multiplayer customization to a whole new level: Private matches have been significantly enhanced to allow players to create new, fully customizable game modes and share those newly created game modes with friends and the community.

Call of Duty, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Peter M.

    Has there actually been any explaination why the xbox 360 version doesn’t get dedicated servers?
    I’m just wondering.

    • J S

      Because thats how Activision rolls?

      Look, its same old, same old. Again. I’ll probably pick it up anyways, as it is fun, but don’t expect anything different. PC only gets it because they’re trying to make themselves look good to the PC crowd.

  • Brian Eyekon

    Because why have dedicated servers where there is only gonna be 9 on 9 or maybe 12 on 12 dedicated require at least 32 players.

  • Anonymous

    Could have swore I was watching MW2 gameplay. 

  • Lee Rayson

    No disrespect Major but whats with promoting MW3 on your site, for the few years i been coming her you normally promote xbox related or Exclusive games, but it seems you are promoting this game more than others such as lets say battlefield

    • Anonymous

      If you listen to the podcast you would know there isn’t really a bias on his part.

      • Steve

        I agree. In fact, in the podcast, I’d say there’s much less of a bias to COD games and I’m guessing it’s due to their massive popularity that they want to balance it out by giving outher games a chance. Although I have heard quite a bit of bias towards Halo, probably as it’s Microsoft Studios related. You will hear and read much more about Halo 4 on here and in the podcasts than you will about MW3.

  • Niels Vanhee

    Anyone saw a difference with MW2??? It looks exactly the same! 

    • Lee Rayson

      because it is, just with content took out

  • Oliver Doel


  • hyghwayman

    Looks good, thanks Major!

  • DarkBlades

    “Kill Confirmed” is similar to Halo’s Headhunter, and “Team Defender” is similar to Gears of War’s Capture the Leader.

  • Jason

    Everyone keeps saying it looks like MW2. SO WHAT??? I liked MW2. It looks to me like they took something that was a lot of fun and made it better. Familiar, yet different. I really like what I have seen so far. 

    • DiamondDNice

      yep. it ain’t broke. people like fun times.

  • Iskandar Dzulkarnain

    Goddamit. BF3 is out. Shouldn’t you retards be playing it instead of trolling here? 

  • Vi7AL

    Looks like MODERN WARFARE 2 DLC for 59.99 to me.

  • Anonymous

    Re-skinned and Re-packaged for $60?  Then a optional yearly fee of $50, multiple $15 map packs (probably upped to $20 this time around), slow (if any) fixes to glitches and banning of cheaters, and a guarantee that next November they will re skin and re package another CoD.  Is there at least dedicated servers this time around? 

    It is too bad, I really do enjoy a fast paced, lone wolf, arcade MP much more than the tactical, team based play of BF3 :(

    • DiamondDNice

      it ain’t broke. don’t try to fix it. They give people what they want and what they want is more of a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it is because people truly hate CoD, but rather what it became.  It became a cash cow of Activision to bleed gamers dry.  It became a re skinned and re packaged game that is released over and over again despite the success and the money they have to put into it.  They are destroying what could have been, and started out as, a great sub-series.

    • DiamondDNice

      they aren’t bleeding anyone. People are choosing to buy the games. Nobody is forcing me. I’m getting Saint’s Row first rather then this. But nobody is making me. I’ve played battlefield. I don’t like games with giant maps and vehicles. i like fast action and gun games. Reminds me of quake and unreal tourney. it’s fun. It’s just like mw2? good i still play that and like it aside from all the idiot hackers. but more of a good thing is exactly what i want and nobody is bleeding me. I’m willfully giving blood.

  • zach Jenkinson

    Seriously guys, just leave the dribblys and window lickers to enjoy their repetitive simpleton copy and paste game. If they don’t have the mental capacity to be any good on a game like battlefield let them play the easier and far more terrible game of cod.