November 22nd 2011 6:00 am PT

Xbox 360 Dashboard update coming December 6th

While many of you have been involved in the Xbox LIVE Preview Program and have been busy getting an early look at the next Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE features, I wanted to let you know that the official release for the update for all Xbox LIVE members will be Tuesday, December 6th.  In this update, free to all console owners,  you will see:

  • New personal and social features including Cloud Storage for Game Saves and LIVE Profile
  • Beacons and Facebook Sharing
  • Enhanced Family Settings
  • Integrated voice and gesture controls across the dashboard and in apps
  • Bing voice search (Available this year in the US, UK and CA)

In addition to all these great dashboard features, starting on December 6th and continuing on an ongoing basis through the holiday months, a wealth of new content will be coming to Xbox 360. New, customized applications for television, movies, internet videos, sports and music will begin rolling out from world-leading providers in more than 20 countries.

Preview, Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Timothy

    I’m already in the preview program and just got another dashboard update. Probably the last dashboard update I’ll have before it is officially released.

    Typically, anyone in the preview program at the time the new dashboard gets released, they don’t get any update the day the new dashboard releases. The only exception we be for issues of high importance or bug fixes.

  • Anonymous

    is the live tv and youtube going to be included???? thats what i was really looking forward too

    • Robbie

      If your a gold member, Yes it will be included.

      • aStrangeDisease

        It does not say that those features will be available at this time. Coming soon.

  • Matthew Timms

    Great, still no ability to delete games with Gamerscore, Completionist powers Activate….Damn.

    • adam

      cry some more plz

    • Karl Cramer

      Because there won’t be complaints about brother, friend, roommate, etc. deleting gamerscore. You played Disney Sing It deal with it. :P 

  • Danny

    Hey Major, is the Windows Phone Companion app going to launch the same day as the Dashboard release?

  • James Marmer

    ahhhhh, would have loved it just one day earlier so it could arrive on my birthday.

  • thechexican

    The features are cool, but I’m more interested in speed and responsiveness. Right now, the time it takes between pressing the guide button and actually composing and sending a message to a friend is ridiculously and inexcusably long.

  • Luciano Mostaccio

    Youtube ?

    • Andres Ocampo

      yes that should be available at E3 they said they are partnering with youtube

  • Daniel D.

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance of this update being optional, is there? I don’t have anything against new features being added; that’s great. But from what I’ve seen so far, the layout as a whole looks far more cluttered and complicated to navigate than the current design is.

    • Rich (GT:The Brit)

      you will get used to the new layout in no time at all….

  • Brad Roekle

    I was selected for the preview and then my xbox account got hacked with some FIFA Soccer thing and it’s been in some investigation since nov. 3rd. I haven’t even been able to play with it. Really stinks.

    • James Loughry

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my account was hacked and it took 3 months, multiple e-mails and 4 calls to XBL support to get it back.  Hopefully yours is much faster.

  • Anonymous

    Ok Major Nelson I have a question. With the new cloud am I save getting the 4GB x-box? I really don’t have a need for the 250GB one and I was worried that the 4GB was too small. I don’t store anything on my x-box but Demos and saving games. 

    Another question when this launches does this mean all i have to do is log on into any x-box and my game saves will be there? Thanks

    • Robbie

      I’m not major nelson, but if your going to download a bunch of demos and such A 250 GB Console might be the thing for you.

    • Karl Cramer

      Game saves will be up in the cloud. Downloads, demos, add-ons, etc, will not. If you really don’t want to get the bigger drive, you can always use 16GB USB memory sticks. They’re pretty cheap now.

    • Erik Bdot

      4GB is tooo SMALL! Trust me. Do you really don’t want hold / save your game DVD’s guy? Trust me playing from HDD is better than from DVD. And now show me how many 4GB games have you been seeing lately? Most of them need 10GB-25GB free space. So 4GB is too small. And when you talk about downloading demos, then demos growing too. Most of them today is 3,5GB. But there is coming bigger and bigger demos.
      And cloud storage is for game saving (and it’s around 500MB, enough for save games). Really it’s much cheaper to buy today 250GB than buy 4GB and starting upgrade later. And another thing, You can buy 250GB even with same price like 4GB.

  • Scott Dixon

    When does YouTube roll out?

  • Anonymous

    LOL,just had an update,and the Premium Themes work now,yay

  • Rafael D. Rodríguez Méndez

    PLEASE!!! a better HULU PLUS app!

  • Luke J Humphreys

    It says here that you will be able to use voice controls on the
    dashboard and for bing voice. But will you NEED to use a kinect
    controller to access these features? Or can I use my headset?

    P.S. I love that 4OD and Demand 5 apps are coming to Xbox. About time too :)

    • Robbie

      Nope, you can have a normal microphone. No need for a kinect.

      • Andy

        no you do need kinect because i’m in the beta and i use it all the time you can not use anything but the kinect 

        • Luke J Humphreys

          Oh, kinda sucks. Why would you need a kinect though? My microphone works just fine. And it goes through the same process doesn’t it.

  • chris hernandez

    Funny that you mention narrow-mindedness, as that is what you are exuding with this comment.

    Video games, like it or hate it, are a form of entertainment like music and videos and a console should be a place to access all of that. No one is forcing you to take advantage of all these features. The game in your disc drive is the first icon on your screen with this update, so all you have to do is hit A once turn on your system. Then you can play your games, simple as that.

  • Robbie

    Deal with it.

  • Corey ★ ☆ ✰ ☆ ★

    Now all i need is the ability to change my region, it’s UK by mistake, and expanded friends list…

    • nate0129

      Make a new account… thats what I had to do :(

  • gdsmkfn

    This is odd cause I signed up for this program and then got an e mail on Nov. 1st that really had the incoming date of Nov 15th stating that I never completed the whole signing up and now that I entered my 25 digit code over a week and a half ago and still no beta version of the new dashboard (even tho it said it would take 3 to 5 business days for me to receive the info for download!)! Not surprised that Microsoft loves to F things up!!!!! Microsoft why do you like to disappoint people? Things like this is why people choose Play Station where they know how to make their customers very happy! Wish Xbox live could go free too! And maybe I would play more xbox than Play Station!!!!!!!!

    • Bennijin Turbo

      You’re the one doing it wrong. That code will have downloaded the Beta Registration Tool to your console, you use THAT to register.

      Go check your game library.

  • Robert Lamarre Jr

    no definite date announced for new dashboard sorry this blog post is misleading

    • Bibowski

      Huh? It says Tuesday, December 6th. You blind?

  • Trueboricua

    by mentioning FREE does this mean Microsoft is looking into charging for dashboard updates sometime in the future? if so whats the thinking?

  • Erik Bdot

    You made little mistake there. You wrote “…, free to all console owners..” and then you added in list “Cloud Storage for Game Saves”. It’s NOT FREE :) Cloud Storage is ONLY for GOLD members! Tested it, and it’s works fine for gold members, but not working when you are FREE Live member.

    • Chris Church

      “free to all console owners,  you will see” <<< note the see…not you will have, but you will see! Why would a free member need cloud storage. They obviously aren't intersted in using online content!

  • Anonymous

    I was told the update would be the 25th November now I am being told it is the 6th December. Which is it? Some people already seem to have a new update from what I have heard. With the new update I was told skype will be available as this would be awesome especially through my tv? Will it be free? Will all the new apps be free? The live tv apps and the on demand content?

    • Robert Lamarre Jr

      they don’t have a specific date for release cause it is still being tested so when there ready to release it you will get it

  • nate0129

    Sorry that it’s free. *Free if you already bought XBL for just multiplayer. Xbox is becoming more than a game console, it’s becoming an entertainment hub. 

  • Ivan Zelko

    will I be able to watch .mkv files after the update? if not, will xbox ever support .mkv?

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff!  Can’t wait for this to drop.  I just ordered the 250 gb holiday bundle with fable and halo reach :)  Cant wait!

  • Dj-Edu Noirse

    good, i want to see MINISTRY OF SOUND RADIO in my xbox apps

  • james combs

    will we still be able to save or games to our hard drives

    • Christopher Smith

      Yes.  The cloud is completely optional.  It’s about half a gig and is just listed as another memory device.  It’s the same as if you plugged in a USB stick to save to.

  • qqq zzz

    xbox dashboard getting worst and worst…looks so simple and boring with all advertising……. …from hardcore dashboard to baby dashboard

  • Reynan Salo

    hardcore gamers like me will surely love this update. I don’t need to have a hard drive anymore because of the cloud storage. this is great.  beacons and facebook sharing lets me connect to my friends, and all these features are absolutely great. Thanks for this wonderful innovations. I just love Microsoft and I love Xbox.

    • Robert Roerig

      It’s not really too big… Maybe they’ll up it..

  • Lunalicrichard

    will it have more feature’s for Europe ? I mean as much as the u.s has in case of app’s and functionality ? We Europeans always get the short end of the stick ! No ESPN , NO Netflix , no NFL support ,none of the stuff that give’s the 360 the extra bit .
    I know Netflix is finally comming to the old  mainland and it is about time ….
    That’s what bug’s me enormously . Microsoft essentially is a U.S company with a very U.S mindset .
    While it should be global ! All feature’s that the u.s get’s , the rest should also get . Maybe in a local form . And it is not that hard ! It all comes down to will and cash ……
    I would gladly pay a little more to get all the stuff the U.S mpl  has to offer . And we dutch have even better internet and streaming options then the U.S has , so that shouldn’t be a problem !
    GIVE IT TO ME !!!!!!

  • SthlmGamer

    I think they could have done this alot better than it is. The themes get useless, the avatar gear barely shows up, and my gamescore that i have worked really hard to get is also barely showing up. Its good as it is and if u wanna make this big of a change u could atleast let everybody decide if they want to use it or not.

    • ert3

      an optional interface style (outside of themes) will never come to a console because of their uniform nature, however I must say that diminishing our avatars and gamerscore is a bad move if you consider how many people needlessly build their gamer score and waste points on their avatars (lord knows I’ve spent about 50$ on mine this year alone).

    • Anonymous

      so you have this update already? where are you from? I am still waiting for the update

      • SthlmGamer

         I from sweden and i do not have this update yet, but from what i have seen on youtube (IGN posted a video) it looks bad. I want to see the stuff i have spent so much time passion and money on!

      • Robert Lamarre Jr

        unless you signed up your not gonna get the update

        • Anonymous

          what your telling me this update isn’t getting rolled out to everyone who has signed up for the update and those who didn’t won’t get it? That can’t be right. I only knew about this a week ago so I don’t think that would be tree. I had the provisional update ready for the big update.

          • Anthony Murphy

            no the only people that have it right now are the ones in the preview program. everyone else will get it when it rolls out. with out having to sign up for it. (roll out could also happen in stages more then not.)

  • Anonymous

    ok so what features will be on the new update? skype, on demand content? and y have some people got it already surely the update should be rolled out to everyone at the same time?

    • Robert Lamarre Jr

      because they signed up for it i have it

      • Anonymous

        ok so how did you sign up for it? I haven’t seen anything like that.

        • Robert Lamarre Jr

          via this website about 1 month ago

  • The One

    What is the status of Xbox dashboard themes this time around?

  • Lucas Tres

    You’ll NOT be able to search the internet! You’ll just be able to search (on Bing) for content IN the Xbox LIVE! (like musics, videos and games)

  • Anonymous

    Okay- Microsoft missed a major opportunity to add web browsing with your Xbox during this revision!
    With Apple&Google prepping for smart tv’s- Microsoft could sidestep all of them early on by using their plain ‘ol xbox360 as a wed device

    • Karl Cramer

      This is a tired old request. It’s not happening, nor should it. Browsing is on PS3 and Wii and is a miserable experience. People with those systems aren’t bragging about. Why? Because it’s horrible.

  • Robert Roerig

    Doesn’t seem like we really tested much:-/

  • Robert Roerig

    Then don’t use anything else on it… They aren’t forcing you to.

  • giantsfan93

    why not in november why december

  • James24

    With this new update. Is there a way I can disable ads from the Dash?

    • Robert Lamarre Jr


  • James24

    Do I have the option to decline Dec 6th Dash update but still be allowed to access XBL for games, Netflix, etc?

    • Robert Lamarre Jr


    • Joseph Johnson

      You must have never updated anything on your Xbox before.. It clearly says during an update to ANYTHING (games, dashboard, etc) that you MUST update or be signed out of Xbox Live

  • Byyys

    I have the beta update and i hate it. enuff said

  • Anonymous

    You said it would be November 15th, then said it would be the 25th, what reason is there to believe it is going to be December 6th?

    • Ian Brown

      This is the first announcement by Microsoft that includes a release date. Anything you’ve heard previously is purely speculative. 

      • Anonymous

        Read all 3 dates on this blog…

  • tomo008866

    The dashboard must be totally different in my country because people are complaining about ‘adds’ when I love them. Gaming news, new game releases, recommended games and more. How are these ‘adds’? I don’t understand, I love all that. And the new dashboard update is amazing.

  • Julien Province

    finally a sure-fire date :D

    GT: Faross

  • Mr Loon

    What would be good is to see the control system to be very fluid with interaction with the Kinect, especially when accessing music / movies.  As for content, if Microsoft could work out deals with all the major networks (north/south american and Europe), where those in those locales can fully access shows/movies/PPV, Microsoft would have a very big win on their hands (long as the price for content would beat out Netflix and others).  There are millions out there with an XBOX 360, so why not use that captive market to convince content providers to give us all a very cheap alternative to cable/satellite/Netflix and others.  If I could pick up my Live card for the normal price we all pay, and say a one year XBOX Live Content card for say $50, would believe most out there would go for it long as all of our varied countries shows could be accessed.  Netflix was going for $8/month, then raised it and got hammered in the market because of it.  Take advantage of the wide network that Microsoft has, utilizing the Akami network as normal, and get into the tv/content market for all countries and you’d have a good win.  Extend Windows phones to accessing the same content, and cellular carriers would love nothing more than that, as would give them a new stream of income also from the data usage. Just my two bits on this conversation. :)

  • Anonymous

    will it all be free utube and more music and so on as we all ready pay 30 odd pound a year now that would be good if it was but will we reall get stuff for free ???????????????

  • Ian Buckland

    hey major what about voice comeing for australia xbox 360 it’s like US and CA and UK allways get it first we get it about 1 year later

  • Ian Buckland

    hey major what about voice comeing for australia xbox 360 it’s like US and CA and UK allways get it first we get it about 1 year later

  • MiKe Anaya

    Netflix for México in this update?

  • Anonymous

    IDEAS to improve Xbox Live

    Facebook integration in order to have no limit on Xbox Live friends. 

    I have 100 friends and I always receive new invites which I decline because I just can’t remove any of my friends. 

    Xbox Live Games and Preferences

    A new way to tell your friends what games you have and what games do you want to play. 

    Beacons are good but it is important to me to know:
    What friends have Gears of War 3 or Halo Reach ?

    What friends want to play Modern Warfare 3 today or for the rest of the month?

    I don’t want to verify every single beacon’s friend. I need a full list.