November 15th 2011 6:00 am PT

Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.*

See blog post I’ll make for many of these for pricing and/or regional availability and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Game Add-ons Release Date MS Points
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack  Nov-16 1200
Saints Row: The Third Season Pass Nov-15 1600
Need for Speed: The Run Time Savers Pack Nov-15 800
Disney Universe: Villians Costume Pack Nov-15 240
Batman Arkham City Robin Bundle Nov-22 560
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Unidentified Furry Objects Nov-22 400
TNT Racers:  Formula Package Nov-23 240
Deal of the Week Discount Dates Price
Ms. Splosion Man Nov 15 – 21 400 (50% off)
Crazy Street Racing Nov 22- 28  
Streets of Rage 2   200 (50% off)
Sega Rally Online Arcade   400 (50% off)
Crazy Taxi   400 (50% off)
Sales  & Specials Discount Date Price
2k Publisher Sale Nov 15 – 21 up to 50% off
Xbox LIVE Fan Appreciation Sale Nov 22 – 28  
Black Friday One Day Sales Nov – 25  
Cyber Monday One Day Sales Nov – 28  
Games on Demand Release Date  
Mortal Kombat Nov-22  
Demos Release Date  
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 Nov-22  

*As with all game related releases, dates, prices and availability are subject to change and vary by region.

Deal, Demo, Game Add-on, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Matthieu DENIZE

    | What about XLA Release Games?


    Whatever happened to the Beavis & Butthead avatar gear? Was listed a few weeks ago…but never appeared =

  • Nabil Mahfoudi

    NBA Jam On Fire Edition — French MarketPlace Plzzzzzzzzzzzz !!! :'(

  • daniel ampudia

    “Xbox LIVE Fan Appreciation Sale” what’s this?

  • Bennijin Turbo

    Ooh, looking forward to those sales! Might pick up SROA too, it’s not amazing but, well, 400 points…

  • Victor Cortes

    Ah, intriguing stuff the sales & specials.
    We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Callum Saunders

    It disappoints me that i can’t buy new games from my xbox.

    • Anonymous

      Well, its not going to happen, not this console generation.

      • Callum Saunders

        Why not?

        • Anonymous

          If youre talking about Games on Demand then lot of reasons, but the incentives arent there for companies to support it with day one releases yet. Im with you, but its just not going to happen, not anytime soon.

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’ll get my Microsoft points ready.. really wish they’d show what was going to be on sale though, Id like to be able to prepare for the sale.

  • Addnan

    I hope the summer of arcade games are part of the sales!

  • Richard Rice

    wonder what the black friday deals will be

  • Richard Rice


  • Tomas Misevičius

    It was worth waiting for Ms. Splosion Man. :D
    Purchased it for 400MSP without thinking much.

    • Anonymous

      Good call! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more! Great game

  • Nabil Mahfoudi

    SEGA Rally Online Arcade 400MS Yesssssssssss THK’S !!!

  • Abel Diaz

    Hey Major, are we ever going to see what will be on sale for Black Friday before Black Friday?

  • Chad Wilburn

    Crazy street racing??

    • Tylerh1701

      Crazy Street Racing is the theme of the sale (excluding Ms. Splosion Man) I think.

  • Kravex

    2k Publisher SaleNov 15 – 21up to 50% off
    What’s in that then?

    • Yousuf Hussain

      Games on Demand (all 25% off):
      Mafia 2
      The Darkness

      Xbox Originals:
      Sid Meier’s Pirates! 600MSP (50% off):

      XBLA (both 50% off):
      The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom 400MSP
      Axel & Pixel 400MSP

      Add-Ons (all 50% off):
      Mafia 2 – Jimmy’s Vendetta 400MSP
      Mafia 2 – Joe’s Adventure 400MSP
      Borderlands – Secret Armory 400MSP
      Borderlands – New Revolution 400MSP
      Borderlands – Underdome 400MSP
      Borderlands – Zombie Island 400MSP
      Bioshock 2 – Minerva’s Den 400MSP
      Bioshock 2 – The Protector Trials 200MSP
      Bioshock 2 – Rapture Metro 400MSP
      Bioshock 2 – Sinclair Solutions 200MSP

  • Tylerh1701

    Thanks, Ms. Splosion Man is a no-brainer.  Can’t wait to play it tonight! May get Streets of Rage.  Excited to see what other Sales/Specials/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bring. 

  •!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

    Ms. Splosion Man and Crazy Taxi for 400? I’m all over it.

  • Matías Ferrero

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack ?? It should be included in the game!! This generation and its DLC its driving me away from consoles, and I owned every one of them. Every time I see a “Season Pass”, “Online Pass”, DLC a week after game release (or even release day!), on-disc DLC, unlock DLC (take DiRT 2/3 for ex), make me want to stop buying games, and surely for the last 3 years I lowered my adqusitions. If I cannot own the game, sell it, or playit to its fullest because I have missing DLC, pass, unlock, or horse armor, I stop buying them. DLC should be a worth piece of addon, developed afterwards the game release as something to enrich the game, not something that got developed during the game and then cutout (Mafia 2 was last deception).

    I miss the times were free content was added with patches on the pc, and the 360 its just another closed pc in a nice case…I hope Microsoft learn from this.

    • Andy Schott

      It is included with the game. The map pack is for people with Halo Reach who want the maps, but don’t want to buy Halo Anniversary. A code to download the map pack is included with Halo Anniversary, so you can play the maps from within Reach without having to switch to Halo Anniversary.

      • Bennijin Turbo


      • Anonymous

        Huh, I knew the maps where in the game, I had no idea it was a code that worked with both games. Good to know! Also, LoLz to the original commenter.

      • Matías Ferrero

        Holy crap you are right! +1 to Halo CE Remake then!

        Take my comment as a genreic rant then :P Still valid thought!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I understand where you were going…it doesn’t apply in this situation, but day one DLC is pretty stupid. :)

      • Anonymous

        Uh….. I wouldnt use the word valid at all. But thats another argument entirely.

    • Chad Wilburn

      Amen brother!! Preach on!! Agree 100 percent!!!

    • Tylerh1701

      Gotta love useless, uninformed rants!  That’s what makes the internet great!

    • Jason Marler

      It is included with the game, this generation and there lack of reading skills.

      • Tyler Breitweiser


    • FinderKeeper

      This is the industry’s response to used game sales at GameStop, etc., and rentals at  GameFly, etc. For example: I pre-ordered Saints Row: The Third from the THQ website for $59.99. I got the Genki pre-order pack (which is not available as DLC yet) for free. But because I pre-ordered from THQ, I also got the season pass included FREE. If I were to buy the game new later for $29.99 for example, I’d still get the online pass included (which SR:TT also has), but I wouldn’t get the season pass included.

      Those who buy the game used a few months down the line, say for half-price ($30) or less will have to buy the online pass ($10) if they want to play online, because they’re buying the game used. either (a) have to pay $20.00 for the season pass, which includes three separate DLC packs, or (b) by the DLC a la carte, which would cost more than 20.00 when bought that way. So, in that way, the original price of $60.00 is recouped by the publisher (whereas until recently, that money was lost to the publisher, and by implication, the developer).

      When you say you’ve lowered your acquisitions, are you referring to buying new or buying used? The publishers (and by implication, the developers) would like you to buy the game new. On-disc DLC is usually a way to encourage pre-orders (i.e. buying new at release date).

      And if you think that is bad, wait a few years, when the next console cycle might mean an increasing trend to all-digital content and/or all-cloud content. So yes, Microsoft *has* learned from this… they’re not going to let pre-owned buyers and renters get the same benefit as new-game buyers.

      Whether you or I like that or not, that’s the way the video game business is headed. Adapt, or stop playing.

    • Oliver Doel

      yeah season pass bs is a joke, Funny Nintendo is losing so much $$ these days, same will happen to xbox if they continue this kiddie crap

  • Gerblanski

    A Multitude of tasty offers, Robin Pack, Ms Splosion Man, and the many sales, and even though i’m not in the North America, always look forward to Black Friday sales!

  • ElektroDragon

    WHERE the heck is the DLC for Might & Magic Clash of Heroes that was released on PSN weeks ago?

  • Ricardo Baptista

    Great deal of the week, but I would still like to see more Games on Demand, especially from Microsoft. Where is Halo 3 ODST?

    • Miller

      Please…. shut up

      • Ricardo Baptista

        Why? I’m not allowed to ask for what I want?

        • Miller

          Go buy it in stores. ODST is a terrible game anyway.

          • Anonymous


          • Ricardo Baptista

            I can’t buy it on a store, I just can’t find a new one. In second place I like Games on Demand and I think Microsoft should have more games on that service.

          • Miller

            Ok fair enough you can’t find it in stores. But online? Ebay? Gamestop? Play? You could easily buy it online and have it within a few days. Not to mention it will be a lot cheaper than if it was on GoD…. fail that, rent it.You’ll regret the purchase.

            I was round a friends house and we played his brothers ODST splitscreen, and i kid you not, before we’d even played the game for 20 minutes we were bored out of our skulls and turned it off. Type on YT “Blackbustercritic halo odst” See if you’ll want to buy it after that.

  • Boe2

    No XBLA games?
    Then again, who needs XBLA when we still got Skyrim to finish :)

    • Luke Es | sE ekuL

      Yes, expecting XBLA/PSN releases to swim in November and December is rather a long shot. Thankfully they are taking the summer season well in hand. I think it’s a good balance.

  • Marcus Wagner

    Where is Medal of Honor 2010?

  • Steve Myers

    Any chance of getting Sega Bass Fishing on arcade, and possibly kinect enabled?

    • Steve Melton

      It’s been out for a little while now, but no Kinect support.

  • Polychronis P.

    Crazy Street Racing
    Nov 15 – 21 ….Major Nelson, maybe this deal is next week ;)

  • Brad Langford

    Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack Nov-16 1200 MSP…! What the hell….! getting seriously pissed off with money grabbing game devs and

    • Anonymous

      What? 6 awesome classic maps and 1 new firefight map isn’t worth $15

  • Anonymous

    Sega Rally is a good deal for 400 ………. but it’s still showing as 800 points – when will the price drop ?

    • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

      I think Major Nelson got confused in all the anniversary excitement. The bottom 3 Crazy Street Racing deals are probably next week.

  • Anonymous

    Sega Rally is a good deal for 400 ………. but it’s still showing as 800 points – when will the price drop ?

  • Gary Braide

    how can you quickly find these deals on the new new dash? (green preview?)

  • Jay Gibbs

    Please let Banjo be one of the one day sales, please let Banjo be one of the one day sales…

  • Jacob Garcia

    And the Avatar marketplace?

  • Leda Clark

    Any idea why the Sonic Generations avatar items never got added last week?

  • Paul Vera Espinoza

    portal 2 on games on demand please!

  • Zak Hayer

    how come you didnt post Uno i just bought it for 200 points it was half off?

  • Billy Coyle

    I hope the Black Friday one day sale is all games on demand like 25% – 50% off!

    • Antarael Dulacre

      And even then a physical copy is much cheaper…lol and you still can resell the game….still no point in buying GoD…

      • Lydell Washington

        Not having to worry about scratched disc,

        Not having to worry about losing the disc,Someone stealing the disc
        Ready and playable on the next Xbox which may or MAY NOT have a disc drive…. judging from the way microsoft is going, I’d say May not…
        Don’t have to worry about swapping discs..I can keep going if you’d like.

  • aStrangeDisease

    Every company exists to make money. Not just game publishers/developers. If profits don’t increase each and every year, they are failing. Money is the only thing any company cares about. Welcome to Earth.

  • aStrangeDisease

    ODST is a good game/(Halo 3 expansion). I enjoyed it. They should make it available on Games on Demand.

  • Diego B. González

    And the dashboard update when comes?

  • Anonymous

    When’s Joe Danger coming out?

  • Brandon Boyce

    Troll. Lambo is a weird kid in a cow costume, not a sheep costume. Touch up on your anime/manga. lol.