November 15th 2011 7:31 am PT

Celebrate 10-Years of Xbox with this free Avatar item

Today marks the 10-year Anniversary of Xbox. On this day on 2001, the Xbox was launched with a dozen titles, including Halo: Combat Evolved. It’s been a fantastic 10 years, and to thank you we’ve got a little gift for Xbox LIVE Members: A free prop for your Xbox LIVE Avatar. This free item will be available in all Xbox LIVE regions until this Saturday, so be sure to add it to your Xbox 360 download queue now.

If audio is your thing, I went into the Xbox archives and found this clip from the Original Xbox dashboard. This is the audio effect that was used to transition from one section of the Original Xbox dashboard to the another.

On behalf of everyone at Xbox, thank you for being a part of 10 great years of great gaming.




Free, Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Glenn Alexander

    Happy Anniversary and well done to everyone back then and everyone now who keeps on shaping our awesome gaming industry!

  • Danh

    Happy birthday Xbox! Thanks for draining away my social life in public.

  • Nicholas Gamble

    It there any reason why this is not allowed on child or teen accounts?
    Unable to download it for my son :(

  • Robert Hale

    Happy Birthday Xbox! 45,360 gamerscore and going strong!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday!! I still have my original copy of the 2001 release of Halo:CE but it is unplayable because of a crack. :-( I am never going to throw that away. Halo:CEA <3 And I think the world would like a Halo 2 remake as well ;-) show less

  • NaComa Williamson

    Happy Birthday Xbox. I’ve had my live account since the beginning!!

  • Hugo Rafael

    just in time for the anniversary, my wireless-N adapter just died… oh well, back to the ethernet cable.

  • David Brunton

    The link mentions a Thank you sale we can find on the spotlight channel. The metro interface doens’t have a spoylight channel anymore, so where do we preview guys get it?

    • Tylerh1701

      I assume it will be by the Deals area, or in one of those scrolling tiles.  Also, I’m not home so I can’t say for sure, but it’s probably not posted yet.  Xbox sometimes takes there time with these things.

      Not to mention, in the post right before this one, Major mentioned that the appreciation sale is next week and the 2K sale is this week.  So I’d say just be patient and keep an eye out in case it pops up.  Or check out CAG (cheap *** gamer) they have a thread there that will detail everything on sale.

  • Lee Rayson

    Woot happy birthday Xbox

    also major any chance you can get your anniversary vid on other regions like the UK :)

  • Marcio Barboza

    Meus Parabens!!!, muitos anos de vida ao XBOX e eu vou estar junto nesta jornada.

    Congratulations!, Many years of life to the XBOX and I’ll be along on this journey.

  • John Derrick

    Awesome, Happy B-Day Xbox

  • Gerald Powell

    I still play my original XBOX and I still have the original XBL pass which I never activated. I thought it wouldn’t last long, but I’m so glad I was wrong. I now love my Gold and never let it run out. I still have all of my accessories too. It was all a wedding anniversary gift from my wife.

  • Nathan J Pledger

    Prop seemingly not available for UK users. Quelle surprise. ‘cos the only country in the world is the US.

    • Paul Tomlinson

      I got mine alright. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Happy birthday, and thanks for the audio sfx, always enjoyable.

  • Marcus Wagner

    10 anos de vida e nem um jogo gratis, vergonha.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Happy 10th Anniversary X-Box!!  :)

  • Corey Conn

    10 great years of gaming!! Can’t wait for the next 10!

  • Mark Elford

    Happy Birthday Xbox! :D  its been a great 10 years.
    But wheres the new dash??  ;)

  • Ben Hovell

     Happy Birthday Xbox, 
    what would be great would be changing everyones 360 startup screen to the original Xbox just for this week! 

  • Damiano Bergamaschi

    Tanti auguri!!!!!!!!!

  • Giuseppe Romeo

    Auguri XBOX!!!!

    Peace, Love and 360

  • R. Houston

    Happy Birthday, Xbox.  You gave us Jet Set Radio Future.

  • Dave Woods

    I joined the X-box community 7 years ago, starting with the first system, and never regretted if for a second. The day the X-Box was created is one of the best days in gaming history.

  • Roger

    Happy Birthday Xbox!! You’ve changed the world – you’ve enhanced our lives! It’s been Awesome!

  • Shawn Caudill

    xbox  rocks 

  • Anonymous

    Wow ten years of paying for the right to play games online and the worst customer service in the business and they give us a crappy avatar prop. what a 400 point arcade game too much to ask for? Thanks for nothing jerks.

    • Vizardsoul

      sound like someone acting butt hurt.,.. lol

    • Tylerh1701


      • Anonymous

        right back at ya

    • D. Laing

      I think instead of a box they should’ve given you a tissue bc it looks like you sure love to cry about it.

    • Anthony Singleton II

      LOL. soo true.

  • Shawn Caudill

    and happy birthday xbox

  • Brent Buchanan

    I would love to have the other sounds from the original dashboard.

  • Anonymous

    Happy 10th Xbox!! <3

  • sander

    happy birthday!

  • Shawn Mighan

    Happy Bday Xbox thanks for all the great times

  • Nico Asis


    I <3 MAJOR NELSON!!!

  • Stephen J Weeden

    wow 10 years time flys when your haveing fun Happy Bday xbox

  • Ed Duran

    Happy Birthday XBOX on ten years.TEN More!

    • Roger Soto

      LOL you have a apple picture, this is xbox by microsoft. xbox takes that pic as an insult.

      • SHORTGUY

        I agree!

      • Mark

        Look closer at the apple.

  • Anonymous

    happy b-day xbox

  • Martika Graham

    get over it lol, they dont have to give us anything.

    • Anonymous

      I know they don’t HAVE to. I’m just saying it would be nice.

    • Miller

      They shouldn’t of bothered for a crappy avatar item. Tool.

  • Jeffrey

    Please fix the prop so it will work on child & teen accounts.  Why this is “blocked” from those account types is beyond me.

  • Nick

    I have both of my original Xboxes sitting next to me now. Amazing how much time has gone bye. 

    Heres to another 10 more Xbox! 

    • Mark

      Want to provide us with screens of that dashboard?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not complainig about paying for the service as I understand the benefits I recieve(see Microsoft owned servers as opposed to Sony renting out space) I’m just saying it would be nice to see fan loyalty rewarded. also I have not been there since the beggining but I still feel those who have should be rewarded. Sorry if I offended anyone. Just putting up my opinion.

    • Jeff Dauby

      You get a number every year you keep XBL isn’t that enough?

      Also the customer service recently is actually really good. Not even comparatively to others, Maybe your calling the wrong number.

  • Michael

    the avatar freebie link is not working. maybe too much traffic.

    • Kayla

      Just click on the a free prop for your XBOX live avatar and it should say download then it asks to sign into your account and it will send it right to your xbox then go to active downloads and download it thats what i did =D

  • Anonymous

    You need live to be able to play online, play online = major part of gaming. PSN is free, if you pay for PSN+ (costs less then live) you get Free live arcade games, themes, DLC and such every freaking month!
    And free online gaming too. Yeah, live sure is worth every penny if you’re not smart enough to realise you’re getting ripped off, hard and fast. Much like Apples products, costs a lot more for less bang, and still some (less gifted) people think it’s worth.

    Capitalism; been exploiting those to stupid to realise they’re being exploited since befor crist.

  • Alexander Parks

    I’m 17. My account settings allow me to play and download whatever I want. However, my console still blocks me from everything, including this prop. What could possibly make this prop adult only?

    EDIT: Apparently it is locked for adults only on the official website, but in the console marketplace it is available.
    EDIT2: Happy birthday xbox. :)

  • Miller

    Wow 8 years of awesome and 2 years of DLC milking. 

  • Russell Eby

    Why can’t Kids get this prop? I got three boys who play Halo all the time  and they can’t get a prop with glitter?

  • Geek When Spoken to

    I was pretty excited to add this content to my daughter’s Avatar and surprise her. But like Jeffrey who commented below, I found the purchase is not allowed for child and teen accounts. Any fix or explanation coming soon?

  • kerry6

    If you did not…you should….

  • Israel C Medina

    happy 10 years xbox thanks 4 da prop

  • Karl Cramer

    Weird. Lots of people commenting that they couldn’t get this for their underage account. My 4-year old niece has a child account and was able to download this just fine. She calls it the surprise present.

  • Steven Ha

    WOo! free props! thanks, Microsoft :) happy Anniversary