November 25th 2011 8:39 am PT

Big list of Amazon Black Friday Gaming Deals

In addition to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Black Friday deals I’ve already posted, I put together this table of Xbox 360 gaming deals from Amazon (US).

I’ve decided to try something a little different: I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet and embedded it here as an
Excel Web App. This will allow you to perform basic sorting and filtering functions on the list directly in your browser by just clicking on the down arrow in each column header.

Although I’ve assembled this table from deals currently available, Black Friday sales often sell out very quickly so you’ll want to jump on these before the offer is no longer available. You can see a full list of gaming additional deals they have here.

If you find any other deals you wish to share feel free to post the in the comments. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter as I’ll be posting additional sales I come across. I hope this helps saves you some money.

I’d love to hear your feedback if this Excel Web App approach is more helpful than a regular list.

Deal By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Tylerh1701

    Web App is cool, sorting by price and %off is kind of sweet.

    However, Amazon’s normal BF prices aren’t all that amazing unless you catch it on the Lightning deal.

  • Paul Richardson

    What about UK? or do we get shafted again..

    • TomeOne

      Does the UK partake in a US-centric day of consumerism? Or are you just whinging for the sake of whinging?

      • Darren

        He’s just winging for the sake of it.

    • Anonymous

      What about the UK? If you’re upset that these don’t apply to the UK, go complain to Amazon. It’s their sale, not Microsoft’s. Major is just passing along the information.

  • Darren

    Shafted by what?

  • Darren


  • Paul Richardson

    Theres always a ton of xbox sales for US only.. Yet UK customers hardly get anything..

    • Darren

      The Black Friday holiday weekend is not something that is really relevant to the UK (being as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and all that).

      However, come boxing day there will be hundreds of xbox-related sales… because that’s when OUR retailers do the mass deep-discounts.

      • Paul Richardson

        There wasnt last year and Boxing day is 1 day not 5 like “black friday” is

        • Darren

          Well, as it seems your complaint is not at Microsoft but rather the UK holidays system, I suggest you lobby your local MP and get him to raise a motion in Parliament for the UK to adhere to US holidays and celebrations.

          And if he can’t do that then it appear you are s.o.l.

  • mikey

    how about you stop posting another company deals, and get some real black friday deals for yourself.

    • Major Nelson

      Would you prefer I don’t post anything at all? 

      • mikey


        • Juan Cabrera

          Ignore him Major. I guess the spirit of giving thanks doesn’t reach all the way to Italy.

        • Chong Li

          I agree with you Mikey…. it’s the worst blackfriday EVER in xboxlive -life-
          Anda now….. THIS! A link to another  ‘major’ company with better price/sales???? For real?????


          .a bad one.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t listen to him. Keep posting up great deals so people can take advantage of them regardless of what site they’re from…

        And this is coming from someone outside the US who can’t take advantage of any of these Amazon deals (at least not without paying international shipping on top of it).

      • hyghwayman DB

        Thank you Major,

        Keep’em comming!


      • bodas

        Sounds good to me. Come back and post when XBL actually has good deals on AAA games a la Steam or even Origin.

        Guess we’ll never see you again.

    • hyghwayman DB

      Mikey, if your not interested in the deals then you don’t have to look or for that matter post a neg. comment.


    • Anonymous

      How about that you stop being a jerk? These are US Thanksgiving sales. If the info is irrelevant to you, you can always IGNORE it.

    • Juan Cabrera

      Come on Mikey, does it really matter to you which company the deals are from?  Major is trying to save you some money and that’s the point.  I say, keep posting “another company deals” Major!

    • rudy

      Tisk tisk… this guys an idiot…. I like the post… thanks Major

    • Tylerh1701

      Wow these black friday deals have brought out the absolute worst in people.  Please go kill yourselves you entitled pricks!

  • Bobby

    Come on you should apply this disccount to the games on demand, how can Mortal Kombat be 59.99 on the Marketplace and 29.99 on amazon, come on Major apply the disccounts to games on demand too

  • Juan Cabrera

    Wow I was too distracted by the ungrateful comments that I didn’t check out the neat features of the list!  Very cool!

  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    I like the web app just fine compared to a normal table, but mainly for readability rather than trying to use filters. Compact text and alternating rows is great. The web is on a real white-space kick lately and it just doesn’t help me when looking at data.

    • Major Nelson

      I am going to experiment doing my Top LIVE list in an Excel Web App like this. Maybe I’ll do that w/ next weeks data. 

  • Major Nelson

    Pro-Tip: If you click View full-size Workbook at the bottom of the Excel Web App you’ll be brought to a full screen version of the spreadsheet. From that screen, you can download a local copy of the spreadsheet and open it from your local copy of Excel (or import it into another app that can read .XLSX files) 

  • Rick Burkhead

    Major,  I think the excel format is a great idea.  I am an accountant and I am used to seeing this format 40 hours a week.  Thanks for trying new things and for posting great deals in a simple and helpful format!

  • Justin Mangino

    Thanks for posting information we all already knew. I’d rather you come out and say “hey all april fools! We actually have more than 4 items on sale today!” Kind of a joke if you ask me…. thanks amazon and steam for taking my money again this year. Thanks XBL for the same thing is yesterday and the month before that?

  • Alan Stevenson

    It’s a shame you’re not taking full advantage of the amazing digital distribution tool you have at your finger tips (Xbox mplace) and instead are referring us to a third party (Amazon). 

    • Chong Li

      I know a new jazz band:

      Crazy Larry And The Fool Customers.
      Rebecca Black(friday) WATCH OUT!!!

    • Andy

      Completely agree.  I’d prefer to buy all my games in digital format.  Yet for whatever reason it’s not used much and not even close to the best value.

      • Anonymous

        It’s way too early for that. I can’t imagine most customers being ready to drop $40-$60 on new releases that they can’t do anything with i.e., trade, borrow, rent, resell.

        And seriously, if the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are anything to compare, Microsoft isn’t ready to deal either.

  • Anonymous

    Web Excel is nice.  I dig it but then again, I’m a nerd who uses Excel for everything.

  • Anonymous


  • O Malley

    I’m in the UK, I look at these and weep. We’ve just had our Black Friday sale – MW3 for £18 and Saints Row 3 collector’s edition for £50 (down from 100). Everything else was just pathetic – breastpumps, shavers and crockery. WHY AMAZON UK??? :(

  • Devon Edwards

    This just in:  One Kinect, used once, mint condition: $20 or best offer.

  • Hayden Morris

    This is the majors personal blog he can post whatever he wants.

  • scaR

    Nice list there, very useful!

  • DJ Mantis

    Nice list Major! Works well and looks nice.

    Thanks Major

  • Anonymous

    I like the Excel Web App. It makes things look nice and easy to read. Being able to sort is also a huge plus. 

  • Amit Tripathi

    Hey…super deals…i so wish they could be downloaded digitally from amazon, like the xbox market place…

  • Levi Clark

    Best buy has a bunch of in store deals.  Bulletstorm for 8 bucks, etc.

  • Robert Stacy II

    I personally like the web exell app, because of the color scheme, the convenience and accessability. I just think MS needs to fix the menu options.

  • Robert Stacy II

    One tip Larry: DONT BE ” The Pro”! BTW, Is he real?