November 25th 2011 1:23 am PT

Xbox LIVE Black Friday Sales

Today is Black Friday, which means they’ll be sales-a-plenty at many of your favorite retailer, and Xbox LIVE is no exception. In addition to the Fan Appreciation Sale that is happening through the weekend, we’ve also got the following offers that are available today, Friday November 25th only.

Content Title


Standard Price

Today Only


Fallout 3



varies by region


Full House Poker





Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team





Marvel vs. Capcom 2





Also, we’ll have another set of Xbox LIVE deals on Cyber Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Deal, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Gary Braide

    oh man, that is such a huge disappointment. Last year saw some pretty good deals and this year almost seems embarrassing. No wonder Larry signed off quickly after this, even he know this is pretty poor. A new deal every hour would have at least kept interest up and would have only taken 8 deals for the whole day. I;m british and even I understand the buzz black friday generates and for this to be the only offering MS is giving us, kinda stinks you know. Guys sort it out please

  • Anonymous

    Why is MS still selling premium themes? I think the new Dash is going to make them even less apparent.

  • louiedog

    Seriously? Last year, before Black Friday, I’d spent a total of 400 msp on the marketplace even though I’ve had a 360 since 2006. I then spent a couple of thousand during the Black Friday sale and I’ve spent many thousands more since then. It was my gateway drug to the marketplace. This year there are 4 items, two of which are games that interest me. They’re poker, which I have, and Fallout which can be bought with all of the DLC included for cheaper on disc. I really hope that more is coming and Monday’s deals are great, because this is just silly. 

  • Anonymous

    I was complaining about how fridays sale would be worse if not better than monday’s, but C’mon!!, I was hoping Id be wrong. Why am I not wrong!!! This is terrible. The guy who picked these sales, idiot!

  • mikey


  • A B

    This is pathetic.

  • Jay Gibbs

    No Banjo-Kazooie? LAME.

    • Tylerh1701

      It’s been on sale before, it would have been LAME if it was here.

  • incphi

    I was hoping for a sales event like the one MS gave us last year…

    Color me disappointed.  :-/

    • Luke J Humphreys

      Last year we had Trials HD, ‘Splosion Man™, Magic the Gathering, Mega Man 10, Monkey Island™: SE, Monkey Island 2, Madden NFL Arcade, Portal: Still Alive, Puzzle Quest 2, Serious Sam TSE, VooDoo Dice and Zombie Apocalypse. This year we have MvC2 and … ?? Nothing. Bad Microsoft, BAD MICROSOFT.

  • Raphael Braga

    I’ve just played Dante’s Inferno and remembered this passage from The Divine Comedy poem:

    “…and she has a nature so malign and evil that she never sates her greedy will, and after food is hungrier than before.”

  • Nick Young

    Shame the UK don’t get these good deals, the 33% off XBL Gold, not across the atlantic, GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • simon.balfe1990

      Which good deals are you referring to? I don’t see any.

    • Gerblanski

      The world gets these deals, or the ones that have access to XBL i guess.

  • Raphael Braga

    Bom, na pior da hipóteses a MS ainda está um pouco melhor do que as outras fabricantes no Brasil…

  • Michel Simmons

    Not to be unpleasant, it being the Holiday’s and all but these deals really do suck. I racked up on points hoping to get a slew of offerings only to be dissapointed. What upsets me most is no deals for Gold members to upgrade, but deals for non Live users. I understand why you would offer that to Free users but I think us Gold members should have had some better deal to reward loyality (A show of apprecation) hopefully I can go out and find a 12 month code for around $40.

    • Bennijin Turbo

      Xbox Live Gold Membership needs to take on the benefits of Playstation Plus, because giving us online gaming and not a lot else doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • Daniel Lawson

    What a joke… have you seen other poeple’s Black Friday deals… EA has NEW GAMES at 50 percent off!

  • Anonymous

    Pitiful.  Not unexpected however.

  • Gerblanski

    I thought black friday was supposed to be the big sale event… there are better deals on the “fan appreciation sale”, although i still think for a sale, the GoD should be 50% off, at least.

  • Mayor Hamta Nelson

    Se me hace un INSULTO, estuve esperando gran parte del año por buenos descuentos en estás fechas… y salen con esta estupidez, lo unico que compré es el MvsC2, es lo MEJOR. De ahi en fuera pura BASURA, espero en la venta de Diciembre den algo bueno y que valga la pena esta mentada.

    • Tylerh1701


    • Bryan Javier Lopez Gonzalez

      Te apoyo, tambien esperando para pura mentada de madre.. u.u

    • Kike Gza.

      El martes estaba en Oferta de la semana Ms. Splosion Man por 400 MSP , es mejor que esto…

  • Disseirie Hernandez

    I think I am skipping this “sale”…not interesting in some of the games cause I already own some of them :/

  • Joel Camp

    weak microsoft, weak

  • Tylerh1701

    I’ll go ahead and buck the trend.  I think these sales are OK.  Bought FHP and Warhammer, already have MVC2 or would have got that too (Fallout deal is awful).

    For those that are disappointed, what else were you looking for?  Lower prices?  Different games (give examples)?  I’m curious to know, because I think these deals are OK.

    • Luke J Humphreys

      What about Toy Soldiers? Or Shadow Complex? Or From Dust? There are plenty of other games they could of chosen. The main thing I think we are all disappointed by is the lack of choice. They only offer 4 games for this deal whereas last year there was at least 8.

  • Décio Gonçalves

    Oh well, more money to spend on Steam Deals! :D

  • Décio Gonçalves

    Oh well, more money to spend on Steam Deals! :D

  • Major Nelson

    I’ll be sure to pass along your comments to the Marketing folks who worked on this program.

    • Anonymous

      Major, seriously, these are terrible deals.  I’m actually blown away.  I won’t be spending a dollar on any of these.  Last year was 10 times better and I bought things like crazy.  This is starting to give me a bad taste in my mouth about the “deals” on Xbox Live.  It seems like the PlayStation Network does far better than this.

    • Bennijin Turbo

      I appreciate that you’re passing them along and I really hope you don’t feel like the people here are shooting the messenger.
      Unfortunately I feel that our universally-negative feedback will fall on deaf ears, again.

      Is better content at cheaper prices that compete with competitiors really too much to ask for?

    • Neoblaze

      Please do, I hope Cyber Monday deals are 100x better than this… I woke up hoping to see good deals even bought a 1600msp card for this as well… Go Cyber Monday!!!…

      • simon.balfe1990

        There’s a whopping FOUR items on sale Cyber Monday, it’s already been confirmed.
        The guys and gals in the marketing dept. who are responsible for these “sales” ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    • Stephan Tenspel

      Thanks Major , you are the best :)

    • Anonymous

      please these guys deserve at least a reprimand.

    • Anonymous

      well, thanks… It’s something to start with

      now if people made CONSTRUCTIVE criticism like i don’t like THAT becase X and I would like to see Z discounted instead…

      any title from previous promotions (summer of arcade, block party, etc.), or sequels like alien breed 3, etc. at half price would do for me :)

      • incphi

        We’ll likely the see most, if not all, of the Summer of Arcade titles discounted during their sales week in December.  IIRC, that’s been the case for the last two years.

        • Anonymous

          Already knew, that was my “modus operandi” for the last 2 summer of arcade, but it won’t hurt to get some in advance ;) Dead Block at 400 would be a blast too but I bet we’ll be getting just the 4 ones announced unless the marketing guys took seriously the bunch of comments Major gave them.

          TY for the info anyway :)

  • Vega – NY Liberal Honey Badger

    These deals are horrible. Why not give us a little break on some stuff people are playing this season?


  • Dave Crumbley

    Pathetic “deals.” People are going to be real sorry when they get that digital distribution only future they to desire so strongly.

  • T.J. Fuller, Jr.

    Miiiight would get MvC2, but I main PS3, and I already have KOFXIII and SFIII to contend with on thar. I can hold off for now.

    Otherwise, nah. Heck, got Fallout 3 GOTY on Steam for, what, ten bucks? And since it’s GFW LIVE, I can still build up my understandably weak gamerscore with it, so there’s not much benefit (especially since I have a USB gamepad).

  • Donnel Cardenas

    Terrible Black Friday sale. I was looking forward to this sale since last year’s was really good. Lets hope Cyber Monday makes up for this.

  • Joe Howard

    When does the Gold subscription sale start? Still shows as full price for me.

    Also, this sale is fine when you factor in the Fan Appreciation stuff that’s been up for the week and the stuff on Cyber Monday. Christmas sales are generally better overall anyway.

    • Zak Hayer

      Gold sale is only eligible to silver members if your gold your not eligible…things have changed in m$ world…

  • DaringOne

    *sigh*  Old game, old game, barely care about it game, even older game.  Hopefully we see better on Monday.

  • Anonymous

    I bought 40 dollars worth of points to prepare for this sale.  AND THIS IS IT?? 4 games??

  • Anonymous

    Dear Microsoft, 

    Learn how to make digital deals like Steam.  I have bought so many games through steam that I will never play because I simply don’t have time.  Those sales are too good to pass up and my backlog of games is ridiculous.  

    Will you ever learn to post amazing deals that people can’t pass up?  I will be picking up Beyond Good and Evil because that’s too good to pass up.  I don’t care much about that game but because the price point is perfect, I will bite.  

  • Lawrence Lauture

    Wow i feel so let downed, but that’s what i get for having high expectations…..Fallout 3 Really? and its still over $20 + it is not Game of the year edition -__- this is more like a regular deal of the week sale….

    • Bennijin Turbo

      And even then it would still be mediocre.

  • Alan Stevenson

    this is embarrassing. i’ll just keep playing skyrim and keep money in my pocket for someone else.

  • Peter Nonya

    Wow, this is pretty sad.  Four mediocre deals, whoopdeedoo!

  • skooks

    Truly awful ‘sale’ this year. 
    Looking at what Steam manages to pull off, I don’t understand why Microsoft can’t follow suit. Steam sells more games when they place them at a lower price point. I understand that it’s the developer who must meet with Microsoft and agree a sale price, but if Steam can get developers both large and small to agree on great deals, I see no reason why Microsoft can’t do the same. 
    I mean I’ve already bought Bastion for £5 on Steam. There’s a possibility it will go on sale at some point on XBL, but when? Why wait for a ‘maybe’ when I can pick it up elsewhere for a better price? 

    I hope Microsoft looks at this and has a truly outstanding Christmas sale. People are pretty much begging to GIVE YOU MONEY. Let them!

  • David Latham

    Terrible, just terrible.

  • Joshua Valencia

    Only decent one on there is Marvel vs Capcom 2… though everyone I know who is interested in it already has that game.

  • Jaqub Ajmal

    This was super lame :(

  • Xserd Ultima

    Really disappointing, I expected more from you guys.

  • Nek™

    I was about to post my disappointment at the deals until I read all of the comments, now I only feel sympathy from the backlash.

    • simon.balfe1990

      It’s completely and utterly deserved.
      No backlash, no change.

    • simon.balfe1990

      It’s completely and utterly deserved.
      No backlash, no change.

      • aStrangeDisease

        Corporations like Microsoft don’t build sales strategies from online blogs and comments. They design sales strategies from actual sales records. Money talks louder than any geek on the internet.

        • Joe

          Well the sales (or lack thereof) for this old overpriced content should be deafening this year.

        • Devon Edwards

          Except in this case, the geeks on the internet are the customers so…y’know…we wouldn’t want Microsoft to give people want they actually want, would we?? ;)

          • aStrangeDisease

            A comment on the internet does not make you a customer.

      • aStrangeDisease

        Corporations like Microsoft don’t build sales strategies from online blogs and comments. They design sales strategies from actual sales records. Money talks louder than any geek on the internet.

    • Anonymous

      We were spoiled by the deals last year. Heck, I was even considering stocking up on MS points in preparation for this day (assuming the deals were going to be awesome again). My fingers are crossed for Cyber Monday!

  • Mike Powroznik

    was really hoping for mass effect 2 overlord dlc to be on sale today, as well as some black ops map packs. black friday = black ops. i thought for sure there was going to be a deal on it

  • ♕ Luis Negrón ♕

    I hope cyber monday has better deals…

    • Maclovio Williams

      -Beyond Good & Evil HD – 240 Microsoft Points – 70% off-Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection – 400 Microsoft Points – 50% off-RISK: Factions – 200 Microsoft Points – 75% off-Dungeons & Dragons – Daggerdale – 600 Microsoft Points – 50% off

      • Anonymous

        Was this ever officially announced? A bunch of people have posted it.
        Regardless, I would definitely get BG&E HD for that price.

        • Anonymous

          It was on majors minute

  • Anonymous

    really this must be a joke.. im sorry microsoft but this awful, I dont expect sales like steam how many people posting here, but yes something last year i waiting for this sale the whole year and buy 4000 mp and now have this, when I saw the list leak i cant belive it.

    Now i know that the monday sale is true and the only good deal is BG&E HD, why cant do a better sale.This year there was a sale that lasted only one day and there was no notice so i missed, that was a sale, not this what is even worse than a deal of the weak, I am disappointed microsoft. I guess the holiday sale has better deals as other years and dont ruined like this.

  • Jason Oliver

    Meanwhile I’ve just bought Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for $3.86 (Aus) over on Steam, I was all set to buy M$ cards today Major – even at the inflated Australian price of $25 for 1500pts – but I can’t get excited about 3 ancient games and Warhammer (ughh)

  • Wiimo

    Well, I’m in for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Thank you, Major!

  • Wiimo

    Well, I’m in for Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Thank you, Major!

  • Steve LaBounty

    I picked up Warhammer and MVC2. These are both pretty fun games for a great price.

  • Harry Potter

    so Steam members get Dead Space 2 for $5 and we save a few bucks on Fallout 3?

  • aStrangeDisease

    You are insulted by a sale? Sensitive much? Loyal? How is getting games at half price a kick in the teeth?
    So please, grow up with your whiny, entitled attitude.

    • simon.balfe1990

      I think I have every reason to feel entitled when I pay €60 a year for Multiplayer Access, and ,eh, Facebook. And not much else.
      I don’t have a problem paying that but the least I’d expect is a few fair deals along the way.
      Steam is a free service. As is GoG. As is PSN. Explain to me how their deals are consistently better than Xbox Live manages?

      I don’t see why you’re bothering trying to defend this and why you’ve taken such a stance against me when I’ve clearly only expressed my anger at this sad excuse for a sale.

      If you’re happy with this sale, fair enough but you must be incredibly easy to please.

      • aStrangeDisease

        “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

        I buy things because I want them. Not out of loyalty and not because they are on sale.
        If things go on sale for a reduced price, that is a bonus, not something to complain about.

  • Online Póker

    LOL. I’ve been waiting so long for Full House Poker to go on sale, but now that it’s on sale, I see very few people are playing it as it has dropped out of Major Nelson’s top 20 list. Plus I’m busy with BF3, MW3, and Skyrim (and AC:R soon), so…….sorry….